What’s The Best Razor For Shaving Head In 2021?

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best Razor For Shaving Head is, then we recommend the Headblade ATX as the best one.

Once, men dreaded baldness. It signified advancing age and deterioration. Not today. From full scalp to the buzz, or the softer burr cut, shaven heads are in. Red-blooded males like David Beckham and Zayn Malik rock the look. It’s not only for men either. Sinéad O’Connor has carried it off for years. So what’s the best razor for shaving head?

In this article, we’re going to review the following razors:

Shave Your Head Like a Boss

People usually decide to shave their head for very personal reasons. It could be to make a style statement. This may or may not be true in the case of a female. Some women may feel that shaving their heads gives them freedom from the need to follow fashion. For them, it could be a feminist fashion statement. It’s often noticed that men who sport the shaved look tend to appear more dominant and commanding. Others may just want to cover up the fact that they are balding more than they would like. Whatever your reasons to shave your head, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Discuss the Matter with a Hair Care Professional

It’s best to discuss your bald ambition with your barber or stylist. You’ll need to decide how you want your head shaved and what the best way to shave head is. You’ll also need to discuss maintenance. Would you be ready to visit your barber every two weeks or so to maintain that newly-shaved look?

Start With Your Stylist, Maintain it Yourself

Most shavers decide to visit the barber to get the shave completed satisfactorily. They may also visit regularly to maintain the look. But many decide, after a while, to learn to shave their own head.

This video from Gillette gives guidelines about how to maintain the shaved look in a safe and professional manner. Remember, though, to watch this video, or whatever video you use, for as many times as you need to before attempting to actually shave your head. After you’ve watched, read up on your notes and write down any questions you may have. Hopefully, you’ll spot the answer when you replay the video.

Remember to Shave Safely

One of the biggest priorities when having your head shaved is safety. The blade must be smooth and clean. It should be able to give you a close, smooth shave. At the same time, it should prevent infection. This principle applies whether you’re having your head shaved professionally by a stylist or whether you’re doing it at home. At home, you may perform the shave yourself or a friend or relative might do it for you.

Whichever way you do it, it’s imperative that you take every precaution to adhere closely to the best hygiene standards. Whether you’re getting a home treatment or a professional job, insist on a smooth, clean blade. Most importantly, a new blade. This will give you a closer shave without damaging the skin.

That’s very important for those with sensitive skin and skin which hasn’t been exposed to the blade before. You must take special care of special of the skin at this time. The new blade is also important for preventing the spread of infection. This might seem to be a bit daunting at first. However, once you establish your head-shaving routine, you’ll become an expert at looking after your needs.

Bearded bald man

Go for a Smooth Shave

The importance of a smooth shave cannot be underestimated. Beginners are generally advised, as mentioned, to choose professional care at the beginning. Even though you can trust your stylist, it’s no harm to ask for clean, new blades. You’re doing this not only for yourself but in the interests of others also. Even if you ultimately intend to perform your shave yourself, you’ll need time to learn the craft properly. Unskilled shaving can result in ugly cuts which look terrible. They also expose you to infection. This should be avoided at all costs. The last thing we need when trying to improve our appearance is to create a health hazard!

What’s the Best head shaving Razor to Use?

We’ve had numerous enquiries about what might be the best head shaving razor to use for shaving your head. There are no absolutes here. It depends entirely on the skill of the shaver. Some swear by a simple disposable razor. Others will recommend a particular product which may have certain advantages over the cheaper ones. It’s really very personal and it mostly depends on the user’s personal opinion and experience. In order to give a balanced view, we decided to review some of the recommended products on the market and compare them with each other to see how they rate.

Best Razor For Shaving Head

Find The Best Razor For Shaving Head

The following are some reviews we have carried out on some products in which there’s a lot of interest. If you’re looking for the best razor for bald head, please read on and see if any of these attract your interest.

Headblade ATX Kit

This razor’s only purpose is to shave your head, it is designed for it! The Headblade ATX Razor appears to be a sophisticated piece of shaving equipment. Evidence for that being the multiple awards they have won: Red Dot Design Award in 2017, A’Design Award in 2018.

The razor itself is design around your hand giving you the greatest control in any head razor. The plastic bottom and rubber finger ring ensures the razor is lightweight but also stays secure during the shave.

In addition, the HeadBlade uses Dual-axis suspension. This allows the razor to roll into the turns and hug the shaving surface. It is even very efficient at shaving near your ears.

It reminds me of a piece of sports equipment or a sports vehicle with its strong black and yellow design. This razor is ergonomically designed to give a sportsman the shave of his dreams. As well as the device itself, you get a kit of toiletries such as the HeadSlick Shaving cream which is manufactured by the same company.

It reportedly gives a superb shave and this model definitely has its fans who wouldn’t use anything else.

There’s huge brand loyalty here, with one customer claiming to actually buy these razors in bulk. According to him, it gives him the closest, smoothest shave ever. This customer apparently has a habit of leaving his razors in hotel bathrooms. He doesn’t want to be without his favorite shaving gear. This speaks volumes about the performance of the razor. He’s also not alone in his praise of the razor’s performance. There are a small number of customers complaining that the device is not worth the price, but these are in the minority.


