Sharp Choices: Finding The Best Double Edge Razor Blades For Your Grooming Game

Last Updated: Jan 22, 2024

Have you ever found yourself staring blankly at the razor aisle, overwhelmed by the sheer number of options? Well, you’re not alone. In the quest for the perfect shave, many have lost their way. But fear not, because today, we’re cutting through the confusion to bring you the lowdown on the best double edge razor blades out there.

Now, you might be thinking, “Another article claiming to have the holy grail of razor blades? Really?” But here’s the deal: I’m not just another guy who tried shaving once and became an overnight expert. I’ve been through the nicks, the close shaves, and the miraculous unscathed mornings. So, when I talk about the best double edge razor blades, it’s not just fluff – it’s the real, smooth deal.

Why trust me? Aside from my personal battle scars (or should I say, shave scars?), I’ve spent countless hours researching, talking to grooming pros, and yes, even debating with fellow razor enthusiasts at ungodly hours of the night. I’m here to share that wisdom with you, minus the jargon and salesy gimmicks. So grab your shaving brush, and let’s dive into a world where razor burn is just a bad dream, and every shave is as smooth as your best pick-up line. Let’s get started!

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The main factor to consider is the sharpness of the double edge blades ( also known as de razor blades). A more aggressive blade means that the razor is sharper. So, a mild blade is more dull but sharp enough to cut hair.

As you may have heard “we are all unique”. This statement has been said many times by a multitude of people. This is because it applies to a lot of things, including your simple razor blade.

best double edge razor blades

Each razor blade will perform differently on the individual, that is because our hair and skin types are much different. Consider your skin; does it tend to be dry? Or maybe it’s extra soft and smooth. Do you have thicker skin or a more sensitive one? These questions are important to consider as each blade will behave differently on various skin types. Thicker beards will require tough blades reviewed below.

The same goes for hair, especially if you want to avoid ingrown hair. Double edge razor blades tend to function better with much thicker growth. But don’t worry if your hair is thinner you might just want to opt-in for a more mild blade.

The length of your stubble is also an important factor to consider. If you like to grow your hair out then you might want to go for a sharper blade that can cut down the growth you let loose.

It is also worth mentioning, that a closer shave decreases the chances of getting ingrown hairs. You will be glad to know that double edge razors are perfect for close shaves.

Using manual razors instead of electric ones already puts you ahead on the learning curve. For those who have tried it, you will know that the electric shavers are much easier to use with less preparation and cleaning up. But you sacrifice a close and accurate shave along with the great feeling.

Razor blades are good at one thing… being sharp. Without that, they would be pretty useless. With that being said, as a beginner you don’t want to be using the sharpest blade. Otherwise, your face would be shredded to pieces. It’s good practice to start with a mild blade. These are much more forgiving and allow you to make more significant mistakes without a permanent scar.

best double edge razor blades

If you already have some practice and want to step up the game, have a look at more aggressive blades that resemble a katana in a small form factor. These are also good for thicker hair and a smoother glide. 

Many blades, if not all, come in a pack of 2 or more. That is why it’s important to look at the price for a single blade (divide the price by the number of blades in the pack).

If a blade sets you back more than a quarter, you know that you will be getting a top of the line product and you can’t go wrong with that. You can also get much cheaper sharps which won’t be any worse, so keep an eye out for that! It is also worth knowing where to buy razor blades to get the best price.

You obviously want your blade to be sharp, or at least sharp enough to trim your facial growth.

Some men ask for the best of the best and to achieve that they use a fresh blade each time they shave. Others think that this is craziness and a waste of a perfectly good blade!

A good quality blade should last you around ten shaves if not more. This, of course, depends on many factors such as hair type and shaving creams that you use. A cheaper, lower quality blade may give two or three good shaves and then it’s over.

You might also want to consider sharpening your blade. This will most likely apply to the higher quality blades that you wish to squeeze a few more shaves out of.

Have a look at these classic blade sharpeners:    

Like I mentioned before, the design of razor blades makes them very sharp. Double edge razor blades have (like the name suggests) two sharp edges. This increases the chance of you getting cut when handling these tools. Don’t be deterred because with careful handling and some practice you will be able to wield the blades like Zorro.

If you are a first time user consider investing in much milder blades, as these will be more forgiving with your mistakes.

Top 5 Best Double Edge Razor Blades

Our Choice

The Feather Hi-Stainless pack includes ten double-edge razor blades, known for their sharpness and endurance.

