5 Of The Best Electric Shavers For Your Head In 2021

Last Updated: Oct 10, 2021

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best Electric Shaver For Head is, then we recommend the Skull Shaver Pitbull Platinum PRO as the best one.

Finding the best electric shaver for the head is not an easy task for many people. There are many shavers that provide several different cutting methods and each has its benefits and drawbacks. When it comes to your head you want the best results. That is why we compiled a list of the best ones out there. 

In this article, we’re going to review the following Electric Shavers For The Head:

How does an electric shaver work?

There are two main types of electric shavers, foil, and rotary. Both of these types work on completely different principles. This, of course, brings with it several advantages and disadvantages for each type and can make a big difference when shaving your head.

Rotary Shavers 

Modern rotary shavers utilize a spinning blade that can be found underneath round discs. These discs protect your skin from getting cut by the blades, while at the same time allowing hair to slip into the small canals found on the disks. Once the hair finds itself in the canal, the fast-spinning razor cuts through the hair. All of this happens at great speed, making electric shaving a fast process. 

Commonly, rotary shavers come with 3 disks arranged in a triangle. Each disk is independently articulated which allows the blades to fit the contours of your face or in this case your head. 

Foil Shavers 

Foil shavers utilize blades that move back and forth inside the foil housing. The foil itself allows for your hair to enter the housing through the many small holes on the outside. This helps lift the hair up and away from your skin, giving you a much closer shave. 

Advantages of using electric shavers

Electric shavers bring many advantages to the table but you must also learn how to shave your head with an electric razor before you bring anything sharp close to your head.

Best Electric Shaver For Head


An electric shaver can cut much quicker than standard manual shaving methods. This is possible due to several factors such as the fact that there is less prep work before using an electric shaver. You don’t need to condition your skin with shaving cream as you can dry shave. Secondly, when using an electric shaver you can be less careful because there is a much lower chance that they will cause a nick or a cut, thanks to their safe design.  


If you decide to opt-in for an electric shaver, over time you will notice that they are much cheaper than traditional shaving methods.

Firstly, dry shaving allows you to save on creams and soaps. Although this step is optional and you can opt in to use shaving cream, it is also possible to go dry and forget about the prep work.

Secondly, if maintained well, the blades can last a significantly longer time than an average razor blade. This means you save time and money as you don’t have to purchase blades on a regular.

Less irritation

Although this depends on person to person, in general, electric shavers cause less irritation. This is mostly due to the lack of contact between the skin and the sharp blades. This, in turn, reduces the number of micro-cuts that cause irritation afterward.  

It is also worth mentioning that it is nearly impossible to get large nicks and cuts while using electric shavers, another bonus when using this method of shaving.

Things to look for in electric head shavers 

Battery or Wired?

Ahh, that age-old question… battery or wired. Like always both have their pros and cons. However, the main benefit of a wired shaver is the power and shaving time it provides you with. Whereas a battery-powered shaver is more portable and convenient to use.

An important factor to keep in mind is where you will be shaving your head… is it somewhere where you can plug the device in? Or will you remember to keep that shaver nicely charged?

Washable & Waterproof

Washable can mean two separate things in the world of head shavers. On one hand, it can mean that the shaver is easy to maintain, however, on the other hand, it can simply mean that the shaver is waterproof.

Generally, this is the type of shaver you should look for. Having a waterproof shaver will not hinder its performance and will simply add another benefit. This will also allow you to shave wherever you please, such as in the shower or after washing your head.

As you can imagine a corded shaver will not have this waterproof ability.

Length Dials

Some head shavers come with the ability for you to choose the length of the cut hair. This can be achieved through dials on the device which sets the cutting limit. This function is not limited to dials, it can also come in the form of pre-set combs which you attach to achieve the same effect.

This is important if you’re not looking for a smooth, glossy finish on top of your head and would like some fur left on your skull.

Best Electric Shaver For Head Ranked

Skull Shaver Pitbull Platinum PRO

Skull Shaver, as the name may suggest, is a dedicated head-shaving brand.  Their line of products is specially designed to handle the growth on top of your scalp, and the Platinum PRO is their flagship shaver.

This particular shaver is the improved version which is built upon the previous generations of shavers such as the gold and the silver line. Throughout the whole device, you can see the use of high-quality materials and a great design which together will provide you with a long-lasting shaver. This particular pitbull device comes with an IPX5 rating which translates to 100% water-resistant, good enough to use under the shower while having a scrub.

Many user skull shaver reviews mention the great weight distribution and thoughtful header design. Thanks to this, the skull shaver provides great control while shaving. This not only means you can get a high-quality trim but also getting a shave is less tiring. 

One great benefit that the platinum series has over the other skull shaver is self-cleaning blades which reduces the time spent on maintaining the device and prolongs its lifetime. 

The only downfall with this shaver is the fact it won’t perform well unless you already have very short hair. Unfortunately, this shaver does not come with any attachments which will allow you to shave down your long hair. All that aside, this is the best rotary shaver on our list


  • Ergonomic design makes shaving more comfortable 
  • Waterproof allowing you to shave in the shower
  • Self-cleaning blades that prolong the life of the device


  • Not suitable for long hair users

Philips Do-It-Yourself

This head trimmer was designed for DIY shaving, allowing you to have a hair trim right at home. Looking at our selection this particular shaver is fairly unique in its design which focuses on versatility and ease of use.

