The Best Beard Shaping Tool That Really Sculpts A Wicked Beard?

Last Updated: Jan 9, 2024

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best beard shaping tool is, then we recommend The Cut Buddy as the best one.

For any man that is keen on looking his best, beard shaping tools are fantastic assets to own. To make your beards look like a work of art, you not only need your trimmers but your beard shaping tools too. They are important in helping you mold your facial hair by acting as a border or stencil for you to cut along. This post is a round-up of five tools to help you pick the best beard shaping tool and some important things you should know before making a purchase.

In this article, we’re going to review the following beard shaping tools:

The Buying Guide

Now your beard is all grown and you are probably thinking of giving it a trim for some sense of personality. Don’t rush to buying trimmers and beard shaping tools just yet. This is because there are a few things you should know before going out and making a purchase.

What is a Beard Shaping Tool?

There are a few things about your sideburns, beards, and hairs around your ears that you should consider before going ahead and getting that cut. You need to pay extra attention to these facial hairs because just a slight mishap on the neckline, mustache line, and cheek line can ruin everything.

A beard shaping tool is what you use to fine-tune these facial areas. You should understand that there is a big difference between beard shaping tools and trimmers. Unlike trimmers, you can’t use your shaper to cut your hair. These are essential guidelines or templates you can use to follow when using trimmers like scissors or razors to keep your edges smartly, adequately and symmetrically groomed.

Another aspect about these shapers is that they are rigid sheets mostly made of plastic material and it comes with various angles and curves. This is a beard trimming ruler of sorts. All you need to do is hold a shaper up to your face and trim around the edges whether it is your hairline, mustache, cheek or neckline.

Barber shaving a mans cheek

Shaping Your Beard

There are few important rules of beard shaping that you should know, including:

  • First style your beard: Do this by conditioning and shampooing it to give it some life. This should be followed by brushing it into place and drying it up then apply balm, cream or oil. This ensures that your beard lays how it should so that you don’t cut a lot of it out.
  • Line up your beard: Imagine an imaginary hairline to follow running from the top of your ear to the mustache. Any hairs away from this line should be cut.
  • Provide a definition: This means removing all the stray hairs. However, ensure that you don’t over trim your beard to keep it full. Furthermore, the line should be as high as possible.
  • Let a line run along your sideburn’s edge from your ear then straight down while cutting stray hairs.

Even as you follow these brief rules, keep an eye out while cutting hair to have a neckline. Many people make a huge mistake while trimming their necklines by cutting it too high. It should just be a finger width from your Adam’s apple.

How to Use a Beard Shaping Tool

This is not a complicated tool to use. All you need to do is find your desirable beard shape on the shaper then line it up to the edge. Cut any stray hairs beyond the shaper’s guidelines using a razor, clipper or scissors.

Always make sure that you don’t press the shaper too hard on your skin. This easily distorts the contours of your skin. In my experience, this easily results in an awkward line. Therefore, take your time. You won’t over trim if you take your time.

Don’t focus too much on your beard’s symmetry because some hairs might not react to your desired shape. This often happens when you try even out both sides of the beard. It is not something to worry about. All you need to do is go with the flow.

Things to Consider

Always consider the following factors when going out for some beard shaping tools shopping.


Always be on the lookout for shapers that come with variations on the curved edge. These variations are important in creating either steep or straight lines when trimming your beard. In my experience, most men choose a shaper that gives them a straight line on their sideburns, curved lines on the neckline and a curved edge on their cheeks. Look for one that suits you.


You don’t have to buy a shaper with a comb, but it will work to your advantage if you buy a shaper with one. You won’t have to look for your other grooming tools. It is extra handy.


It is easier to use a shaper made of transparent plastic. You can always see your beard’s line as you continue cutting it. Therefore, the more transparent it is, the better.

Best Beard Shaping Tool


Most shapers are made of wood, metal or plastic. Although a metallic shaper is very durable, it is mostly uncomfortable. On the other hand, a wooden shaper might look classy but is susceptible to dinging thus less durable. I prefer plastic shapers because they are not only durable but they can also stay at room temperature and very comfortable for my hands.


The size of your shaping tools mostly depends on your lifestyle. If you travel a lot, it is wiser to pick a compact shaper because it easily fits in your suitcase. Always consider your lifestyle before you choose your most suitable shaping tool.


There are some shaping tools that come as kits with clippers. Others come with barber pencils among other products. It can save you some money by buying a package that comes with some of these extras. Just know that sometimes some of these extras might not be necessary.

The Top 5 Best Beard Shaping tools

After using and reviewing several beard shaping tools, I’ve come up with the top-five, and I’m confident you’ll find one for yourself from the list. Have a look below and let me know your opinion on the products listed below

The Cut Buddy

This is a compact and versatile beard shaping tool that comes with all the essential edges you need to cut your goatee, mustache, beard, and sideburns.

