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Last Updated: Dec 6, 2021

For a long time, I didn’t care too much about my appearance. My hair was the least bit of my worries. All I did was wash it in the morning, run a comb through it, and that was it. “As long as it is clean,” that’s what I told myself every so often. It was until my mid-twenties that I started to pay attention to how my hair looked.

I wanted to try out new looks mostly for the ladies. In my quest to try and impress the opposite gender, I ended up getting exposed to a myriad of hair products. I became aware of a whole new market of hair products for men. My life has never been the same since then.

How to Take Care of Your Hair

Before you even decide to get into hair products and other routines for taking care of your hair, you first need to know which kind of hair you have.

Types of Hair


As the name suggests, this is a type of hair that is naturally straight. This is one of the most resilient types of hair. It is also the least prone to damages. However, unlike other types of hair, it tends to be oilier. This means that if you have this kind of hair, you should stay away from oil products. Instead, focus more on shampoos.

Wavy hair

This hair tends to be curly or wavy. It also tends to become fizzy. It is, therefore, one of the hardest types of hair to style.

Curly hair

Unlike wavy hair, the curls in this type of hair are more profound, smaller, and voluminous. This type of hair is quite prone to damage and issues like split ends.

Kinky hair

This is the most damage-prone type of hair. It is characterized by extreme fizziness and volume.

man with puffy hair smiling at camera

Routine for Taking Care of Your Hair


There is more to shampooing than just using soap and water to clean your hair. First, you have to get the right kind of shampoo for your type of hair. Consider the ingredients that are used in the shampoo, depending on your hair needs. Shampoo your hair at least twice a week as it will help hydrate, moisten, and add nutrients to it. Shampooing too often can leave your hair dried out and stripped of its natural oils.


Use a conditioner at least once a week. The role of conditioner is to keep your hair soft, healthy, and moisturized, hence more manageable. Use the right procedure, depending on your hair type. Also, consider products that suit your hair type, colour, and needs.

Drying your hair

After shampooing and moisturizing, the next natural step is to dry your hair. Before doing so, make sure to comb out the tangles. Avoid using regular towels to dry your hair because they are made from rough fabric that could cause split ends and frizzing. Instead, opt for a t-shirt or microfiber towel. Try as much as possible to let your hair dry naturally.


Make sure to use the right oil ingredients on your hair after washing. Dried out hair is more prone to damage than the latter.


Maintaining a healthy diet, staying hydrated, and exercising could also do a lot of good for your hair.

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The Main Factors to Consider

Many men ask “what hair product should I use ?”. In addition to your hair type, below are some of the lest common but just as important factors to consider when choosing men’s hair products:


Shine is how your hair looks after you have used a hair product. You want a product that will cause your hair to have an attractive shine. It is wiser to pick a product that takes advantage of your natural shine and does not exaggerate the look. Different hair products like sprays and oils can contribute to the shine of your hair. However, consider the ingredients with which the products are manufactured when making a choice.


A matte hair product is one that usually smoothens and evens the shine and highlights on the hair. You do not want a product that will cause your hair to shine too much as that it is not attractive. A combination of matte and the perfect amount of shine would do you more good.


This refers to the level of flexibility that your hair has after applying a product. A hair product with a stronghold is one that will keep your hair stiff and in place. Medium or low hold products are those that leave your hair pliable. The level of hold you opt for your hair highly depends on the style of hair you are looking to achieve.


Malleability refers to the level to which you can modify your hair after styling it. For instance, gels make your hair crunchy in such a way that you cannot modify your style throughout the day. Hair sprays, on the other hand, offer more malleability. The product you choose and the level of malleability it influences depend on the hairstyle and the look you are going for.

Man in sunglssses looking to the side

What to Look Out For


Some of the negative effects of sulfates on hair include the fact that they cause your scalp and hair to dry. They also work to dissolve all the natural oils on your scalp, hence leaving the hair drier than normal. Also, they can cause irritation and itchiness of the scalp.


Parabens tend to disrupt the normal hormone cycle of the body, which increases the risk of illnesses like cancer in both men and women. The fact that they can easily get into the skin is also dangerous. For men, paraben causes low sperm count and testicular cancer.


The buildup of silicones on the scalp can result in a myriad of issues, including irritation.

Hand with gloves and lab coat holding a flask with blue liquid

The Types Of Hair Styling Products


Pomade helps your hair look slick and well-combed. It also significantly improves the shine of the hair and provided medium hold. Unlike gels, it is not crunchy hence allowing you to restyle your hair as many times as you want on the same day. There are two categories of pomade:

Oil-based pomade

This type is made from grease or petroleum products. It is one of the cheapest types of pomade. However, some of its least attractive features are that it tends to clog the pores of the scalp and is difficult to wash out. It can also strip your hair of its natural oils when it is not washed out properly.

Water-based pomade

This one is costlier than the latter. It is also easy to wash out. However, it does not give the same hold quality as the oil based counterpart.


The role of wax is to promote a medium shine and medium hold. However, the quality of the results depends on the product. It is more suitable for men with straight and short or medium length hair.

