What Is The Best Creed Cologne In 2021?

Last Updated: Nov 23, 2021

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best Creed cologne is, then I recommend the Creed Aventus as the best one.

What do you think makes a man unforgettable? For some, it could be the way he dresses or the way he talks, but for most is the scent around him that creates a distinctive aura. The creed brand is responsible for most of the luxurious colognes on the market today. I have compiled a list of the best creed cologne based on how good each smells, lasting power, best seasons and situations for each to help you make an informative decision.

In this article, I’m going to review the following Creed colognes:

How to Choose the best type of Creed Cologne

Best Creed Cologne

Each person is different in their ways, but choosing the right cologne that complements your body chemistry, mood, and personality is vital when planning for a particular event. On my recent trip as the plane stewardess reached to grab my luggage, she looked up and said,” You have an excellent cologne” I have to admit that this compliment had me feeling superb for my entire trip.

What I am trying to say is that fragrance is an invisible part of your style that can make you stand out. Of course, there are a lot of things that determine your love for particular creed cologne, but you need to consider the type of occasion you want to attend to pick the best.

At work, days are usually long and stressful; thus, you need a traditional fragrance like imperial Millesime with a fresh and elegant scent. For a business meeting, you may need to show high levels of confidence and determination; you might want to try out Creed Bois du Portugal with a rich, warm, and classic scent. For special occasions, probably choose one with a bold fragrance like Creed Millesime Imperial. Are you up for a romantic date? Choose sexy masculine and extraordinary cologne, and it might help if you try out Creed Aventus, liked and well rated by most ladies.

Benefits of Using Creed Colognes

Generally, the cologne’s unique fragrances remain unchanged, and there is an element of uniqueness with the brand, which is unmatched. It will help you smell pretty damn good! Note that the excellent odor plays a significant factor in your branding, which boosts your morale and confidence. We tend to associate people with various fragrances, and good quality cologne will always trigger good memories of your loved ones.

Additionally, the perfume lasts longer, which makes you feel that you are getting value for your money. Some types of citrus and floral scents have therapeutic benefits; the sweet fruity scents in the creed colognes help to calm my mind and soothe my body to help contain my stress levels. The brand portrays an element of luxury due to the use of the finest materials and ingredients used to process the fragrances.

Attributes that Differentiate Creed Cologne

Best Creed Cologne

People are now taking advantage of the Creed perfume popularity to the extent of making and selling counterfeit products. Buying a fake perfume made me feel tricked and upset, but what shocked me most are the harmful effects on my skin, and for this, you need to be extra careful. The good news is that I have gathered some points to help you choose an authentic creed fragrance.

First, you need to check the package and ensure that it has the correct brand name, spelled rightly. Test the fragrance by spraying it on your wrist for a sniff test to ensure that it matches your desired quality. Check the serial number at the bottom of the bottle and ensure that it matches the one on the packaging box. Also, check for a high-quality bottle with a smooth fine surface.

The best way to use Creed Cologne

We have all been around people who put on too much cologne, and their scent is off-putting. You need to apply the fragrance judiciously by spraying it on dry skin, preferably after a shower. If you are new to this type of cologne, it would be best if you start light then advance as you get more comfortable.

Start with the warmest part of your body the chest, neck, forearm, elbows, then shoulders to create a pleasant scent trail. When spraying, hold the bottle 3-6 inches away and avoid rubbing it on your skin after application. However, you can always reapply it to your wrist once the fragrance wears off.

Are Creed Perfumes Worth the Price?

Man in shirt and red time looking into the distance in front of blue sky

You have probably tried out a creed perfume, which turned out to be the most captivating fragrance available. The creed perfume company uses natural ingredients to create perfume formulas and; we all know that natural ingredients cost more than synthetics. The astonishing scents reflect the cost. If creed cologne makes you feel attractive and happy, then it’s worth your money. Besides, the brand utilizes hand-on processing rather than mechanization to preserve the desired traditions and keep the custom alive, which makes the products worthy to numerous loyal clients.

Precautions for Using Creed Colognes

Are you one of those who have started exploring the perfumery world recently, or you still looking for the best creed perfume to suit your needs? Well, you need to avoid some mistakes by learning how to use your product best. Firstly, avoid spraying it while walking since most fragrance will drop right to the floor.

Secondly, don’t spray the perfume on your clothes. Please use a substantial amount considering that those around you only need to smell it but not get overwhelmed. It will help if you do online research well before purchase to find a reputable seller and read through reviews to ensure that you get a trusted site. Considering the price of the product, it would be very devastating if you buy fake perfume.

The Top 5 Best Creed colognes

Choosing the right cologne may be an easy task for some people but challenging for others. After all, there are numerous creed cologne options with varying characteristics; some meant for casual wear and others for formal occasions. Well, we have got just the perfect list to help you choose which Creed cologne best suits you.

