The Best Burberry Cologne You Need To Become An Attractive Guy?

Last Updated: Jan 9, 2024

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best Burberry cologne is, then we recommend the Burberry Touch as the best one.

The Best Burberry Cologne Yes, smells nice, classy, intriguing and inviting: the best Burberry cologne and perfumes send out all these messages. Burberry offers various fragrances for men, all with distinct character.

Perfumes deliver different aromas when combined with different skins, which is why there is always a variation of fragrance between wearers of the same scent. Unique personal expression! This is the wizardry of perfume.

In this article, we’re going to review the following Burberry colognes:

Burberry: classy name, classy fragrance

Step into the spirit of London! Here we have the magic of Burberry, just the name says it all.

Now that Burberry has gone from the trendiest trench coat ever to runway high fashion to prêt-à-porter and has also entered the heady world of perfumes and scents, you can wear Burberry in more ways than one. A few splashes, dabs, drops, depending on personal style, directly on the skin, admits you to the exclusive, deliciously scented world of Burberry chic.

Since the start of the century, Burberry has developed and produced ever more intriguing fragrances and one of them is perfect for you! It could be fun trying them all and finding the one that fits like a glove, the one destined for you.

Best Burberry Cologne

How to choose your Burberry fragrance

Burberry’s eau de toilette line offers a variety of choices. The only way to choose the one that is right for you is to try it! The unique glass bottle and the elegant packaging just hint at the type of fragrance within.

The real choice is made spontaneously at that hands-on moment when you actually try the perfumes on your skin and you appraise the skin/scent chemical reaction and the resulting degree of pleasurable appropriateness. You know when you find the right fragrance for you.

Why Burberry?

A relative newcomer to perfumes and fragrances, what has Burberry got that makes it special? Start with the name. It is so London. It is the trendy, chic, high-class, exclusive, elegant, aristocratic alternative to parfum francais.

Burberry challenges the French perfume monopoly and it got to this position by producing attractive high-quality products in the fragrance sector. Probably this Britishness is part of the attraction; after decades of No.5 and similar numbers, a touch of Kensington and Big Ben in a small bottle could be a refreshing alternative.

Image of row of white houses in south kensington

How to get the best out of your Burberry fragrance

For eau de toilette or cologne to give its best, it needs to be applied on dry skin; straight after a shower is the best moment. If it is a spray, hold it out a few inches from the body and spray lightly. A few dabs using your finger is sufficient if it is in a bottle; splashing it on is the way to overdo it.

Apply to pulse, inner forearms, chest and neck. Often, perfume is an afterthought, quickly remedied by a hasty general spray before leaving the house. Spraying on clothing is not a good idea. It is the reaction with the skin that creates an interesting aura around you; this gets lost on clothing.

Keep it subtle, do not over-apply, even the best Burberry cologne can be overpowering in massive doses.

Eau de Burberry

If you are specifically searching for Burberry cologne, you could search far and wide.

Burberry fragrances are perfume, eau de parfum and eau de toilette. There is no eau de cologne in their line up. This is a marketing choice; Burberry proposes the richer and longer-lasting eau de toilette as an everyday fragrance.

Chemically, there is little difference between cologne and eau de toilette, it is a question of combining perfume oils and alcohol; the latter is more concentrated and contains up to 15 per cent essential perfume oils.

Classic eau de cologne, which started life as a general term meaning discreet scent for men, is more alcohol, less perfume. It is a light alternative for those freshening-up moments, maybe after the gym or during the working day.

With its higher concentration of perfume oil, eau de toilette does not fade away as quickly as cologne. Once applied, Burberry’s eau de toilette lasts for many hours and delivers pleasant feelings of well-being all day long.

The Top 5 Best Burberry Fragrances:

By now, Burberry is fully launched in the perfume sector, producing interesting new products which hold their own against the traditional, mostly French, well-established perfume houses.

Burberry cleverly emphasizes the Britishness of their perfumes and the latest products all reflect this, both in the name and the actual fragrance. For example:

Mr. Burberry Indigo

For those already familiar with the well-known Mr. Burberry line, get ready for a new approach and a different type of fragrance. This is the Indigo variation, inspired by the blue of the ocean.

  • You can smell the sea in this fragrance, undoubtedly the English Channel, and feel the fresh sea breezes. It delivers an aquatic punch and an invigorating freshness.
  • The first overtones are evidenced as you apply your Mr. Burberry Indigo; these are fresh citrus and green mint. Later undertones reveal a slight herbal woodiness.
  • Curiously, Mr. Burberry Indigo is recommended for wearing to the office, its discretion is appropriate, while it lends itself beautifully to holiday and beach scenarios. A very versatile scent!
  • Indigo users praise the clean fresh feeling contained in this fragrance. Some complain that it is not sufficiently assertive, but most praise its cool spiciness and its adaptability, a discreet scent for all occasions.
  • Mr. Burberry Indigo is long-lasting, you can still smell it after many hours.
  • Its main characteristic is its cool fresh impact on the skin and the resulting sea-breezes feeling that stays with you all day.
  • The eau de toilette comes in three sizes: bottles of 50ml and 150ml and a 100ml vaporiser.

Burberry for Men

This is a product that says it like it is. Burberry for Men is a distinctly masculine scent that uses an intricate combination of aromatic notes to produce a fresh energetic fragrance.

