What’s Really The Best Straight Razor Kit In 2021?

Last Updated: Jan 4, 2024

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best razor kit is, then we recommend the Naked Armor Shaving Kit as the best one.

Choosing the best straight razor kit is a challenging task. Shaving Is done by millions of men around the world but many do not know which straight razor is best for them. In the article below I will show you how to choose a straight razor and offer some recommendations.

In this article, we’re going to review the following razor kits:

How to Choose a Straight Razor

Before you proceed to get the best straight razor kit, you need to know exactly what goes into selecting one. Knowing so will determine the kind of shave you get and will ensure minimal damages from shaving going forward.

The following are some of the things you should consider before you select a straight razor kit:


The material of your straight razor is very crucial. Similar to high quality blades used in other fields, you have two options as far as blade materials are concerned namely stainless steel and carbon steel.

Both materials provide a great shave but they do have characteristics that favor some and not others.Carbon steel is extremely hard when sharpened and is usually sharper than a stainless steel blade. Moreover, it will retain its sharpness for longer than a stainless steel blade.

On the other hand, a carbon steel blade will rust quite easily and needs to be covered with oil prior to storage for added protection. It will also become discolored over a while due to reactions with various substances.A stainless steel blade is usually the go to for hygiene products that will be used with water. The reason is because the iron and chromium alloy will rarely rust which means less in terms of maintenance than a carbon steel razor.

The razor will also not get discolored. Despite being less sharp than a carbon steel razor, a stainless steel blade is easier to sharpen.

Best Straight Razor Kit


The size of a straight razor will also be of major importance especially if you are getting it for the first time. It will affect how you shave and what you will get accustomed to using in the future.

Straight razors and other blades are usually measured by an eighth of an inch. Therefore, the measurements you are likely to see when buying a straight razor is 5/8, 6/8, 7/8 and so forth.A 5/8 blade is considered to be small and is recommended for your first straight razor. The smaller the blade, the easier it is to shave with it. The more experienced you become, the larger the blade you will be able to use.

Man in mirror applying shaving cream


Every blade has a different grind. The grind is the view of the razor you get when you profile it along its length. The grind of a razor is produced when the blade is being made. Example of blade grind include full hollow, half hollow, near wedge and true wedge.

A fuller blade grind such as a wedge or a quarter hollow are best for those new to shaving with straight razors. Blades with such grinds are heavier so they offer a smoother feel when shaving with poor technique. On the other hand, thinner grinds such as full hollow grinds provide more flexibility when shaving. Therefore, you can have a closer shave with a thinner grind but it requires better technique or you risk cutting yourself.


The handle of a straight razor is the most recognizable aspect of it. It is probably what will attract you to a blade if you are new to shaving with a straight razor.The handle of a straight razor can be made from a multitude of materials. Some of them include plastic, animal parts (ivory) and wood.

When choosing a blade, you should choose one with even weight distribution between blade and handle. You should be able top predict its movement when shaving your face or neck or a small slip of the hand could have devastating consequences.

Blade Point

The tip of a blade or razor is known as its point. Different blades and razors have different points. Popular blade points include square, round, Spanish and French.

The type of blade you choose is simply a matter of personal preference. However, round tips are recommended for beginners since they tend to result in less skin cut whereas square points provide a more incisive and intricate shave.

Man looking down at straight razor


As with every other blade, a straight razor requires adequate upkeep to continue functioning optimally. The most vital element of a straight razor’s maintenance is sharpening it.Straight razors are fixed blades so you cannot dispose of them whenever you are done using them. You need to ensure they are ready for their next use.

Some razors will require more sharpening depending on their constituent material. Others will require special oil before storage to prevent them from rusting. Stropping the razor on a leather blade is recommended before every use. You should also hone your razor once or twice a year depending on its use.

Best Straight Razor Kit Review

Naked Armor Shaving Kit

Naked Armor straight razor shaving kit is designed to give you a great shaving experience and an equally good shave. The kit is complete and its constituent equipment is very well made.

The Naked Armor straight razor is made from Japanese steel which is the best steel in the world as is evidenced by Samurai swords. The razors are also handcrafted with techniques dating as far back as the seventh century. Naked Armor’s blade has an exquisite wooden handle made from algum, a very rare type of wood. The handles not only add to the blade’s aesthetics but also its ergonomic quality.

The kit comes with a high quality leather strop that is great for sharpening the finest of blades. There is also a brush with a handle made from solid wood. The brush’s design allows for easy application of shaving cream or soap. Naked Armor’s Straight razor shaving kit has an all-natural soap that is gentle on the skin when shaving. The soap constitutes of oils that moisturize the skin making it easy to lather and hence shave.

The razor is quite long which can be difficult for those learning to shave with a straight razor.


  • Made from strong Japanese steel.
  • Ergonomic wooden handle.
  • Well-designed wooden brush.
  • Moisturizing soap for easy shaving.


