Top 5 Best Electric Shavers For Sensitive Skin | 2021 Updated

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best Electric Shavers For Sensitive Skin is, then we recommend the Philips Norelco Series 7500 as the best one.

Skin irritation is a huge topic in the shaving world. Many remedies have been created to fight the soreness caused by cutting down your beard. But it’s important to look at the actual source of the soreness and maybe you can find the solution right there. This is why I have looked at a selection of shavers to find the best electric shaver for sensitive skin.

In this article, we’re going to review the following Electric Shavers For Sensitive Skin:

What causes irritated skin?

Irritated skin or razor bumps are a common issue amongst people who shave regularly. Over 27% of people who have experienced some sort of discomfort after trimming their growth may not be directly caused by the process of shaving itself.


After you have freshly shaved the lack of hair creates tiny pores in your skin. This allows the bacteria to enter your skin. Your body reacts to try and get rid of these foreign bodies and is most often in the form of inflammation. This then leads to small bumps or even ingrown hairs if hair follicles are involved.

Using good quality shaving and after-shave products ensures that you keep your face bacteria-free.

Dry shaving

If you are a person who experiences irritation while shaving it may be due to the lack of lubrication between your skin and the sharp spinning razors. High-quality shaving creams are designed especially with ski lubrication in mind. This helps the electric shaver glide across your face in a smooth manner without irritating the skin. Creams not only lubricate the skin but also soften the tough beard hairs, this allows for the razor to cut through the hair instead of pulling on them. 

If you opt-in for a water-resistant shaver you will be able to use shaving cream without any issues and worry that you may damage the device.

Pressing too hard  

Many of us men lack the light touch. But it is important to remember that our skin is not as resilient as we may think. That is why it is worth letting the electric shaver do the work instead of pressing hard on the skin.

Best electric shaver for sensitive skin

How to prevent irritated skin?

Once you experience irritated skin there are treatments to help you get rid of the soreness. But you should remember that prevention is the best cure.


Before you start shaving, remember to hydrate. This can be done by using specialized products or simply by splashing water onto your face. This ensures that you reduce the number of nicks and cuts and also it softens your hair. Warm water is ideal for softening hair so it may be a good idea to shave right after a shower.

Skin Preparation 

Use facial scrubs to remove any oils or dead skin from the surface of the face. This not only makes the shave more comfortable but stops any dirt from getting into your open pores.

It’s also a good idea to use a shaving gel as this will lubricate the surface and treat your skin after the shave. Don’t forget that it is perfectly normal to use shaving cream with an electric razor as long as it is waterproof.

Maintain your razor 

Dull or dirty blades can tug and pull your hair instead of cutting them which can damage your skin and cause irritation. Electric razors are designed with a long blade lifetime in mind so replacing the razors may not be needed too often. However, the inside of the razor will need regular cleaning as it will get clogged up with hair and dead skin. This will greatly reduce the performance of the razor and the blades.

Gillette has made an informative video about how to shave with an electric razor without irritation:

The difference between Foil & Rotary shavers

Electric shavers come in many shapes and sizes but there is one key difference between the two and that’s the cutting mechanism. Both mechanisms have their advantages and disadvantages and the way they perform will really depend on the individual and the desired results.

Foil Shavers

Foil shavers contain oscillating blades inside a metal casing. This casing has miniature holes resembling a cheese grater. Your hairs fit inside these holes where they are met with sharp oscillating blades. The foil not only protects your skin from the fast-moving blades but also creates a method to make your hair stable when cutting. This allows for a very close and accurate shave. 

Rotary Shavers

As the name suggests, rotary shavers use rotating disks with sharp blades attached to them. These disks spin at fast speeds in a round housing. This housing has channels specially designed for hair to fit into and get cut by the blades. Once the hair finds itself in the canal, the fast-spinning razor cuts through the hair. All of this happens at great speed, making electric shaving a fast process. 

Commonly, rotary shavers come with 3 disks arranged in a triangle. Each disk is independently articulated which allows the blades to fit the contours of your face.

Below you will find our full list of best mens electric razors for sensitive skin.

Top 5 Best Electric Shavers for Sensitive Skin

Braun Series 9 9390cc

Braun is known for its foil shavers, and series 9 is their flagship model. Foil shavers have the advantage of giving you a very close shave without making the blade come in contact with the skin. This, of course, helps you prevent skin irritation. 

This electric shaver is packed with technology to make your shaving experience as flawless as possible. One great example of this is the addition of sonic vibrations which cause your shaver to glide across your face. 

Previously in this article, I have mentioned that keeping your shaver well maintained and clean will ensure you get the best performance, well Braun came out with a charging station that is able to clean your shaver at the same time. This will not only ensure that you get less irritation and a long-lasting device but also your shaver will always be ready to tackle your growth.

Unfortunately, some users of this particular shaver have reported that their skin became irritated after using it on 2-week old beards. Making us think that foil shavers are not so good on long growth

It is worth mentioning that this particular foil shaver is recommended by the Skin Health Alliance, suggesting its great performance on the skin.


  • Can achieve a close shave
  • Perfect for wet or dry shaving 
  • Self-cleaning station


  • Not good with long hair

Philips Norelco Series 7500

Like many modern shavers, this Philips rotary shaver is also packed with technology. However, the mechanics in the gadget are mostly focused on improving your shaving experience by minimizing skin irritation.

