Is this Absolutely the Best Foil Shaver for the right reasons?

Last Updated: Jan 9, 2024

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best foil shaver is, then I recommend the Braun Series 5 as the best one.

Every man will agree with me that grooming is an irreplaceable priority, especially when we talk about matters concerning shaving. In the modern world, you will find numerous brands of shaving tools suitable for you. 

In this article, I’m going to review the following foil shavers:

Shaving is a compassionate aspect to your grooming as a man; for this reason, you’ll have to settle for the best. In my grooming journey as a man, I have explored different shavers, and I have always found foil shaver as the most suitable to a man’s shaving needs.

Walk with me as we explore the best foil shaver you can find in the market and make your shaving swift, adventurous, and therapeutic at the same time.

How To Choose The Best Electric Foil Shaver

The biggest challenge when it comes to choosing a foil shaver is the choice. As days go by, more improved technology is occupying our markets, and you need to make rational choices. Before landing yourself a foil shaver worth spending some few bucks on, you need to understand the criteria to go by before making that purchase.

One of the critical factors to consider is how much of a regular shaver are you? If you find yourself a regular shaver, going for a foil shaver will be the best choice for you. Personally, I’m a daily shaver, and foil shavers have worked well for me.

If you are a soft-haired man, you are on the right course too. This is suitable because foil shavers give a closer shave as opposed to other types of shavers. The thin foil layer structured on the shaver catches facial hair to ensure the blades do not engage in express contact with your precious skin and enhancing a soft cut at the same time.

They are used by moving them up and down your skin, just like regular razors. Choosing your best foil shaver will be determined by your beard or sideburns structure. This means that the foil shaver design is more precise when shaving around your sideburns or beard. This will also provide a quicker and accurate shave as compared to other ordinary shavers.

What Are The Major Benefits Of Using Electric Foil Shaver?

Foil shaver Present a smoother shave.

Generally, foil shavers result in smoother shaves as opposed to other electrical and manual counterparts. This is attributed to the faster rotation of their blades, their sharpness, and precise cuttings. Personally, I’ve always felt like I’m from the dermatologist or the acne control department if such a thing exists! That is mostly because of the smooth texture on my skin. The result is always amazing.

Minimum cuts and abrasions.

From their smaller and shaper dimensions, foil shavers cause limited or minimal cuts and abrasions on your skin. If you consider yourself prone to injuries and sensitive types of skins, this is the most suitable shaver for you. Foil shavers are considered the best when it comes to the prevention of sicknesses and disorders that are blood-related.

metal band-aid box on dirt

No water or foam required.

Could be most of the shavers you have been using in your shaving endeavors require water or foam to enhance smooth shaving. Well, this is not the case with foil shavers since they require neither. This is enabled by their power to handle all types of hair textures to result in magnificent outcomes. This factor will see you save yourself time and hassles on the whole.

Carry around convenience.

As a modern man, you are most likely to go for a modern foil shaver. Most of the modern shavers are compact in size, making them pretty convenient to carry around. This brings about the pleasure of using them in remote locations. Suitable for those long trips you are required to take from time to time, either present by the nature of your work or your love for travel-bouts.

Deals with both dry and wet shaves

This is most convenient for a commercial barber but is not limited to such a barber. It can also be employed in personal grooming. It presents the benefit of added convenience and does not restrict you at all.

Versatile in styles.

Given their versatile attributes, foil shavers are capable of achieving as many different hairstyles as there could be. This is most probably the best distinguishing feature of foil shavers. They can generate appearances, hairstyles, and aesthetic looks.

Best Foil Shaver

Speed of cuts regulation.

As a part of their controls and makeup, foil shavers enable you the user to regulate the speed of cuts. This is quite significant since it gives you the mandate to dictate how fast you want the hair cutting process or task concluded. While handling thick and coarse hair, you will find this aspect quite significant and handy.

Engagement simplicity.

Foil shavers are quite simple to engage in. They comprise of simple control apparatus that requires no technical expertise to use. Even a user of least experience and expertise in electrical shaving will experience a smooth ride in engaging with foil shavers.

Cleanliness and maintenance made easier.

