What Is The Best Smelling Aftershave Splash In 2021?

Last Updated: Dec 1, 2021

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best smelling aftershave splash is, then we recommend the Calvin Klein – Eternity as the best one.

If you are a seasoned beards-man, you understand that shaving is a sacred ritual that can never end without the extra touch of an aftershave.

The signature element of aftershave is its high degree of hydrating the skin, saving you from razor burns and dressing you in an irresistible fragrance. If you are torn between the best smelling aftershave splash to purchase, walk with me.

In this article, we’re going to review the following aftershave splashes:

How to Choose the Best Type of Aftershave Splash

My mission is to make grooming a simple and convenient experience for all men. So, how should you select an aftershave splash? Well, the first step is to pick a fragrance that suits you. Begin by understanding that splash is the classic go-to option in the industry of aftershaves.

These are known to leave a minty feeling on the skin. If you are an outdoor or a gym kind of guy, for instance, a musky scent will do. A good aftershave should not only hydrate your skin but disinfect minor nicks too.

This is due to their high concentration of antiseptic. Since scent is a key element to picking your most preferable aftershave, it is important to note that it is a unique expression of your personality.

Best Smelling Aftershave Splash

Are there Benefits of Using an Aftershave?

If you are like me when I was starting, you must be wondering if there is any sense of purchasing an aftershave splash.

Well, the truth is, it is completely necessary.

Find out why.

It is an All-Purpose Product

Aftershave is not just essential for men looking for a clean and neat shave. It can also be used as a facial product to keep your hair smelling great. Whether you are looking for the perfect stubble trimmer or achieving a certain hairstyle, the right aftershave will help you improve the quality of any facial shave.

Minimises Razor Burns

Aftershave reduces and eliminates the effects of razor burns. Even if you are prone to irritation and have sensitive skin, aftershave will come in handy.

Skin Care

Aftershaves cleanse the face and keep it moisturised. It means that using one will leave your skin looking radiant and free from flakes and dryness. As soon as you get a shave, the top layer of your skin comes off. Once you use aftershave, it will offer your skin an extra layer to keep off sun irritation.

Older gentleman using spray bottle on neck in mirror

Things to Look for in an Aftershave

Although there are many product variations on the market, most aftershaves have two main ingredients, including alcohol and witchhazel. But apart from these two, what else should you look out for?

Witch Hazel

Now, don’t get your mind wandering into the world of monsters. This is simply a natural ingredient that works as an astringent. It triggers the skin pores to shrink. In turn, this protects your inner skin from dirt and harmful bacteria that could lead to breakouts and infections. Since it also contains natural anti-inflammatory properties, it soothes your skin.


Every aftershave on the market has a disinfectant, in most cases, an alcohol base. A disinfectant protects the skin against infections when you get a cut or a scrape. They get rid of bacteria. If yours is sensitive skin, look for an alternative, instead of using alcohol, which could be a little irritating.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is an astringent but is not the only one. It happens to be the most popular. Your aftershave should have some form of an astringent. Astringents soothe an already irritated skin and are good at locking bacteria out.

Rows of green tea plant bushes
Tea Plant Bushes


Humectants include things such as lactic acid, sorbitol and glycerine. These are necessary for reducing dehydration problems. Understand that active ingredients in aftershaves may cause dehydration issues.

The fragrance is not always a guiding factor when purchasing an aftershave, but it still counts. Note, however, the skin type of a person affects the duration of scent. It tends to linger on oily skin longer as opposed to dry skin.

How Should You Apply Aftershave?

Begin by splashing your face with cold water to tighten the pores and clean it after giving it a thorough wash. Then, dry your face with a soft cloth and avoid harsh motions. Pat it for a soothing effect on the skin.

Move on to place the aftershave on your clean palm and rub it on both hands. Gently massage your skin in an upward motion and allow it to sit for a while to encourage deep penetration. If the absorption takes too long, it could mean you applied too much.

Wan washing face in the bathroom

Precautions for Using Aftershaves

Before you start shopping for an aftershave, it is important to note that scent in these products is a minor consideration. The first precautionary step is selecting a suitable aftershave for your skin. Note that there are four types of aftershaves, including splash, gel, balm and lotion. Your skin type dictates the type to go for.

If you have average skin, for instance, you can use either of them, allowing a favorable fragrance to guide you. Because I have dry skin, I realized that splash is the best for my skin, although balm aftershaves were also good. If yours is dry or you live in a dry or a cold climate, go for a splash aftershave.

For men with oily skin, splash is always the best, but you can also use gel or lotion aftershaves. Those with sensitive skin may not have a chance to choose between these types. Instead, look for a non-alcoholic and paraben-free product.

Sensitive skin means purchasing a special aftershave. These are a little expensive than the common ones but worth the cost. Ensure that the aftershave you are buying has a ‘sensitive skin type’ label.

The other problem you may face is the variety on the market. While it may be an advantage, do not get lost in the many choices. Read product reviews to identify the most suitable product for your skin.