  • Designed for shaving heads
  • Ergonomic and lightweight
  • The starter kit provides everything you need.


  • You will struggle to use this blade anywhere else other than your head

Gillette Mach 3

Gillette Mach 3 is a small, discreet re-usable shaving razor. Gillette has designed its blades to make them stronger than steel (or so they claim). This will essentially make them more durable, allowing them to stay sharper for longer.

In addition to these fantastic blades, you will find an “advanced” skin guard. this clever addition to the razor stretches the skin which prepares the hair for a clean cut, giving you a close shave and less irritation. If you do tend to receive razor burn the lubrication strip will give you an additional layer of protection and relief.

Their intensive engineering and testing have proven that these blades will last for 15 comfortable shaves which I can confirm after speaking to others who used this particular razor.

Both razors and blades are designed to give the most comfortable shave at an affordable price. This is one brand that gets repeat customers, as it gives a terrific shave and great value for money. This is clear when looking at reviews that are all mostly positive.


  • Blades are made to be durable
  • Skin guard allows for a clean shave
  • Lubrication strip protects your skin


  • Blades cannot be sharpened once used

Merkur Futur MK 23C Long-Handled

Merkur razors are crafted with precision and care in Germany. And like most products from that country, it is a highly sophisticated and a well-designed product.

This particular razor has an extra-long handle which will be ideal for reaching the back of your head and around the neck without a workout.

Merkur razors are made to last so if you are a regular shaver you will find this razor to stick around for a while and serve you well in the coming years. At first, the price may seem unreasonable, but you must consider the number of disposable razors you would buy.

For the customer who seeks value for money, this might not be as well-received as others would be. However, a purchaser of quality products would be well pleased for certain. This brand features a wide selection of razors but this particular razor is aimed at a niche market possibly, rather than for mass consumption.

You will also be surprised how many ladies have praised this razor for its great cutting quality! Maybe a good idea to buy this particular razor if you share it in the household.


  • High quality, durable build
  • Extra-long handle makes shaving easier
  • Easy to replace blades.


  • Pricey compared to the alternatives

Gillette Fusion ProGlide

This is another member of the Gillette family for us to review. This product is comparable to its counterpart reviewed here earlier. However, it has some major differences that you should not ignore.

Let’s start with the obvious “FlexBall” technology. The Proglide uses a swivel point that is designed to fit around the contours of your face or in this case your head. After some testing, you will see or maybe even feel the difference when shaving your head.

Next, you get the 5 anti-friction blades that provide a shave that does not damage your skin. Something which is important when looking after your scalp.

You will also find an additional blade on the back which is ideally designed to shave around your ears and the hard to reach areas. Comparing this to Mach 3 the lubrication strip has received an improvement as it lasts longer and provides a smoother glide across your head.

It has to be said that the product is a lot more high-tech in appearance than its counterpart.
It is aimed at a younger, possibly more athletic segment of the market. It is attractively presented and packaged. According to feedback, it performs well too.


  • Comes with an enhanced lubrication strip
  • The precision blade allows for greater accuracy
  • Flex ball adapts to your scalp contours


  • Some users have reported that this razor has created a form of rash after use

Parker 96R

The Parker 96R safety razor is the direct alternative to the Merkur Futur that I reviewed earlier in this article. With its classy look, you will definitely see and feel Parkers’ 40-year experience in making safety razors.

The simple design ensures reliability and does not overcomplicate a simple shave. Nothing high-tech about it a complete opposite to the Gillette Fusion ProGlide.

It looks like one of those razors which your grandfather cherished for years, claiming no other product, could match it. There’s no doubt that this type of product can be very solid and reassuring. The type that was built to last a lifetime and does exactly what it says on the tin. It gives a solid shave, nothing more, but it’s a good and dependable model which will see you through down the years.

It features a twist-to-open butterfly clasp for your fresh blade. making the mechanism secure and you to replace the blades without a hassle. In addition to this, you will find a textured black handle that allows for a sure grip even when wet.

Several reports from users claim that the blade is “lousy” as the blades do not stay in properly nor do they cut the hair cleanly.


  • Solid build – reliable and long-lasting
  • Butterfly mechanism for easy blade replacement
  • Textured handle for a solid grip


  • Blades may not fit and will be loose in the mechanism

Conclusion – What’s the Best Razor for our Purpose?

We have discussed this matter in-depth and reviewed a number of shaving instruments. So how do we know which one is the best for shaving the head? No doubt, there is a variety of choices. But of course, only one choice can be made.

So without further ado, it has to be said that the Headblade ATX is the razor that is absolutely the best for shaving the head. It is reasonably and affordably priced. It is specially shaped to shave the head, which is necessary especially for an individual who may have to shave their head themselves. Perhaps a really skilled shaver can get a great job done with an everyday Gillette Fusion blade, but the ATX is made to give the edge even to an inexperienced shaver. What’s not to like? Again, it’s just a matter of personal preference. The shavers who can do the job with an everyday razors for shaving heads have my respect.

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