Made in Japan and platinum-coated, these blades fit a range of double-edge safety razors.

Each blade can last for eight to twelve shaves, offering a close shave that may reduce the frequency of shaving and lower skin irritation.

With over eighty years of experience, Feather continues to deliver high-quality, precision shaving products.

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I must admit, initially, I was a bit skeptical. You know, with all the hype about these blades being the crème de la crème of the shaving world. But hey, I’m always game to try something that promises to revolutionize my morning routine. And boy, did they deliver!

First things first, these blades are sharp. I mean, really sharp. The kind of sharpness that gives you that impeccably close shave without going over the same spot a gazillion times.

And because they’re so darn precise, I’ve noticed I don’t have to shave as often. That’s a big win in my book, especially since my skin usually throws a fit if I shave too frequently.

Some folks might find them a bit too aggressive, especially if you’ve got sensitive skin, but for me, it’s been smooth sailing – or should I say, smooth shaving?

They fit perfectly in my trusty double-edge razor, and the durability is impressive. I’m getting a good number of shaves from each blade, which makes the morning routine feel less like a chore and more like a ritual.

So, hats off to Feather for keeping it sharp and simple!

The Astra Platinum Blades are coated in platinum for enhanced longevity and comfort during shaving.

Widely recognized and used in professional settings such as barber shops and shave parlors, these blades are known for their smoothness and sharpness.

Compatible with all standard single and double-edge safety razors, each pack contains six cartons with five blades each.

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Astra is a well-known brand in the professional barber field which is already a good start for them. On top of that, they are owned by Gillette which is safe to say that they know what they are doing. 

Astra Superior Platinum double edge safety razor blades are one of the most aggressive (sharpest) blades on our list so I would not recommend these to a beginner. Yet, if you know what you’re doing these will last you a lifetime (more than 10 shaves to be exact). Thanks to the stainless steel material and the platinum coating, Astra blades are perpetual and can handle any type of coarse growth.
I wouldn’t be surprised if Astra tests their blades on Russian bears. 

With these great benefits, one would think that these blades must cost a fortune, especially with the platinum coating. But, they are one of the cheaper blades that we have reviewed. 
With this great durability and a lower cost, these double edge blades are good on the pocket too. You get to save more in the long run compared to other DE blades and even multi-blade razors.

You should also know that many users report that these blades gave them several cuts and nicks. That is explained by the aggressive nature of the edge so depending on your hair and skin this can be either a pro or a con.

The Derby Premium Double Edge Razor Blades offer a pack of 100 blades designed for use with double edge razors.

Crafted from Swedish Steel, these blades are compatible with various double edge safety razors.

Their unique coating combines chromium, ceramic, platinum, and tungsten, providing a smooth shave suitable for sensitive skin.

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Now, I’m usually quite picky when it comes to razors because, let’s face it, a bad razor can turn your morning routine into a literal pain. First off, these blades come in a pack of 100, which is quite a bundle, especially if you’re someone who doesn’t want to constantly restock.

Made of Swedish steel, these blades promise durability, and honestly, they deliver. I’ve used the same blade for about five shaves, and it’s still as sharp as it was on day one.

The real star of the show here is the comfort. Derby Premium has coated these blades with chromium ceramic, platinum, and tungsten, which sounds more like a high-tech gadget than a razor blade. But this isn’t just for show – it makes for a super smooth shave.

I have pretty sensitive skin that usually protests with most blades, but these Derby blades were surprisingly gentle. No redness, no irritation, just a clean, close shave. For the price point, I’d say they’re a steal.

They’re not the fanciest blades on the market, but they get the job done well, and isn’t that what we all want in the end? A hassle-free shave without having to break the bank.

The Dorco ST300 Platinum Extra blades are double-edged and platinum-coated, designed to offer a smoother shaving experience.

Compatible with most safety razors, these blades are favored for their sharpness and durability, providing a close shave.

Manufactured in Vietnam for Dorco Ltd. (Korea), they combine stainless steel with platinum for enhanced quality.

Their universal double-edge design makes them suitable for both professional and personal use, ensuring versatility and effectiveness in daily grooming routines.

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Dorco ST300 Platinum Extra – a name that’s been doing the rounds in the shaving circles lately. Now, I’ve had my fair share of experiences with various razor blades, and I must say, the Dorco ST300 stands out, but not without its quirks.

