What Is The Best Beard Straightener In 2021?

Last Updated: Jan 9, 2024

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best beard straightener is, then we recommend the Arkam Beard Straightener as the best one.

When you hear the word ‘straightener’ you probably think of lovely long flowing hair, usually to be found on someone of the female persuasion. But men, too, love looking their best and often use straighteners too. And now, they can get straighteners for their beards to ensure they always look sleek, suave and well-groomed.

Beard straighteners, do I hear you say? Well, yes, beard straighteners! Read on and learn all about this niche – but growing ever more mainstream – appliance so you can choose the best beard straightener for your favorite beard.

In this article, we’re going to review the following beard straigneters:

How long have beard straighteners been a thing?

Man with beard adjusting long hair

Hair straightening has been a thing for as long as people have been able to compare their own locks to others, and it should be no surprise that the technology has been adapted to facial hair too. Long hair is straightened using wide heated rollers, or by flattening the hair between two flat surfaces – in the 40s and 50s, girls would actually use a clothes iron on their hair. But this system is not great for beards. Beard hair does not get long enough to fit between the plates of a pair of straighteners.

But a new innovation came to the rescue! While straighteners that use flat plates have been around since the 1870s, a ceramic straightening brush was patented in 2013, taking the form of a regular hairbrush, albeit with heatable teeth mixed in with slightly longer plastic bristles. The former straighten the hair shafts using the heat, while the latter keep the brush from burning the scalp. This system was very quickly adapted to facial hair, allowing men to straighten their unruly beard hair without risking burns or damage to their hair.

Ionic straighteners use negative ions to cut the charge in your hair (think static causing unruly tufts), ensuring an even smoother look when taken in conjunction with the heating effects.

Why do beards need to be straightened?

Straightened is, perhaps, a misnomer. Beards do tend to be curly or wavy, even if the wearer’s head hair is straight, and they can quickly look unkempt and bushy if not tamed. This can be achieved by trimming and grooming, the application of beard oil and specialized conditioners – or you can simply run your beard straightener over your chin and accomplish the same effect!

If you have ever seen someone with a full beard that looks exceptionally neat and smooth, they have either just been to the barber, or they have one of these wonderful devices.

Are they easy to use?

The best beard straightener has a number of settings that you can use to ensure that your beard is not damaged by the heat while getting enough warmth to relax the curl or wave in the hair shaft. The heat softens the curl (or frizz, depending on your hair type) and the repeated brushing action smooths it into place.

As the hair cools, it sort of ‘sets’ in the new sleek configuration, giving a much neater profile to your beard. Straightening your beard is recommended before you trim your facial hair, as it shows you where patches of the beard are longer or thicker than other places, so you can achieve a more precise look.

Man with beard in parking lot smiling

How to choose the best beard straightener?

Work through the reviews below and see which beard straightener will be best for you. Take into account all the factors, including your budget, your skin and hair type and much more. Let’s take a closer look at the various features:

Length of beard

The length of your beard will automatically rule out some straighteners, which are designed to work with greater length. Trying to use these specialist straighteners on too short a beard can result in poor results at best, and burns on your face at worst.

Thickness of beard

How thick your beard is, comes into consideration too. Too straggly a beard might not offer enough for the straighteners to work with, while too thick and luxuriant a growth might be too much for one of the more flimsy models.

Are you Sensitive?

If you suffer from skin problems or simply have sensitive skin, you will already know about being cautious with new toiletries and products. The same applies to using hair dryers, electric razors and beard straighteners: all of these can inflame tender skin, leaving you blotchy and unsightly, not to mention intensely itchy under your beard – and none of these are great for a well-styled look!

Best Beard Straightener


Some straighteners will simply have ‘on’ and ‘off’, while still others have ‘low’, ‘med’ and ‘high’. The most expensive models will let you pick a precise temperature setting – for example, 170° – and will also offer, an automatic switch-off for those absent-minded moments when you leave your straighteners on by mistake.

How long will it take? How long do you have?

These two questions go together as you will need to find straighteners that work in the time you have available. Cheaper versions might take time coming to working temperature, which might eat into your morning routine, causing you to use them less, while opting for a more expensive version could mean that you use them regularly and get better value for money. This brings us to the next point:

Price – what can you afford?

As mentioned above high-quality straighteners are ready to use quicker than cheaper models, but if you are looking to spend a twenty on a straightener, then a straightener that costs five times that will definitely not be your best option. Of course, if you add up all the pros and cons and feel that you would be best served by a more expensive appliance, then you might want to leave the purchase for a while, and save up the difference before making the purchase.