Creed Aventus

Aventus appreciate the extraordinary life of Napoleon, an emperor, evoked by the emblem on the bottle of a horse and rider. It’s a top-rated perfume for men, released in 2010. The scent is fruity-fresh with a longevity that is above average and envisioned as the scent of success; therefore, perfect for professionals who need an imperial personality. It is relatively versatile, and although the price may seem a bit higher, its longevity and sweet scent will genuinely merit the money spent.

The top notes include pineapple, French apple, black currant, and Italian bergamot. They mix with heart notes of mellows, tames, Moroccan jasmine, rose, patchouli, and dry birch with a combination of base notes of musk, vanilla, oakmoss, and ambergris. During processing, a smoky and woody scent comes along with pineapple notes to bring out some light freshness.

It makes it a sophisticated fragrance favorable for all seasons, daytime, or evening usage. It also has a fruity, sweet masculine scent that appeals to a lot of people due to its uniqueness. Looking at the image, it portrays qualities of Success, strength, and vision.


  • Versatile.
  • Excellent staying power.
  • It is sophisticated and masculine.


  • Some clients may not like pineapple scent.
  • Overspray may be irritating.

Creed Original Santal

The cologne brings out a distinctive men’s fragrance that pays homage to the spiritual royal splendor and richness of India. The sixth-generation head created it, Olivier Creed and his son Erwin. As the name hints, Precious sandalwood is the center of the scent. Top notes include coriander, Indian sandalwood, juniper berry, and cinnamon that provide a lively opening. It continues with middle notes of fresh lavender, mixed with rosemary, petitgrain, leaves of an orange tree, and ginger.

The base is made up of vanilla and tonka beans, providing a satisfying and lingering finish. Vanilla lovers notice it after about two hours. Creed Santal comes with a combination of different kinds of floral, woody, and fruity notes, with the most apparent scents being aromatic and spicy. Despite the numerous masculine components, when blended, it has moderate sillage that does an excellent job in complementing a lady’s natural scent. The scent is generally mild and mixes well naturally.


  • Fits well to any gender.
  • It’s a flexible fragrance.
  • Usually warm and spicy.


  • Has varying longevity.
  • Some find it expensive.
  • Not very unique.

Creed Millesime Imperial

Millesime Imperial is a clean and crisp cologne with a unisex fragrance, launched in 1995. It has a citrus and aquatic scent that reminds me of the summer days spent along the coast due to its warm, inviting, and almost juicy feel. The dry down period shifts from the fruity notes to the more marine side of things, to reveal confident masculinity.

The fruity top notes of berries and fruits like bananas are distinctive, accompanied by sea salt. It comes along with heart notes of mandarin orange, lemon, iris, and bergamot that give it an earthy and fresh green feel. The base comes with wood, musk, and ocean notes that give it the fragrance depth. Besides, the cologne mixes well with your natural scent due to its moderate sillage.


  • Favorable for almost any occasion.
  • Best during the summer.
  • Very versatile.
  • Invigorating and fresh.


  • Has lower longevity.
  • Expensive.

Creed Silver Mountain Water

Silver Mountain Water was released in 1995 with a refreshing sensation to give you an adventurous trip to the mountains of the Swiss Alps. Its description evokes an aura of relaxation and renewal due to the beautifully blend ingredients. The top notes include mandarin, neroli, and bergamot, with the middle scent being blackcurrant bud and green tea.

The base notes are petitgrain, galbanum, musk, and sandalwood with musk as the dominant note. As you open it, the citrus scent of the top notes opens and then gives way to the middle scent in about 20 minutes as the bottom notes give you an earthy tone. The perfect combination of these notes creates a unique citrusy, fresh, and smooth scent, favorable for winter days and warm weather.

Most people describe it as a refreshing and fresh fragrance due to its recognizable metallic notes. It gives off a sporty and playful sense; thus, you can wear it as you go out on a calm sunny afternoon to experience the metallic fragrance. The scent is comfy as everyday wear, whether with smart or semi-smart outfits.


  • Versatile.
  • Unique heart notes.
  • Refreshing spring scent.


  • Lasts shorter in summer.
  • Uneven duration.

My Final choice

The scent you wear compliments your look and not only sets you apart from a crowd but also boosts your overall appearance and confidence. My winner for the best creed cologne is Creed Aventus, a great scent that will turn heads to give you a massive compliment.

Compared to other options, you can spray it for any occasion, and it provides a long-lasting scent perfect for all events. Aventus smells unique and attractive and lives up to the hype. It manifests an aura of victory, vigor, and vision. Well, if that’s where you place yourself, then this may be the right scent for you!

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