Generally, foil shavers are easy to clean and simple to maintain. This is because, in a typical shaving session, they sustain less dirt and thus no much dirt to clean. This means you have the advantage over common infections, diseases, and other hazards created by poor hygienic habits. You are safe with foil shavers.

They are recommended for prolonged usage and applications.

Foil shavers are known to be super strong and durable and also taker a lesser period of time to finalize on a single shaving session. By virtue of these aspects, foil shavers are the best bets when prolonged use is on the table. In the long run, they are pretty reliable due to their ability to withstand deep abuse. Place your bet on them and discover bonus winnings.

Presents cleaner outcomes.

You will agree with me that every time you are done shaving, you will have to apply a thorough washing of your shaved skin to obtain clean skin. However, while using foil shavers, you will only have to use a dry piece of cloth to blow the debris away. This is because the foil shavers are sterile, on the whole. They also stand out from other shavers that generate excess debris by the time your shaving task is done.

Man using foil shaver on face

Provides maximum comfort during your shaving session.

You are less likely to struggle in cutting your hair short while using foil shavers. They have easy to engage controls and powerful and reliable motors. The result attained from these features is a comfortable shave for you to leverage on.

These are just some of the endless benefits obtained from using electric foil shavers to you as a man regarding grooming as a ritual. You might discover more as you continue using foil shavers.

Precautions For Using Foil Shavers

Sometimes it could prove troublesome in your endeavor to achieve a perfect shave. You should put a few factors into consideration before using an electric foil shaver.

  • Soften your beard before shaving. You can do this by using warm water, a warm face cloth, or a hot shower. Doing this enables a clean shave.
  • You might want to use an alcohol pre-shave. This kind of product will ensure the removal of dirt and sebum(skin’s natural oil) from your skin and trigger your facial hair to stand up straight. If you find alcohol irritating, a powder version would be more suitable for your skincare.
  • Your grain of facial hair discovery is of key significance in this endeavor. How do you identify the grain direction? Rub the areas where your facial hair growth occurs, and the direction with a smooth texture is the direction with the grain. The other direction offers resistance upon rubbing it. That direction is against the grain.

The Top 5 Best Foil Shavers

The right look can boost your appearance since your first impression means everything. Every guy has shaving habits, routines, and methods, but having the right machine will give perfect results. A foil shaver is a refinement of the original electric shaver, which offers close shave with no skin irritations or discomforts. Here is a detailed review to help you choose the most suitable machine.

Braun Shaver Series 5

If you have a high-density beard, then this brand fits you since it comes with an auto-sensing motor to aid in reading your beards type to give you a comfortable and efficient shave. There is an exceptional middle trimmer to eliminate any hair growing in different directions or lying flat. For maximum skin contact, there is a pivoting shaver head that facilitates micro and macro motion to pass through all contours, leaving your skin smooth. The foil has different apertures to shave as close as possible to the surface for better results. It offers you five multi headlock at adjustable angles so that you comfortably shave your beards.

You can shave with foam, gel, or even under the shower with the same quality performance. Don’t worry about running water as its 100% waterproof for up to five meters. It’s perfect for constant travellers since it only takes about an hour to charge fully and lasts for up to 50 minutes. It comes with a protection cap for proper storage when not in use and a cleaning brush for appropriate maintenance. It leaves your sideburns looking beautiful and can also make precise beard lines if you wish to leave out some beards.


  • The battery lasts long enough.
  • Pop up precision trimmer.
  • Automatic voltage adaptation.


  • The foil isn’t as durable as expected.
  • It doesn’t come with multiple “world” power adapters.

Panasonic ES-LV95-s 5-Blade

The Panasonic ES-LV95 comes with five blades to enhance its shaving performance. The outer foils cut beards that are close to the skin, the middle edge works on long hairs while the others have a lift and cut foils for flat beards. The ultra-sharp Nano-tech tips ensure efficiency by cutting your hair at the base at a 30-degree angle. You don’t need to know your hair growth direction since the dual pivoting head guides the shaver on your contours. Use the pop-up trimmer for an elegant trim on mustache and sideburns. Shaving can be done when dry or in the shower since its waterproof.