The Top 5 Best Beard Straighteners

Next, let’s take a look at five beard straighteners and see how they stack up against each other. After researching and reviewing several beard straighteners, I’ve come up with top-five, and I’m confident you’ll find one for yourself from the list. Have a look below and let me know your opinion on the products listed below

Cayzor – Beard Straightener

This straightener uses PTC technology in which stone or ceramic chips replace wires resulting in consistent heat. It heats up to temperature in around sixty seconds and has an easy-to-read LCD display that lets you see the numbers going up as it heats.

The appliance has five temperature settings (210°F, 250°F, 280°F, 320°F, 360°F) and boasts longer plastic bristles that hold the heated teeth away from the skin. The power button is slightly recessed which makes it difficult to accidentally turn it on, off, or to a higher temperature. There is a nicely narrow gap between the protective bristles and the active teeth, so the whole beard is smoothed. This straightener is best for medium to long beards over two inches in length. It has an automatic thirty-minute shutdown timer built into it.


  • Auto shut-off
  • Multiple temperature settings
  • PTC technology


  • Not very good on shorter beards less than two inches long

Arkam – Beard Straightener

This straightener combines ionic technology with ceramic plates to smooth unruly beard hair. There are anti-scald features to prevent the rapid-heating teeth from burning your skin, which is just as well given that the temperature range is from 180°F to a staggeringly warm 450°F! This model is designed for longer beards (but Arkam also does a straightener aimed at shorter beards ) and works well on head hair too as a result.

The straightener has a fully rotating cord for ease of use, and has a temperature auto-lock, requiring the power button and the temperature buttons to be pressed to increase or decrease the heat – this prevents accidentally turning the heat up too much. To unlock, simply press both buttons which can be fiddly sometimes. The straightener heats up in just 30 seconds and works, visibly smoothing the beard, within two minutes, which is perfect for the busy man. There is an added bonus: a small beard comb that can be carried with you to ensure that your beard looks great throughout the day too.


  • Ionic and ceramic smoothing
  • Fast to heat up
  • Fast to use
  • Beard comb included


  • Temperature lock can be awkward

Jurgen K – Beard Straightener

This straightener has a unique look of all those tested here. The ‘teeth’ are like an array of miniature ceramic straighteners that give it a very cool futuristic look, especially when the ion generator along the bottom is taken into account! It has a temperature lock that requires a double press to change the temperature of the straightener, so you don’t accidentally turn it up too high. It can reach temperatures of 450°F, and comes with dual voltage for use all over the world. The teeth have anti-scald tips to prevent burning, and keep the user safe.


  • Ionic and ceramic smoothing
  • Temperature lock
  • Anti-scald tips to teeth


  • Ceramic teeth don’t work well with thinner beards

DOLIROX – Beard Straightener

Perhaps the most lightweight of the straighteners tested, this straightener is ideal for travelers, being slim and offering dual voltage for use in most countries of the world. The appliance comes with a small container of organic unscented beard balm to aid the smoothing process, which is facilitated by ceramic heating teeth which are interspersed with rubber protective bristles. Just like some of the other straighteners it have negative ion technology included to enhance the sleek appearance of the beard. It has two temperature settings: which are clearly denoted by colour: green for 180°C and red for 200°C.


  • Ionic and ceramic smoothing
  • Lightweight
  • Dual voltage


  • Only two heat settings

FULLLIGHT TECH – Beard Straightener

This, the most economical of the straighteners tested is an excellent starter straightener for beginners. There are three heat settings, (180°C, 200°C, and 220°C) which should work on most beards – but do start at the lowest temperature and work your way up if necessary. The straightener will work in most countries thanks to the dual voltage system.

The straightener, which boasts miniature ceramic plates attached to longer fiberglass bristles to simultaneously smooth and straighten the hairs, comes with a bottle of beard oil for extra conditioning and access to an e-book on the best ways to take care of your beard.

The ceramic plates are topped with plastic caps to prevent burns, and there is a 30-minute automatic shut-off. This straightener can take several minutes to come to temperature, and they may need several passes before the right effect is achieved – ideal for learners to work out how to use a straightener without suffering burns or damage to the beard. Adding to the ease of use is the one-button control – everything controlled with just one button – and the rotating cord that makes it easy to correctly position the straightener around your face.


  • Cheapest of the reviewed products
  • Thirty minute auto-shut off
  • Ideal for beginners


  • Takes a while to both heat and use

And the Winner is

The overall winner of these reviews is the Arkam Beard Straightener. It is modestly priced, but works like a very high-end appliance, protecting the user’s skin and beard from heat damage and burns. It has an excellent range of temperatures, and the pocket-sized beard comb is the perfect accessory to keep your beard looking sharp all day.

While the wind, scratching and daily wear and tear can make your beard a little unkempt, the straightness of the hair will last until the beard is washed or wetted, so having the comb handy to maintain your sleek and well-groomed look is the perfect addition to your grooming paraphernalia. It works well on beards of most lengths – from about one inch, before which a straightener would only be required by men with very thick, curly or unmanageable hair!

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