Sensors inside the shaver will be able to determine the thickness of your beard and adjust the speed and power of your shaver.

The shaver also has built-in “SkinGlide” rings. These rings use the principles of aerodynamics to trap hair in tiny pockets, creating a smooth glide across your skin.

Some men have reported that although this is an anti-irritation feature-packed shaver, it still has caused some soreness. Others were quick to point out that the app feature, instead of being a benefit it has not contributed to their shaving experience in any way but just delayed the process.

If these reviews are correct this may be a good example of an overengineered piece of technology.


  • Dedicated settings for sensitive skin
  • Air pockets allow the shaver to glide on the skin 
  • Can adjust speed and power based on your beard thickness


  • The app may be a little too much for a simple shaver 

Panasonic Arc 5

This is our second foil shaver in this particular review and it comes from Panasonic, a brand which is well known for its electronic goods.  

This is a 100% waterproof electric shaver a great benefit for those who want to use shaving creams and gels. By using products while shaving you ensure that your skin is constantly lubricated and this reduces the chances of irritation.

The Arc 5 features 5 extremely sharp oscillating blades that do not tug on your hair and instead cut them cleanly off your face. This is another step Panasonic took to improve the feeling of shaving without any soreness. The foil which is very thin and features differently shaped holes ensures every hair is cut evenly and in the first pass. By reducing the number of times you have to  pass you also reduce the chances of developing irritation in that particular spot

Similarly to Philips Norelco Series 7500 the Panasonic Arc 5 is able to adjust its power accordingly based on the type of growth it is tackling. If you start shaving a spot on your face where the beard is much denser the shaver will detect this and automatically ramp up the power to tackle the thicker hairs. 

Unfortunately, if you find yourself to have curly beard hair you may not revel in the results from this shaver. Curly hair commonly becomes ingrown which is why the shaver needs to lift the hair from the top of the skin and make a clean cut. Consumers of these shavers have voiced their disappointment when it comes to the curly hair shaving performance of this electric shaver.


  • Automatically adjusted power depending on growth thickness  
  • Waterproof and battery-powered
  • 5 blade design ensures efficiency while shaving 


  • Does not perform with curly and fine hair

Braun Series 3 ProSkin

This is the cheapest electric shaver for sensitive skin that I have reviewed on this list. But it absolutely does not mean its the worst. In fact, looking at the name of this shaver you can tell that Braun paid particular attention to the treatment of the skin, by including “ProSkin” in the name.

This is a cordless shaver that is also 100% waterproof making cleaning simple and allowing you to use shaving creams and gels to reduce skin irritation. A specialized micro-comb ensures that more hair is directed towards the cutting blades making shaving much faster and reticular gentle.

The shaving elements are designed in such a way that when you press too hard the blades retract inside of the shaving head preventing any undue irritation. The intelligent design ensures you’re able to shave the difficult to reach areas making your skin feel smooth and preventing ingrown hairs.

Thanks to its lightweight design and the cheap price I would happily recommend this to a beginner who has experienced razor burns and irritated skin with manual shavers. This is a great gateway shaver to the world of electric shaving.

Many customer opinions about this shaver praised the great ergonomic design however they are not so happy about the quality of the shave. Some of the reports state that the shave is simply not close enough. So maybe if you’re looking for a very close and precise shaver you should look at the other devices I have reviewed in this article.


  • Very light and ergonomic 
  • Battery-powered and waterproof 
  • Uses specialized combs to cut hair evenly 


  • Does not provide a close shave

Wahl Finale Shaver

This old school shaver which has a very simple design and has been specially created for finishing purposes. This means it works well with short stubbles or very light non-corse growth. Most of the shavers I reviewed in this article come with some kind of clever design to improve your shaving experience. However, Wahl decided not to follow suit and stick to the bare minimum that is required to receive a perfectly good shave. 

They did, however, ensure that you minimize the risk of getting irritated skin by designing a hypoallergic golden foil. This foil does not create any irritation through contact with your skin.

Like mentioned beforehand this shaver only performs well on short non-corse hair which is why you need to think twice before purchasing this if you tend to have longer and thicker beards 

In addition to this other consumers have addressed the flimsy design of the foil which breaks easily if you are not careful.

Overall this is a perfect shaver for those who shave frequently and aren’t looking for any advanced features in their shaver.


  • Simple design
  • Hypoallergenic foil
  • Perfect for frequent shavers 


  • Foil breaks easily 
  • Not waterproof

Our Choice

Looking at the list of the electric shavers I can see that they come with many bells and whistles which will ensure you get the best shave without damaging or irritating your skin. Although all of these additional gadgets may improve your chances when fighting razor burn it is also important to consider learning the correct shaving technique as well as post-treatment. All of these put together will improve your chances and can eliminate the soreness once and for all.

However, I was most impressed by the Philips Norelco Series 7500 which seems to have specially designed features at every corner to improve your shaving experience and to reduce irritation. The idea of using special air pockets to make the shaver glide across your face sounds like something designed by NASA. And the app that teaches you how to shave without irritation makes the shaver defiantly worth the money, although some may think that it is a little too much.

I was not able to find any bad opinions about the app except for a few sore faces which could be due to a bad shaving technique. Overall this is a good electric shaver for sensitive skin which will be a powerful weapon in the fight against skin irritation 

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