  • Long razor that is difficult to use.

Dovich Grooming Kit

The 12 in 1 beard grooming kit from Dovich is an all-round kit for all your beard tending needs. The kit has 12 different items which include oils, washes, combs and the razor, of course.

The ingredients of the kit do not have any fragrances. The reason is because they are made from natural and organic materials such as Vitamin E and Aloe Vera. The Dovich beard grooming kit includes a beard shampoo, oil and balm. The shampoo cleanses your beard, the oil and balm make your beard fuller by providing it with crucial vitamins and essential oils.

The kit includes a wooden comb with different sides that can be used to comb short or long beards. There is also a boar bristle brush that is great for even oil distribution in your beard. You will not find another beard grooming kit like his for the same price. It also has a carrying bag that makes the kit highly portable.

Unfortunately, the kit does not come with any sort of shaving lubricant. The balm also does not work well with bigger, thicker beards.


  • Made from natural and organic materials.
  • Very affordable kit.
  • Highly portable beard grooming set.


  • No shaving lubricant.
  • Wax not suitable for more developed beards.

Grand Slam Luxury Shaving Kit

The Grand Slam 7-piece luxury men shaving kit comes from a company in China which has a decade of experience in providing men’s shaving products. The company has grown significantly in that time to produce some of the best products on the market.

The shaving kit’s straight razor is made from the highest quality stainless steel. The 7.5cm long blade is handcrafted and includes a beautiful, plastic handle. The razor can get very blunt and requires constant sharpening for optimal use. If you use the razor without sharpening it, it may pull on facial hair and cause you pain.

One of the 7 pieces of the Grand Slam men’s luxury shaving kit is a leather strop. The leather canvas strop is great for sharpening the blade and protecting the edges. There is also a wooden brush with a densely filled brush that makes it easy to lather. The brush is created from badger hair whose scent may be present for a few weeks after using it.

The kit includes a shaving stand holder which holsters the brush and allows it to dry naturally. The holder also has room for a shaving mug into which the liquid from the brush will drip into.


  • Beautiful, handcrafted razor blade.
  • Dense brush for easy lathering.


  • Dull razor that needs constant sharpening.
  • Brush may have badger hair smell.

GBS Premium Straight Razor Set

The GBS straight razor shaving kit comes from the United States. It is particularly recommendable for those just starting to shave with a straight razor.

The kit’s razor is a 5/8 blade which is small and takes some getting used to. However, once you get accustomed to the blade, the shave will be smooth and clean. The razor is a half hollow blade which is pretty sharp. The blade is made from carbon steel which does not crack or chip easily.

Moreover, one of the constituents of the kit is a soap made with natural ingredients and includes no additives. The soap is suitable for any type of skin. The GBS premium straight razor kit has a well sized wooden bowl to store your soap. You can also use the bowl to store your GBS shaving cream. The kit includes a double sided leather stropping strap that you can use to hone and strop your blade. On the other hand, the strop is pretty small for the blade so you may have to hang it to use it.

The GBS premium straight razor kit also has a stand where you can place your razor and brush. The stand makes it easier for elements of the kit to dry.


  • Sharp blade that offers a great shave.
  • Natural soap with no additives.
  • Double sided leather strop for razor sharpening.
  • Stand for easy drying of brush and razor.


  • Leather strap is small for the blade.
  • Razor blade takes time to get comfortable using.

Grand Slam Shave Set

The Grand Slam 6 in 1 straight razor shaving kit is a simple shaving kit recommended for those who want to upgrade an existing shaving kit or would simply like to add to the one they have now.

The 6-piece set does not come with everything you might need to shave. It does not include elements such as a stropping strap or aftershave ointment. The set comes with a straight razor, a shaving brush, stand and bowl. It is great for those who are used to a more traditional form of shaving. Therefore, it is not recommended for beginners.

The straight razor is sharp and long. When using it, it requires extra focus which makes for meditative shaving experience. The razor also has a wooden handle that offers good grip for shaving. The handcrafted wooden brush is made from badger hair that is carefully selected. The ash wood handle has a beautiful design that is also easy to use to lather shaving cream or soap.

The shaving bowl has been found to rust easily. You may have to replace it a while after using it.


  • Long, sharp razor blade for exquisite shaving.
  • Well-designed shaving brush.


  • Incomplete shaving set.
  • Shaving bowl that rusts easily.


Anyone can get great use out of the above shaving kits. They all have tremendous qualities that are suitable for a particular beard.

However, when pressed to rank them, the Naked Armor Shaving Kit stands the most prominent among them. The exquisite wooden handle made from algum will always remind you of the high-quality blade that you are holding in your hand.

When you add its long-lasting quality, the other kits simply cannot compete. You will not find any other kit with so well refined blades and additional accessories.

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