Sea Salt Spray

This is a spray formulation made up of salt and other substances. It promotes better texture, waves, and volume. It also does not leave your hair feeling and looking greasy or sticky. Sea salt spray is suitable for all kinds of hair and uses. It helps to promote light to medium hold, hence allowing your hair to maintain its natural bounce for longer.

It is designed for men with either medium of very long hair. When applying Sea Salt Spray, make sure to wet your hair first. Also, shake the bottle well to make sure that the ingredients are mixed properly. Spray the product on your hair and use a finger or hands to spread it throughout. After that, you can proceed to style your hair as you like.


Perhaps this is the most commonly used hair product by men. When applied on damp hair, the best hair gel for men helps you achieve your desired style immediately. It has a high hold and shine and can be used on all hair lengths, a variety of thicknesses, and hair textures. However, I wouldn’t advise you to use gel constantly because it contains alcohol. Alcohol tends to strip the hair of its moisture and reducing the production of natural oils like sebum. It can, therefore, lead to dandruff, irritation, and itchiness of the scalp.

A clear gel substance in a twisted form


As one of the most suitable hair styling products, clay helps to make your hair thicker and adds body to it. It helps to repair damaged hair, gets rid of dirt and other impurities in the hair, and absorbs into the hair quite fast. It also helps give you a matte finish hair style as well as a low shine finish.


This is a medium hold and shine product. It is a perfect grooming tool for different types of hair. It helps give your hair separation and flexibility, and it is easy to wash out because it is water-based. It also adds texture and volume to your hair. You can use it on your beard and head.


This product gives you the flexibility and strength you desire. It also provides a low hold, medium hold, separation, and adds substance to your hair. It, therefore, gives your hair a healthier look.


Hair mousse for men is packed with polymers that provide your hair with a fuller appearance. It also treats hair loss and adds volume.

Hair Spray

When combined with other hair products, hair spray helps you achieve superior hold and shine. It also adds volume. It features three forms of the fold. The first is the flexible-hold which provides the least amount of hold. It works best for longer hair as it helps to retain natural bounce. The second is the medium-hold which adds volume and does not cause too much stiffness. The last one is the maximum fold which adds definition and helps keep your hair in place throughout the day.


Balm helps to support the regeneration of hair and maintains its moisture content.

Texture powder

This contains a silicon-like component that helps to create volume and absorbs excess oil in your hair.

Hair putty and mud

This product helps to add texture and movement. It is perfect for men who are looking for a messy, dishevelled look.


This product is perfect for dry and thick hair.

Man with swept back hair looking down and standing in front of the water

Types of Hair Care Products


You cannot maintain healthy hair without using shampoo regularly. When finding the best shampoo, look out for the products mentioned earlier in this article. You can either opt for a wet or dry shampoo. The wet shampoo is one that you have to washout while the dry shampoo is one that you do not have to wash out of your hair. Dry shampoo would come in handy in between washes.


A conditioner is also a must-have. It helps make your hair soft and moisturized hence more manageable. When choosing the best conditioner, look for one with additional benefits like UV rays protection.

Leave-in conditioner

This is a type of conditioner that you do not wash out after application. If you are one with extra dry and kinky hair, you do not want to miss out on this product. It helps to detangle hair, moisturizes, makes styling easy, and protects your hair from heat and environmental damage.


This is a spray or cream product that helps to eliminate knots in your hair. It helps prevent hair loss that would occur if you comb your hair with the knots. It also provides hair with additional moisture and shine.

Heat protectant

Heat protectant helps to shield your hair against heat-related damages like breakage.

Serum and oil

Serum is a hair styling product that adds volume and texture to your hair. On the other hand, oil detangles hair and makes it stronger, softer, and shinier.

Fingers beaing dipped into a jar of oil

Extra Tips


This is a tool that is used to dry the hair. It comes in handy after washing hair or when styling using products like gel. It also helps to add volume to your hair. Whether or not to use a dryer depends on the style you are looking to achieve. However, try as much as possible to avoid such accessories because heat causes more harm than good to your hair.


A comb is a must-have accessory in the house. Avoid plastic and metal combs as they cause friction with hair hence causing split ends and other damages. Combing your hair helps with styling, exfoliates the scalp, increases blood flow in the scalp, and stimulates the production of sebum in the scalp as well. Make sure to use the right type of comb for your hair.


Also, keep away from plastic brushes as they cause more harm to hair. Depending on your hair type and style, research on the best brushes. There are two types of brushes, paddle, and vent. Consider your hair type when choosing between the two. Brushing your hair helps to distribute natural oils throughout.

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To Finish Off…

Taking care of your hair may seem like a lot of work until you start to see the results. It all begins with knowing your type of hair. The men’s hair products you use on your hair can either break or make your hair. Avoid harsh products and try as much as possible to use natural products.

When it comes to styling your hair, remember that less is more. Do not be fooled into using a myriad of hair styling products at the same time. Also, make sure to wash out the products from your hair at least twice a week to avoid buildup and clogging of your pores.

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