Compared to the original version, this comes with a better mold. It is more flexible thus can easily bend without cracking or breaking. The measuring notches ensure that you make more accurate trims.

However, if you find this shaper too small for your face, you can always go for the Cut Buddy Plus. It is designed to be more suitable for larger heads. Nonetheless, the fact that this shaper is small in size, it means that it can easily pack away. It has no narrow extensions or moving parts that may break in transit while in your luggage.


  • Great option for travelling.
  • Not too flimsy or rigid.
  • It is compact with no moving parts.
  • Great for round faces.


  • No ideal for under the ears or neckline.
  • May be more ideal for hairlines than beards.
  • It’s not transparent.

Beardclass – Beard Shaping Tool

If you are looking for a beard shaper that can work on your goatee, step cut, curved cut or neckline cut, I suggest you consider the Beardclass shaper. It has straight edges that make it very suitable for creating shapes around your ears and other areas around your face.

It is a fully functional beard shaper and that is probably why it stands out. The comb on it is useful, unlike other shapers. You can use it to aid you to trim your edges precisely and smooth your facial hair too. Therefore, there is no need to look for a comb or brush to style your bead before shaving it.

The technology on the 1mm tapered edge makes it useful in lining up the shaper accurately while cutting close to the edge. Since it is also transparent, you will see what you are doing all the way.

It comes in a range of three colors plus some extras like mustache comb, keychain, and beard scissors. Everything you need is put together in one package.


  • It comes with extras.
  • It’s fully transparent.
  • Comfortable on your hands.
  • It comes with a full-sized comb.


  • Not as durable.
  • Not the best option for persons with thick necks.

Aberlite – ClearShaper

At first, the tool might seem a bit intimidating. Don’t worry about that because it comes with a set of simple user instructions. These instructions will guide you on how to use the options for cutting your facial hair.

Since it is full-sized, the long edges are especially essential in trimming faces of any size. This means that you can easily contour the full edge of your facial hair without the need for repositioning the template. This factor also makes it very comfortable in your hands.

I find this template very practical for making gentle curve trims, straight step cuts, deep curve cuts, and curved step cuts. Furthermore, you can make use of the barber pencil that comes with it to draw an outline before trimming your hair. I recommend this method if you are new to using beard shapers.

One more vital aspect of this Aberlite shaper is that it is shock resistant. What does that mean you may ask? This means that in case it slips and falls, it won’t crack or shatter. The protrusions on it do not break off even if you pack it when traveling.


  • It comes with four tapered edges.
  • It is entirely transparent.
  • Shock resistant.
  • It has an anti-slip rubber grip.


  • It doesn’t come with a comb.
  • It is a bit pricey.
  • It is extremely rigid.

Aberlite – FlexShaper

This is not your ordinary beard shaper. Why? Well, this is because it is specifically designed to help you get a perfect trim of your neckline. Furthermore, unlike many other shapers, this one is not handheld. Instead, you attach it to your head and let it rest at what point you feel comfortable your neckline should be.

It is helpful in preventing your from cutting trimming your neckline too close to your chin. It also safely guides your trimmer as you trim your neckline. It is a hands-free too. The only thing you will need to hold is your trimmer.

Since the shaper is made of high-grade plastic, it is very durable and flexible at the same time. This ensures that it is very comfortable to wear and use. According to some reviewers, it is not uncomfortable or too distracting after running some tests. It is mostly because it has an adjustable elastic headband.


  • Very comfortable.
  • Fairly durable.
  • Flexible material and shape.
  • Easy to use.


  • It can only work with one trimming task.

Grow Alpha – Beard Kit

If you are still a novice in beard growing and still struggling with tackling some beard issues like patchy beards, beard-dandruff, and itching, I can recommend this kit. However, you should not let the name ‘Grow A Beard’ fool you. It doesn’t really grow your beard. What this means is that the kit comes with beard oil. The beard oil is made of natural blends of castor, vitamin E, argan and avocado oils that help in fighting issues like itching, patchiness, and beard-dandruff

Furthermore, the kit includes a dual-action, antistatic comb that can work on your beard while detangling it without discomfort Additionally, the shaper included in the kit comes in handy when trimming your edges and after you are done treating your beard.


  • Includes an antistatic. Dual-action comb.
  • The beard oil helps fight itchiness, patchiness and other beard-related issues.
  • It is quite portable.
  • It includes a beard shaping template.


  • It does not grow your beard as the name suggests.

My Choice

After reviewing all of these incredible beard shaping tools, the clear winner in this round-up is The Cut Buddy. This shaper fits the bill in all aspects, right from the fact that it is sturdy, comfortable on your hands and suitable for making different cuts for your facial hair.

However, all of these products are brilliant options for taking care of your beard. It all depends on your individual beard needs. Make the right choice.

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