What Are The Best Clippers For Lineups In 2021?

Last Updated: Nov 2, 2021

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best clippers for lineups are, then we recommend the Philips Norelco Multigroom 9000 as the best ones.

Owning the best clippers for lineups can be a life or death situation for hairdressers. This essentially forms their specialist knowledge. Today, men no longer think about it when it comes to trying a different beard look. The same applies to haircuts!

Every gent today has a good idea of ​​a list of hairstyle options to choose from. Clippers decide the finishing touches you can give them for a superior look.

In this article, I’m going to review the following clippers for lineups:

How to Choose Clippers for Lineups?

There are several factors to consider when looking for the best clippers. Here are some basic factors to consider. Do not avoid them. It may also depend on your preference. So I’m going to try to mix the choice to suit most. Let us know some of these factors.

Best Clippers For Lineups


A clipper has regular responsibilities. Are you a hairdresser or just a person who loves hair care? This tool is responsible for the design of your overall picture. Do not choose anything of poor build quality. For instance, I purchased a clipper 3 years ago and I still use it to date.

You should use the tool quite often. Any tool that cannot meet your usual needs after every cut should not be added to your favorite list.


A certain degree of versatility is required when choosing a clipper. You have to do more than just cut. It must have good adaptability for the moustache, beard, ears and neck.

If versatility is high, you can buy additional hair clippers to improve usability. Then various grooming tasks become easier.

Powerful Motor

For every clipper, a powerful motor is a necessity. The best hair clippers should be powerful enough to handle simple styling effortlessly. This shouldn’t be a radio either! It should be as silent as possible. In this way, the operator does not interfere with hair cutting.

Most men who look conscious choose a version with a magnetic motor. Just because this type of drive can achieve stable results even when used regularly. So if you have a motor that offers good performance and stability, your haircut and hair care tasks will be easier and more efficient.

Man getting a haircut sing electric shaver

Blade Quality

Blades come into play when the question arises of whether you get a particular look. Your trims mainly depend on what kind of blade you are using. So if you are looking for a good hair clipper, also focus on the blades.

If you need to play without risk, the stainless steel blade is the best choice. This is rarely disappointing for simple points. Besides, these blades go far without frequent replacement.

Another key feature that can improve the performance of a hair clipper is self-sharpening blades. It is very popular now. A blade that has this function, can extend the lifespan. This is better and less disappointing than the need to replace the entire blade repeatedly.

Easy Maintenance

You will use the tool quite often. It doesn’t matter whether you need it for professional or personal cuts. Frequent use ultimately affects functionality. Therefore, you need simple maintenance options to ensure maximum life.

Some models include service kits. This includes all that you require for maintenance, such as oil and brush. You will also find detailed training methods for better servicing. Get the best hair clippers with these benefits.

How to Use a Clipper for Hairline Lineup?

You require good and consistent exercise to master a decent lining. You need a hairdresser to update your edge up. There are several ways to improve your lineup!
When you’re done cutting, start clipping. You shouldn’t miss any step. Just do it now. Make sure there are no hair residues in the cutting area. This also applies to greases and pomades. All work must be organized.

Clippers may also come with sharp edges. So be very careful when putting on the pressure. Excessive pressure on the skin can cause problems such as skin irritation. Sometimes it might also leave ugly red spots on your skin.

Diverse people have various starting points. Some prefer to start in the front, while others prefer to begin with edges. However, the most specialized clipping starts in the middle. You need to set horizontal lines while using a hair clipper. For the sides, it is advisable to make vertical movements.

Man with afro getting haircut on the side

The 5 Best Clippers for Lineups

If you want to try new hairstyles yourself, your work should also be a little spicy. So the best hair clippers are the only method to keep up with changing trends. The better the quality, the more diverse the appearance.

I have compiled the best hair clippers from trustworthy brands in the men’s fashion industry. Some of them deserve high performance. Other impresses in motor quality or blades. Some will shine with their durability and quality.

I tried to convey choices from different angles. So you can choose the tool based on which field you require the most.

Remington PG6025

You do not have to change your grooming tool to change your style. Remington PG6025 may be a one-stop solution. If you take care of yourself from head to toe, you can make multiple personalized images to make you feel at home. Self-sharpening blades coated with graphite offer maximum gliding ability and allow you to create your style with maximum comfort.

With six universal attachments, you can look out to your grooming with Remington PG6025. With a double adjustable comb, you can shorten hair and beard from 2 to 20 mm and achieve a variety of looks: from long to short hairstyles and beards. The NEE Linear Trimmer keeps your eyebrows, nose, and ears clean and well-groomed. Use a 6 bristle comb to groom the body hair. If precision cutting suits your style best, you can get micro bristles with the TST precision trimmer.

Fully washable nozzles allow cleaning between uses. When you’re done, keep it neatly in a convenient storage bag with all the attachments. This is a wireless device with a notable 40-minute battery life that gives you enough time to process.

Regardless of whether you cut, shave, groom or style your hair – Remington PG6025 maybe a complete solution for a person with a serious style.