The on/off button is designed with a rotating lock to ensure that it doesn’t go off while shaving and your kids can’t turn it on accidentally. Your beard density is monitored by innovative shaving sensors that aid in adjusting motor cutting power for a gentle and powerful shave.
It comes with a cleaning solution packet and leatherette case to be your perfect travel companion. The LCD screen displays the charging percentage and also updates you on how long you have been shaving even when the power is off.


  • It comes with a charging and cleaning station.
  • It has an excellent display.
  • It shaves fast.
  • Easy to use and maintain.


  • Produces unpleasant sound when shaving.
  • A little bit harsh on sensitive skin
  • The cleaning solution is expensive.

Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3010s

For the best results, while using this model, it will be best if you shave daily or on every two to three days. It comes with lower-end electric razors which enables a smooth elimination of all short hairs are without any irritations to your skin, hairs being yanked, or razor burns. It offers a seamless shave under the shower giving you a moisturizing and refreshing experience with gel or foam without compromising the performance. After shaving, you can easily clean it underwater since its waterproof for up to 5 meters deep.

It comes with a three-blade set up so that the middle trimmer can cut off long hairs while the two outer foils can cut hairs close to the skin. There is a micro-comb which feeds the strands to the cutters for a more efficient shave. For those who want to trim, you can use the integrated long hair trim on the side. As you charge it, there is a 3-level LED indicator to show the battery status. The charger has an automatic voltage smart plug with 100-240 adaptation so you can use it anywhere when travelling.


  • Replacements are affordable
  • It has a 5-minute quick charge that is sufficient for one shave.
  • It has an excellent rubber grip on the sides for secure handling.


  • Not suitable for long hair.
  • Feels a bit heavier than expected.
  • No travel case included.

Braun PocketGo M90

It has a long slide-out hair trimmer that goes easy on your long hair to keep your sideburns and moustache in good shape. The smart foil helps to capture hairs growing in different directions. It’s also great on your skin with the extra thin and full flexible foil that adjusts to the contours for a comfy shave on your face. When the foil is not in use, it’s protected by the twist cap that also comes in as a handle extension, thereby allowing you to have a comfortable grip.

If you are always on the move, this is your perfect shaver since you don’t have to carry a charging cord, and you can use the batteries as an alternative. Also, it comes in an ideal size that fits well in your pocket, making it more convenient. The silver guard protects the foil head from damages and also prevents the power button from being pushed accidentally. Cleaning is very easy since its waterproof and the cutter and foil can be separated.


  • It can be powered by AA batteries.
  • Lightweight and versatile.
  • Beautiful and decent design features.


  • Not suitable for high-density beards.
  • Cutter and foil are highly-priced.
  • Travel case not included.

Wahl Lifeproof Shaver

The Wahl Lifeproof shaver comes with a 3-cut system to cut off all beards, giving you a smooth shave on fewer strokes. It has flexible foils, which move with your face’s contours to provide you with a comfortable, close, and fast shave. The extended trimmers will bring out that great look on your sideburns. It has two foils and one haircutter to handle any hair. The blades are made of stainless steel to ensure smooth and accurate shave. The sides offer a comfortable easy to hold grip to protect you from dropping it even when washing.

You can comfortably shave and clean it underwater since its waterproof for up to one meter, and you can also have a fast dry shave. It comes with a storage bag to make your travel more comfortable, and you can also lock the shaver bag comfortably, to avoid turning it on accidentally. In case you forget to charge, you can use the five-minute quick charge function for one shave and still look great. Additionally, it has a long battery life supported by the lithium-ion rechargeable battery to give a continuous run time of 90 minutes.


• Shock resistant.
• Sixty days risk-free trial.
• Great built quality.
• Easy to use manual.


• The travel bag is not protective.
• It has no battery life indicator.
• The head does not flex.


My Choice

For most men, convenience is everything, especially when you have no time to lather up and shave traditionally. The above machines are convenient, fast, and provide a class shave that will give you maximum confidence in your undertakings.

Every man has his own preferences when it comes to selecting the appropriate shaving tool. All the above brands are fairly priced, and it is up to you to choose the most suitable for your needs. Braun Series 5 seems to carry the day when it comes to convenience and what we are looking for as men. Please make the most out of it. In my shaving experience, this shaving tool is the best electric foil shaver.

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