What Is The Best Cheap Electric Razor In 2021?

Last Updated: Nov 3, 2021

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best cheap electric razor is, then we recommend the Philips AT610 Aquatouch as the best one.

Razors are essential grooming tools, especially for men. You don’t want to be walking around with an unkempt beard. Regardless of your lifestyle or age, you need to get the best cheap electric razors to let you step up in style. I have created this review of the best cheap electric razor so that you don’t have a hard time trying to shop around.

In this article, I’m going to review the following cheap electric razors:

How to Choose the Right Electric Razor

Before we dive right in, you need to know that there are two types of electric razors; rotary and foil shavers. Before you buy an electric razor, you need to decide on the right type that would serve you best.

Foil Shavers

Foil shavers are believed to be the best choice for those in need of a close shave. These are also ideal for individuals who prefer daily shaving. The shaver has a thin foil that is perfect for catching facial hair. It gives you a clean shave without the blades getting into close contact with your skin. They are used the same way as the regular razors by moving up and down in straight lines.

The razors also come in a perfect design that lets you get accurate while shaving around your sideburns. Foil shavers are efficient because they give you a quicker shave compared to ordinary rotary shavers.

Rotary shavers

If you are the type that only shaves only a few days each week, or if you are the person with coarser hair, you will need to use a rotary shaver. The rotary shaver features cutting heads that catch hair and cut them. This makes it ideal for catching coarser hair that can be left behind by tiny holes in foil shavers.

Rotator shavers are used in a circular motion, which makes them different from foil shavers. They feature very flexible cutting heads that can easily take care of contours on your face.

Best Cheap Electric Razor

What To Know When Buying an Electric Razor

Compared to hand razors, electric shaving machines are very easy to use. They come with a wide range of features such as chilling heads, multiple shaving heads, shaving sensors, and sonic vibrations. It is vital to pick ones with shavings sensors as they can detect your hair density for a perfect shave.

In this section, I intend to share with you the essential things you should know before purchasing an electric shaver.

The Cost

Though we tend to focus on cheap razors in this piece, they still vary in price. It is vital to consider buying a shaver which you can comfortably afford but has the right quality. Take your time and search for the right razor that will deliver the right shave and does not cost too much for you. You don’t need to invest too much in a razor.

Even as you consider the price, make sure that you are buying something that will last long enough. Note that you will be using lubricant as you replace the blades from time to time, and this should affect the overall cost. The cost of maintaining your product in a perfect working condition should not be too much for you.

LED Indicators

Manufacturers of shavers have become quite innovative, and more of them have LED interface or panels. However, these features are not a necessity, though they tend to be a little beneficial.

With an LED panel, you can check the status of the razors at any point in time. If you need to recharge your battery, you can check the LED panel to confirm that.

Corded or Cordless

While most electric razors come equipped with cords, some of them might be cordless and still function optimally. You might as well find both setups to be compatible. As for the cordless razors, you get convenience and freedom. Unfortunately, you may need to keep recharging the product. If you are a traveller, you might pick a cordless razor. If you are the type that stays at home most of the time, a corded one will do.

The cord might be quite restricting, but they allow you to use high amounts of power. It is imperative that if you are using the corded type, you examine the cord carefully. Extended cords might be annoying to use, but they can bring about maximum flexibility when you are shaving.

Close up of rotary electric shaver on table


Before buying, check, and find out the accessories included in your purchase. It is vital to know the accessories that your shaver will come with. Some of these products will come with a lubricant and a travel case. You will learn that some do not feature a lubricant, so you will have to purchase your own.

It is important to select electric shavers that have a cleaning brush for convenience because you will need to keep the shavers clean and perfectly maintained.

The 5 Best Cheap Electric Razors

As mentioned earlier, these are some of the best cheap shavers that will give you perfect results any time you want.

Philips AT610 Aquatouch

This electric razor is highly convenient since you can use it for 45 minutes after charging for eight hours. The fact that it is 100% waterproof makes it highly durable. You can comfortably use this shaver in the shower with a gel. The product is entirely washable and features a quick rinse system for excellent cleaning and maintenance.

I like the fact that you can open the head and rinse it between shaves in the shower or under the sink. It comes with triple head showers that will give you a perfect shave even if you have contours on the face. This makes it a great choice if you want a gentle, clean shave.


