The Best Beard Products For Black Men You Need for a cheerful Life

Last Updated: Jan 9, 2024

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best beard products for black men are, then we recommend the Shea Moisture – Complete Beard Styling Set as the best one.

Looking good is something that a lot of people strive for. First impressions count. But for some, keeping up with beard maintenance can be a tricky challenge. Finding the best beard products for black men is my mission and here I will try to help you discover potentially life-changing products to tame that uncontrollable beard once and for all!

In this article, we’re going to review the following beard products:

Are beard products really necessary?

Is it really necessary to use beard products I hear you ask? This question is open to debate. However, if you want to prevent problems such as dandruff and those pesky split ends it’s best to keep your beard clean and moisturized. Otherwise, you run the risk of having a frizzy and uneven beard which probably won’t be your best look!

Best Beard Products For Black Men

Benefits of looking after your beard

Some ‘beard experts’ have suggested that using beard products could potentially promote beard growth and increased volume. Result! Obviously, some time and effort is required here and investing in some quality products suitable for black men would be a good place to begin. There are many potential benefits of using beard products such as: nice shiny and moisturized facial hair, preventing and keeping your rugged ‘man forest’ clean and healthy.

Why do Black men’s beards need some extra TLC?

It can be difficult for black men to maintain a full healthy beard which is down to several factors: Black men’s hair growth is usually slow and the texture is coarser and curlier, due to the flatter hair follicles and black men can be more prone to ingrown hairs which could cause discomfort.

Choosing the perfect beard products for black men

The first step in deciding which beard products are right for you are deciding on your ‘beard goals’ What is it that you want to achieve? Are you wanting a long, luscious beard? Is it a perfectly groomed goatee beard that you are desiring? Or perhaps you simply want to keep your stubble looking fresh! Some products that might be useful to store in your bathroom cabinet to help you in achieving your goal are a good beard wash, beard balm, beard oil, beard brush, and a beard comb.

Man with beard in parking lot smiling

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of using beard products

First up: Beard wash. A good quality beard wash can keep your beard clean and fresh and free from foul odors. The best beard cleansers will get rid of excess dirt and grime and won’t dry out your pride and glory. If using the correct cleanser for your beard, you should be left with a beautifully soft and sparkling clean appearance.

Secondly, a beard balm may be the perfect product for you if you are looking to keep your beard stylish, chic and in good shape. A beard balm also has the potential to banish split ends, keep your beard healthy and moisturized and fill in those dreaded patches!

Next on the list is beard oil. A must for those of you looking to help with itchy facial hair and can help protect your skin underneath. The best beard oils will keep your beard hydrated and healthy-looking and help aid hair growth.

Beard brushes are ideal to help you tame your prized possession. The best brushes will help to prevent the uneven look and can also help to ensure that any beard products are distributed evenly to provide the most benefits. Another potential benefit of taming your beard with a brush is that it can be used at any stage in your beard growing process as it can help to train your hair follicles in the direction that you want your beard to grow to make it easier to tame your beard in the long run.

Finally, it is worth investing in a good beard comb specially designed for black men’s beards that help to detangle and style your beard into your desired look. Look below to see my choice of the perfect comb.

Precautions to consider when caring for your beard

As with most things in life, there are a couple of things to be aware of when using products on your beard. It is advisable to only buy reputable products that have been tested and approved. Other things to take into account are potential allergic reactions and it’s always wise to check the quality of the product and check that it is not past its expiry date. It is recommended that you always test a new product on a small area first to determine whether you may have an adverse reaction to the product.

Man in sunlight looking over to the side

The Top 5 Best Beard Products For Black Men

After reviewing several beard products, I’ve come up with top-five, and I’m confident you’ll find one for yourself from the list. Have a look below and let me know your opinion on the products listed below.

Shea Moisture – Complete Beard Styling Set

This nifty little styling set has all your beard product needs in one handy kit. It contains; beard balm, beard conditioning oil, full beard detangler, and beard wash. All of the products contain maracuja oil and shea butter – which are products known to soothe dry skin and improve hair health.


  • The product smells amazing, kind of like vanilla or faint chocolaty scent.
  • The oil and balm whilst providing vital moisture absorb into the skin and beard well so you don’t end up looking like an oil slick!
  • This set gives great results for a fraction of the cost.
  • The products contain natural ingredients that can help reduce the chance of irritation.
  • Keeps beard under control and keeps it in tip-top condition!


  • One criticism of this product is that it would have been useful to have some simple instructions on the best way to apply the products.