First off, let’s talk about the smoothness. These blades glide over your skin like a hot knife through butter, thanks to that platinum coating. It’s like they took the concept of a ‘smooth shave’ and turned it up a notch. And longevity? These little warriors last longer than some TV series these days! I’ve been using the same blade for quite a few shaves now, and it’s still as sharp as it was on day one. No tugging, no pulling – just a clean, close shave every time.

But here’s the rub – while most of my shaves have been nick-free, I’ve noticed a couple of friends complaining about comfort. Seems like these blades can be a bit of a hit or miss depending on your skin type. And, let’s be honest, no one wants to play Russian roulette with their face in the morning. Also, while the packaging is pretty sleek (and who doesn’t love good packaging?), I’ve come across a few duds in the batch that felt duller than my grandma’s knitting needles.

In conclusion, the Dorco ST300 is a bit like that flashy new restaurant in town – mostly fantastic, but might not suit everyone’s taste. At their price point, though, they’re definitely worth a try, especially if you’re after that elusive perfect shave. Just keep a soothing balm handy, just in case!

The Gillette 7 O'clock SharpEdge blades offer a sharp and smooth shaving experience, crafted from stainless steel.

These blades are compatible with various safety, straight, and barber razors.

Packaged in 20 tucks with 5 double-edge blades each, the blades are individually wrapped in wax paper.

The product includes a standard lifetime return guarantee.

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Alright, let’s dive into the world of smooth shaving with the Gillette 7 O’clock SharpEdge. Now, I’m a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to shaving – there’s just something about the ritual that feels right. And let me tell you, these blades from Gillette have been a game changer.

First off, the sharpness of these blades is no joke. It’s like the first time you switch from a dull kitchen knife to a properly sharpened chef’s blade – the difference is night and day. With the SharpEdge, every stroke glides with such ease that it almost feels like the beard hairs are leaping off my face in fear. And the comfort? I’m talking about zero tugs and pulls, which is a godsend for my skin that usually puts up a small protest with redness and irritation. The fact that these blades fit into any standard safety or barber razor is a big plus, making them a universal soldier in the battle against stubble.

Now, the convenience factor is just the cherry on top. Each blade is individually wrapped, making them easy to store or travel with. And let’s not forget the lifetime guarantee – it’s like having a safety net, knowing that if these blades don’t live up to their reputation, there’s a fallback. But honestly, after my experience, I doubt you’ll need it. From the first shave, it’s clear why barbers and salons are reaching for these.

Gillette isn’t just playing in the big leagues with the 7 O’clock SharpEdge, they’re setting the bar.

Frequently Asked Question

Is there a difference in double edge razor blades?

While all double edge blades fit the same safety razors, the key difference lies in their sharpness. Some blades are sharper, slicing through stubble with ease. However, for those with sensitive skin, using a sharper blade with an aggressive razor might cause irritation. It’s all about finding that sweet spot between sharpness and comfort.

How many times can you reuse a double edge razor blade?

You can get about 5-7 quality shaves from most safety razor blades. Thanks to their sharpness and the ability to use both sides, they last quite well. A good rule of thumb? Swap out your blade weekly to maintain that close, smooth shave without any tugs or discomfort.

What can I do with old double edge razor blades?

Don’t just toss them in the trash! Used razor blades should be placed in sharps containers and disposed of like medical sharps. This is crucial, as you should never put them in landfill or recycling carts. Find a local facility that handles sharps disposal to do it safely and responsibly.

Wrapping up this round-up of double edge razor blades, it’s been quite the journey. From the vintage charm of the classics to the modern engineering of the new kids on the block, each blade brought something unique to the bathroom sink.

But let’s cut to the chase – when it comes to the best of the best, I’m all in for the Feather Hi-Stainless. This little gem has become the MVP of my shaving kit. Why, you ask? Well, it’s like finding that perfect pair of jeans; once you’ve got them, everything else just doesn’t compare.

So, here’s the deal – if you’re on the hunt for a blade that’s going to give you that barbershop-quality shave without leaving your face feeling like it’s gone ten rounds with a sandpaper, the Feather Hi-Stainless is your go-to guy.

Sure, it might be a bit intimidating for the rookies, but for those of us who’ve been around the block a few times, it’s a game changer. Smooth, efficient, and durable – it’s the triple threat in the world of razor blades. Trust me, give it a whirl and your face (and wallet) will thank you.

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