The main selling point of this head shaver is its 180° degree rotating shaving head. Philips claims that this allows the user to reach the difficult spots around your head. When you are cutting your hair with one hand you want the ability to twist and turn the head in any direction for a better cut.

Unlike the Skull Shaver which had self-cleaning blades, the Philips DIY improves with that idea and presents us with self-sharpening blades. This will prolong the life of the blades and ensure you receive the sharpest cut each time. Sadly Philips did not share how they achieved this self-sharpening technique 

Another nifty feature of the DIY is the lockable length selection on the head of the device. You are able to pre-set the desired grade using the dial which locks in place and ideally stays the same thought the trim. Unfortunately, a number of users have reported that the dial changed its position in the middle of the cut resulting in two different lengths of hair. 

Another complaint from the buyers is the flimsy design of the cutting comb attachments which break quite easily with regular use. 

It is worth mentioning that the Philips Do-It-Yourself is both battery-powered and waterproof. The manufacturer reports that the run time is around 60 minutes which is confirmed by other users.


  • Designed with the user in mind 
  • Self-sharpening blades prolong the life of the shaver
  • Waterproof and battery-powered, making it highly portable


  • Dial pre-set tends to change, making the shaver unreliable 
  • Cutting combs break easily  

Remington Shortcut Pro

These nifty little hair clippers are surprisingly fun to use. Their small form factor makes them really easy to handle and navigate around the head. The ergonomic design fits perfectly in your palm, making this shaver almost an extension to your hand. 

As this is a Remington you can expect a high-grade build. The blades used here are high quality ensuring sharpness and durability. In addition to this, the blades are extra wide and are specially curved ensuring that you’re able to cut more in less amount of time. This makes it perfect for a quick morning trim right before work.

Unfrotuanlty this means that their battery is rather small resulting in short run time.  

The specified cutting time is at 40 minutes which for some may not be enough. As we are on the battery topic let me mention that some users have complained about the battery becoming useless just after 8 months. The small battery provides little power, especially when compared to its wired counterparts.

In the box, as well as the shaver, you will find 9 differently sized cutting combs which provide you with more options when giving yourself a trim on the head.


  • Ergonomic design – Fits hand perfectly
  • Extra-wide blades allowing for faster cuts
  • Waterproof and battery-powered so you can use it anywhere you wish 


  • Not powerful and the battery does not last long

Wahl Balding

Wahl, probably the most recognizable brand when it comes to cutting hair. This company has supplied many professional hairdressers and barbers alike so this was not a surprise when this hair clipper made it on to our head-shaving list.

This is the most powerful head shaver that we reviewed and it is able to achieve this thanks to its corded power. Unfortunately with this great benefit comes a bigger drawback as you are limited to where you can use this device. In addition to this, the corded design means that the Wahl balding clippers are not waterproof.  

The titanium blades which you can find on these blades are of a high-quality ensuring long-lasting sharpness and great durability. A significant amount of users have mentioned that the clippers are surprisingly quiet for their size and don’t get hot, although this is not necessarily anything you would expect from hair clippers.

This particular shaver model comes with 0.5 and 1.5-grade attachment. The shortest cut you can achieve is 0.4 grade so this is not ideal for people looking to get rid of all hair completely.

Due to its powerful motor and corded design, the trimmer is heavier than most others we have looked at. Although this device is well balanced in the hand and the ergonomic handle makes it comfortable to hold, the higher weight is noticeable. After testing I can say these are the best clippers for the bald head if you want a professional cut.


  • Powerful – can handle any type of hair 
  • High-quality blade design allowing for sharp cuts each time 


  • Heavy, not ideal for prolonged use 
  • Corded which limits where you can use it    

Wahl Finale Shaver

This is more of an old school Wahl shaver and the only foil shaver that we put forward in this lineup. The classically designed tool is mostly sold as a finishing tool more than a head-shaving device. A perfect shaver for those who already have a bald head and would like to simply maintain that look. Thanks to the foil design you are able to get the closest shave at grade 0 making your head shiny and smooth. 

Maintaining a bold head can sometimes get tedious but luckily this shaver has a very simple design. All that’s needed is a flick of the switch and off you go. No extra tools and adjustments are needed. This probably makes it easier than brushing your teeth!

The gold foil on top is not only for the cool looks but it has a purpose. The metal is hypoallergenic making the shaver very skin-friendly 

As this is a Wahl branded product you can be sure that many reputable hair saloons use this shaver in the professional field. 

Asking around we have found that men with afros and hair that point in multiple directions struggle to get used out of this device as it is not able to give a good cut in one sweep.

In addition to this other consumers have  addressed the flimsy design of the foil which breaks easily if you are not careful 


  • Simple design 
  • Battery-powered 
  • Hypoallergenic foil


  • Foil breaks easily 
  • Not ideal for afro hair 

Our Choice

For us, the clear winner is the Skull Shaver Pitbull Platinum PRO. It is the best razor for shaving head. With its high-quality build and self-cleaning blades, you can safely assume that this device will last you for a long time. In addition, we love the fact that the device is battery powered allowing you to take it anywhere you like. No other shaver in the line up had a rotary design which is ideal for that super close shave.  

When choosing a head trimmer it is important to keep in mind what end result you would like to achieve. Whether you are looking to get a clean cut that will give your scalp a shine or a slightly trimmed crew cut you will be able to find the right head trimmer for yourself. However, you also have to consider other factors such as water resistance and whether the shaver is corded or battery-powered as this will also affect your experience with the selected hair trimmer.

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