Cricket – Hair Pick Comb

This handy comb claims to be infused with Argan Oil, Olive oil and Keratin to help comb through even the toughest of hair. Perfect for black men who may have thicker textured hair on their beard. The comb is wide-toothed which makes combing through hair easier and helps to detangle knots without pulling or causing breakage.


  • This comb seems to glide through the beard like silk
  • The comb looks great and is of good quality. It doesn’t feel like it will snap or break anytime soon.
  • Lifts and adds volume to your beard if it is looking a little flat and is specifically designed for curly and thick hair
  • Promotes shine and prevents frizz


  • The comb is larger than it looks which may be a no go if you were planning on taking it with you when out and about
  • Some of the teeth on the comb have seams on them which can occasionally snag on your hair.

Overall, a good product include as part of your daily beard care routine.

Honest Amish – Beard Balm Conditioner

Next up on the list of beard products to try is this beard balm made with natural and organic ingredients. I liked the look of the tin as it was quite ‘old school’ looking and looks great in my bathroom cabinet. This beard balm claims to be: ‘The BEST for your beard – GUARANTEED!’ I must admit, it didn’t disappoint.


  • Helps prevent the dreaded ‘beard itch’
  • The product kept my beard soft and considerably more manageable and made combing my beard a lot easier
  • The product is long-lasting and kept my beard in shape all day without having to reapply.


  • You need to remember that a little product goes a long way (hence the small tin size) and it is easy to use too much and make your beard as greasy as chip fat.
  • The scent of the product. You will either love it or hate it. It kind of smells like musky black licorice.

Overall, I would gladly have this product as part of my beard regime and is handy to take on the go as it is small and discreet enough to fit in a bag or jacket.

Viking Revolution – Beard Set

Another reason not to neglect your beard. This duo set consisting of beard wash and conditioner may be all you need to look after your beard. Perfect for those on the go or with not a lot of spare time on their hands in the morning but still want to look great.


  • This wash and conditioner set claims to contain natural beard oil to provide deep moisture and promote beard growth.
  • It also states that it helps to prevent itching and irritation and used regularly may help reduce beard dandruff, so say goodbye to flaky beard snow!
  • The shampoo and conditioner have a natural peppermint and eucalyptus scent which makes your beard smell fresh without being overpowering.
  • Products contain argan and jojoba oils to help give your beard that extra shine and smoothness.
  • You only need a small amount of the wash to create a good lather so anticipate that the product would last a long time.
  • After using the conditioner, I noticed that my beard was silky smooth and soft and as a result didn’t require any beard oil or balm so a fantastic time saver for a man on the go like myself!


  • The bottle. It is very hard to squeeze the product out which is frustrating especially as the product begins to run out as you wouldn’t be able to get the last dregs out.

I would purchase this product again as I have seen an improvement in the texture of my beard since using the products and the results speak volumes, literally!

Naturenics – Beard Kit

This high-quality beard grooming kit is perfect for the man who likes luxury. This kit contains everything you need to groom your beard and keep it in shape. Included in the kit is; beard oil, beard wax, horsehair brush, and stainless steel Japanese beard scissors. It all comes in a handcrafted bamboo box which looks amazing sitting in your bathroom and in their own words: ‘It’s a box of beard love!’

The main components of the products are; argon oil, Jojoba oil, aloe oil, and vitamin e.
This beard kit screams high quality and you can tell there has been a lot of attention to detail and thought into creating the set. If this doesn’t make you want to start looking after your beard, I’m not sure what will! You will be the envy of all your friends with this handy box of beard tricks and would also make a great gift for a fellow beard lover.


  • The firm bristle brush can help to exfoliate dead skin preventing flakiness and dandruff.
  • The beard oil and wax are unscented as some beard products can have strong scents that aren’t for everyone. At least you don’t have to worry about your other half avoiding you like the plague as they can’t stand the smell of your beard!
  • It comes with a handy eBook which is a bonus and great for beard virgins!


  • A little on the pricey side. However, it does contain everything that you may require and sometimes you have to pay for quality!

My choice

In conclusion, it was a close call, but in my opinion, the Shea Moisture – Complete Beard Styling Set the winning product for best beard products for black men. I found that unlike some of the other products, you get good value for money as you have everything you could possibly need to manage your beard in one rather stylish set. The added bonus of the fair trade natural ingredients also swayed it for me.

The products contained in this set are perfect for black men due to the thick texture of their hair. The products keep my hair frizz free, shiny, clean and healthy looking giving me a beard to be proud of!

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