  • Lets you have a pleasurable shaving experience without worrying about cuts on your skin
  • Ideal for both dry and wet shave
  • Support the use of foam and gel for improved skin protection
  • Can be easily cleaned and maintained by opening the heads
  • Triple flexing heads follow the contours on your face for an excellent shave


  • Some users report that certain parts of the shaver are defective.
  • Some users think that the shaver is quite underpowered.

Remington PF7300 F3 Comfort Series

This product is designed to give you a clean, professional-looking finish. It is the perfect choice for those looking for a perfectly clean and close shave. It comes with unique features that are extremely easy to use while you groom for any occasion.

It features independent dual flexing foils alongside pop up detail trimmer. This product provides you with extremely powerful 4 minutes of cordless shave from a four-hour full charge. It has an LED gauge that shows you exactly how much power you have left.

This shaver is ideal for people who usually have limited time in the morning. It has a fully washable casing and comes with a cleaning brush for easy maintenance. Once you are done shaving, simply give the shaver a quick run under the shower.


  • The product features a detail trimmer for precision styling to target those areas on your face that bring the difference.
  • It has dual independent flexing foils to shave the facial contours.
  • It has an easy-push button head release for pleasurable cleaning experience.


  • The shave is a bit underpowered
  • Some users report that it is not durable enough

Braun Series 3 300s

This shaver is best because it ensures a great adaptation and comfort on your skin. This shaver goes in straight intuitive strokes, which means you won’t have to repeat the same spot twice. This functionality keeps you from getting skin irritations. It comes with cutting elements that are highly pressure-sensitive and are protected by patented metal mesh.

The product comes with three shaving elements that work together to deliver a gentle shave. The sensor foil protects your skin from coming into direct contact with sharp blades. The product is designed in a super-thin head so that you can access difficult sections such as under the nose easily.

The fact that it is 100% waterproof makes the shaver convenient for both indoor and outdoor use. You can wash it under the shower once you are done shaving and trimming your face.


  • The shaver allows for both corded and cordless use, depending on what works best for you.
  • You can get a full perfect shave even after charging the shaver for only five minutes.


  • You risk getting shocked if you alter the power supply that the product comes with.
  • The appliance comes with some features that might be highly delicate

Panasonic ES-RW30

This is a perfectly created shaver that features a two-blade cutting system, an optimum foil hole, and a pivoting head. It has the optimum foil hole design that enables a super-close and thorough cutting of all types of beards. In a single blade, you get three foil hole patterns. One is for capturing the curly whiskers, the other one for regular whiskers, and the last one for a close shave.

Choose this shaver and a gentle, effective shaving since it comes with floating blades alongside a pivoting head. These features enable it to follow the contours on your face for a fast shave.

This product supports both dry and wet shave with gel to get a silky-smooth shave. You can charge the shaver for a maximum of 15 hours, which will give you up to 7 full shaves based on three minutes for every shave.


  • The shave is lightweight and comfortable on the skin.
  • It has a long-life battery, which makes it ideal for travellers.
  • Being 100% waterproof, you can use the shaver for both wet and dry shave.


  • Does not shave better than normal razors
  • The shaver does not feature a voltage switch

YASUN YS5800 Foil Shaver

This product comes with an advanced IPX7 waterproof system. It comes with a whole-body washing design. However, you need to detach the cord before cleaning the shaver with water. The product also features a foil shaving head with a double-track cutter. It is designed to perfectly fit the curves on your face so that you get the best shaving experience.

It has a pop-up trimmer that is ideal for trimming your facial hair to complete your overall look. The LED display is the other feature that sets this shaver apart from the competition. The LEd reminds you of your charge status as well as the power level. The hypoallergenic titanium-plated trimmers will ensure an irritation-free experience.

This is the only brand that I am not familiar with when it comes to men’s grooming therefore I do not trust it fully. This is why it is at the bottom of this list. However, the ratings allowed it to make it onto my list as well as it low, low price.


  • The shaver is designed to target and cut tricky areas easily, such as under the neck and nose areas.
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty from the manufacturing company (at the time of writing).
  • It is lightweight and highly durable since water cannot interfere with its functionality.


  • Some users report that the replacement heads are not of the right standard.
  • Other users say that the product comes with a charger that does not stay firmly on the wall.

Our Choice

Thanks for going through the entire review of the best cheap electric razor. As always, you need to have the right information before you go shopping to avoid mistakes that have been made by users before.

In my opinion, Philips AT610 Aquatouch is the best budget shaving razor. It features technologies that will give you a perfect shave without causing skin irritation. Also, it is lightweight and highly durable compared to other models.

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