  • A combination of top notes and heart notes can be felt in this quintessential fragrance for men. Herbs, lavender and bergamot are first apparent while underlying aromas suggest geraniums and moss followed by the woody hints of sandalwood and cedar.
  • Burberry for Men is a fragrance for all occasions: work, formal events, everyday activities; it is never out of place.
  • Consumers have compared Burberry for Men to an English gentleman, and this is probably a fair description. It is conservative, solid, valid, reliable and vaguely aristocratic. Needless to say, it is not a frivolous or outlandish scent, it is one that discreetly fits in, it is maybe in the background, but it is reliably there.
  • Burberry for Men lasts practically all day long. Its strength fades gradually.
  • Its main characteristic is its woody aromatic presentation, particularly suitable for the masculine skin, and its herbal undertones deliver an intriguing combination of fragrances that appeal to men of all ages.
  • Burberry for Men comes in two sizes: bottles of 100ml and 50ml, and 100ml spray bottles

Burberry London

This is the quintessential fragrance for men. It is a strong combination of aromas with masculine contours, rather like those greetings cards for men which feature pipes and bikes and sailing ships, and briefcases and wines. Burberry London manages to convey all that in a fragrance.

  • The complex components that form the characteristic aroma of Burberry London are a curious mix of spices, woodsmoke, cinnamon and tobacco. The resulting fragrance is a strong contender to be considered the best Burberry cologne.
  • Port and tobacco are the surprise elements here. At first impact, they come across strongly. Then, as they settle down, you can perceive pepper, cinnamon and other spices. The port-wine smell gently fades and the sweet tobacco aroma gives way to a warm leathery feeling that comfortably stays with you.
  • What type of man should wear Burberry London? Mostly, it is the more mature man who prefers the strong and confident message that Burberry London brings with it. It suits men of a certain presence and position
  • This is a fragrance to wear in the evening or to special events, it is not quite your everyday splash-it-on; it belongs in the high-impact special-occasions category. It is perhaps more of a cold-weather fragrance, it has no floral tones typical of summery perfumes.
  • Its fragrance lasts for about eight hours on the skin, less time on clothing.
  • Burberry London users enjoy the interesting complexity of this cologne and appreciate its full character and spicy overtones. One user describes it as “sexy and masculine”

Burberry Brit

Brit is presented in a rather plain dark-coloured bottle of one fluid ounce and packed in the typical Burberry checkered box, and it is very Brit. It is an interesting, dependable and high-value fragrance for men; over the years it has gained all-round popularity.

  • Brit presents a well-mixed blend of components. It is smooth and fresh, it has no immediate dominating aroma, rather the blend comes across as a delightful smell of its own, even though at first citrus and spice are distinguishable. Other components are ginger, nutmeg, mandarin and tonka bean.
  • A characteristic note in this smooth Burberry Brit fragrance is the curious sweetness of the tonka bean/citrus combination and the presence of wild roses, yet the resulting fragrant blend is fresh and airy.
  • Burberry Brit is a good all-round fragrance for younger and older men alike. It has a moderate impact, it is never overpowering, so it can be worn to work, school, to the pub, daytime, evening, it is a good all-rounder.
  • It is a practical, all-weather fragrance, maybe better to wear in the colder months since it lacks that touch of floweriness typical of summer perfumes.
  • Burberry Brit’s perfume lasts a good eight hours and presents no changes in its make-up as the hours pass.
  • Brit users unanimously praise its worthy performance. It is a good, solid, discreet, standard fragrance for men, something you can count on as the day wears on.

Burberry Touch

This nice Burberry perfume was first released in 2000, forming part of the basic Burberry perfume portfolio that was destined to increase and flourish over time. Burberry Touch cologne for men has a decidedly masculine appeal and has remained a popular classic fragrance ever since its initial launch.

  • The main components of Burberry Touch for men sound quite romantic: violet leaves, artemisia and mandarin tree. Further notes of cedar, pepper and nutmeg add spiciness.
  • Burberry Touch has a musky characteristic that makes it an alluring and seductive perfume. It is smooth and tangy, relaxing and invigorating, all sorts of contradictions in one. It is a perfume with loads of appeal, men like it and tend to stick with it. It is the perfect cologne to buy as a gift.
  • This fragrance is light enough to be worn all day every day, yet it is still fancy enough to measure up to special occasions. Men of all ages and walks of life love this cologne and many have been using it for years.
  • Burberry touch lasts for hours without losing its range. The aromatic smell can be perceived and appreciated at a distance even hours after its application
  • Most consumers are very pleased with Burberry Touch, especially the fact that it lasts a long time. One satisfied user has described it as “timeless and iconic”

Our Choice

Burberry is a relative newcomer in the world of scents and perfumes. Apart from the very first scent, the original “Burberry For Men” which dates back to 1981, Burberry has developed their line of interesting fragrances this century. Some well-known early fragrances include Touch and Weekend which were first marketed in 2000. Another Burberry success story is Burberry Brit, launched in 2003.

Amongst so many top-value fragrances, is it possible to choose just one? Well, many men do. Many find the perfect fragrance for them and never change. Such loyalty happens with Burberry Touch, men stick with it for years.

We can compare fragrances more or less objectively, but in the magical, whimsical world of perfume, personal preference is always the real winner.

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