You will need to select natural chemicals, so, avoid products with parabens and propylene glycol. Since I have faced this problem before, I have reviewed 5 of the best aftershave products to help you make a more informed buying decision.

The 5 Best Smelling Aftershave Splashes

Davidoff – Cool Water

Although there are lots of aquatic-themed scents on the market, a good number do not have ocean notes like this one. What I liked about this 1988 product was its vibrant mix of woods, peppermint, coriander, musk and other notes that come together to bring out that aquatic allure.

It happens to be one of the most celebrated aftershaves due to its classic coolness and its overarching masculine aquatic scent. Its ocean breeze notes including, fresh green notes, seawater, lavender and jasmine exude summer and coastal nightclubs. For this reason, I liked wearing it in the evenings as opposed to morning hours.

It is worth noting that this casual fragrance, which is more suitable for men in their early 20s, feels a little off in formal occasions or at the workplace.


  • Seductive
  • Masculine notes
  • Excellent summer scent
  • Projects well
  • Fair price


  • Rather strong but with short longevity
  • Sharp alcohol note

Calvin Klein – Eternity

Eternity by Calving Klein aftershave is safe and a bit mild, which means I did not find its scent offensive. Its top notes impart an oceanic vibe, with a classic blend of moss, crisp herbs, damp cedar, and scents of lavender.

This aftershave is masculine, sensitive, strong and refined. It is perfect for the romantic man and has a strong link to health, happiness and family. Expect this product to leave you with a distinctive touch of confidence and vitality. The other aspect I loved about it is that it can be worn to any occasion, both formal and informal.

Its exciting warm three notes including top, middle and base notes linger on the skin for long. The composition begins with fresh citrus and green notes, which are then followed by violet and lily-of-the-valley notes. The design of the Calvin Klein Eternity bottle evokes timeless romance and commitment.


  • Not offensive
  • Classy
  • Rich summer notes
  • A timeless, masculine and refreshing scent


  • Mild

Gillette – Arctic Ice

This is an awesome product that leaves the skin with a cool and soothing effect. I loved it for its great relaxation and an instant feeling of freshness. It has a long-lasting scent that keeps the skin fresh all day and does not have a burning sensation.


  • Gentle yet masculine fragrance
  • Pleasant, mild and fresh long-lasting impression


  • A little expensive

Aramis Aftershave

This is a classic aftershave splash from Aramis. It is a rich blend of spices with clove, moss and comes with a masculine depth of leather and sandalwood. Because it is mostly alcohol, it has strong astringent effects.

Its top notes include cinnamon, artemisia, gardenia and bergamot while its middle and base notes include pelargonium, vetiver, patchouli, sandalwood, amber, leather and oakmoss. It comes in a stylish and sleek bottle with a spicy and floral aroma that lasts all day.

Since it fights bacteria and sanitizes cuts, use it as a toner and astringent. It is also great at fighting acne and spots.


  • Woody masculine fragrance
  • Bold and lasting scent
  • Gives the skin instant refreshment after a shave


  • Not ideal for people with sensitive skin

Paco Rabanne – Pour Homme

I will tell you that this pocket-friendly aftershave was the most classic masculine product I ever bought although I am not a huge fan of its green presentation. Nevertheless, it comes with an iconic, timeless and paradoxical fragrance you might fall in love with. It has a subtle blend of refined aromas including rosemary, clary sage, lavender, honey, must and oakmoss.

Pour Homme features an admirable longevity that lasts longer on the shirt collar than on the skin. It carries a seasonal fragrance, making it best to wear during summer. During winter, the fragrance feels a little out of place. It can be worn in any setting, but feels great in the workplace, especially in the morning hours when it is still fresh and stronger.

With this aftershave, you can choose between an atomizer and splash. Paco Rabanne is currently phasing splash bottles out in favor of atomizers. Depending on your preference, you can choose between the clear glass bottle atomizer or the dark smoked green bottle splash aftershave. The only difference between them is the color appearance of the bottle.


  • Wonderful retro
  • Elegant and very masculine


  • Doesn’t last long

Our Choice

If you are a modern man who is trying to avoid the overly abrasive 1960 aftershaves, I believe you now have a better idea of what to dash out for. The above are all gentle alternatives, most of which are ideal for every skin type. All five have moisturizing effects and a fragrance you will love.

Today, the market has a wide array of aftershaves, with a whole lot of industry terms in every turn. With these terms batted around, it may be hard for you to determine the defining characteristics of different scents.

Now that we have run through five of the most popular aftershave brands, you have an understanding of notes and styles that will guide you when purchasing your best fit. The right purchase will excite you each time you sprinkle.

Although they are all great and chic, Calvin Klein Eternity stood out in my review. Out of all the five, it is the only timeless aftershave that made a highlight. I found Calvin Klein Eternity to be pronounced in summer because of its three notes in its fragrance pyramid.

The key point is that this product can be worn in both formal and informal settings, and is long-lasting. Its fragrances are quality and multi-layered, and the three-note stages cause the scent to last long. While this is my top selection, the selection of the best smelling aftershave splash stops with you. Feel free to try them all and make your best pick.

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