  • Light but reliable
  • Ideal for every care


  • The battery life is a bit low
  • The head is somewhat narrow

BaBylissPRO Lithium FX Clipper

Many gents believe that visiting a hairdresser is a necessary task as it takes time and is often associated with minor inconveniences, such as remaining hair on the shoulders and neck that needs to be washed. Wouldn’t it be good to get out of bed, groom yourself without leaving home, and then continue the day without any problems? Is it excessively good to be real? In my opinion, the BaBylissPRO Lithium FX Clipper will bring professional-grade clipping to your house without the inconveniences

Among the most FAQ, I get in gents’ Boutique is: “Which hair clippers are best removing hair from the body?” It was not easy for me to answer since there are numerous hair clippers on the market that can afford a great job. However, only a few are designed to use and maintain their original trimming power for a long time. That’s why I check the BaBylissPRO hair trimmer.

Lithium FX is among the good products from the BaBylissPRO cosmetics range, which offers precise haircuts and hair care and perfectly cleans beard, hair, and body. This is a standard professional hair clipper that offers high quality and controlled haircut. It looks durable and easy to use, so I’m considering a manscaping session to see how my coarse, untidy hair is processed!


  • Exceptional charging system for quick charging in 2 hours
  • Extended performance of over 85 minutes
  • Precise Japanese steel edges with a unique, ultra-sharp trimming angle for smooth and easy cutting


  • The lock for the storing case is not strong enough

Philips Norelco Multigroom 9000

Let’s face this – it looks important. We can refuse to acknowledge this, but because of your appearance, a person will create an immediate, often intuitive, opinion about you.

Instead of complaining about this socially improved look, we accept it and find that the new Philips Norelco Multigroom for men contains everything you need to take care of your face and combed hair. Make your head look better – all at an affordable price.
If you haven’t noticed, the beard is back in style. Do not get me erroneous – a smooth-shaven face feels great – but some males prefer a rough beard.

Though, if you want to grow facial hair, don’t make the mistake of being trapped in the depths of the backcountry for two months without entrance to a razor and sink. Beards can be “inside”, but they have one limitation: they must be well cared for.
The Philips Norelco Multigroom hair care set for men includes a whopping 25 different ends and a quite sturdy travel case. All of this provides you with numerous options to get the perfect lineup!

Unfortunately I couldn’t find a clear indication of the charge level which will leave you guessing after a certain time…


  • Water-resistant for convenience and safety
  • Rechargeable and powerful
  • Self-polishing and protect the skin


  • Poor quality for the price
  • There is no indication of the charge /battery level, so it is assumed

Remington HC6525 Color Comb

This Remington hair clipper is one of the most popular and affordable hair clippers on the marketplace. The idea of ​​this inexpensive haircut kit is that all combs are colour-coded, so it is not easy to mix them up and use the wrong cut length. This makes it ideal for newbies.

Not surprisingly for the affordable price, it is also heavier and larger than most others. It gives a pleasant, heavy feel and makes it easier to handle. The additional weight might be due to the unusual vacuum system built into the Remington, however, I have noticed that it gets clogged up rather quickly with constant use.

Power performance means that beards pose some problems for this brand. In contrast to some other reviewed models, the storage case is not included in the scope of delivery. Therefore, you need to keep it somewhere and keep all the accessories.


  • Average power
  • Not particularly loud and not too hot


  • Regular lubrication is required.
  • Combs are not very durable

Wahl Stainless Steel Lithium Ion+

The Wahl Stainless Steel hair trimmer is designed for durability and is supported by the Wahl professional brand. These guys have many years of knowledge and experience in cutting all hair types. As well as the self-sharpening precision blades, this set of clippers boasts lithium-ion technology, which will supposedly last you up to 4 hours of use! This means that your hair clipper may cut your hair twice than any competitor hair clippers. Reliable stainless steel protection ensures longevity.

Self-polishing blades stay sharp longer and offer maximum cutting performance. Just rinse the blades underneath the tap to clean them thoroughly. Change the comb attachments to easily select and lock the desired length. You can also use it without a comb to get a tight cut of 0.5 mm.

I liked it very much and I think it is one of my favourites. Mostly because of its stainless durable feel in the hand and the combs that slide smoothly on the skin without scratches, so you get a safe, comfortable haircut each time.


  • These edges are self-sharpening and exceptionally durable.
  • Includes a turbo charge mode that allows three minutes of cutting for only one minute of charging
  • Hair clipping knives never need to be greased


  • Different power experiacned with various users

Our Choice

Finally, I have looked at the five best clippers for lineups. From their review, I can conclude that the best product of all is the Philips Norelco Multigroom 9000. This clipper meets all the factors that one needs to check before purchasing a clipper. It is of high quality hence extremely durable. It also has a powerful motor hence very efficient. When it comes to adaptability it has very high versatility. The quality of the blade is super high. It is also self-sharpening thus very reliable. When it comes to maintenance it does not require oil which is its one major selling point.

However like always, I advise you to choose a clipper based on your needs.

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