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Last Updated: Oct 17, 2021

I have been shaving my head for years and also have a beard I need to trim, so I was looking for a shaver that was able to easily handle both. For anyone looking to solve the same shaving dilemma, I think the answer could be this razor from Remington. This Remington HC4250 review will highlight all of the benefits and drawbacks of this electric razor.

Things to consider before buying an Electric razor

Men who use razors every day take pride in their appearance and require an easy to use razor that won’t let them down when they are running late for work. But before you buy a razor it is worth considering the following:

What do you want to use if for? 

There are many different types of razors from those with attachments for intricate beard sculpting to others specially designed for trimming or removing body hair.

What is your skin type? 

This is particularly important if you have sensitive skin or are prone to razor burn. For those that are it is worth looking into razors especially designed for a gentle shave or switching to a beard trimmer for maintaining longer hair, reducing the need for shaving close to the skin.

Bald man with headphones

Do you have the right plug sockets in the bathroom you will be shaving in? 

If not then you might want to consider a cordless razor with a long lasting rechargeable battery like the Remington hc4250.

Consider where you will be using the razor?

 Will you want to use it while taking a shower? If so, then keep an eye out for waterproof razors.

Do you travel often? 

If you are a frequent flyer and are limited on luggage then make sure to take into account the size and weight of the razor and charging set.

What style are you trying to achieve? 

Razors usually come with different attachments that make it easier to achieve different lengths of hair. Some will even include a nasal hair trimmer, a wide blade for hard to reach areas or specific tools for a well-manicured mustache. So, carefully consider what you want to do with the razor before making your purchase.

The Remington HC4250 Review

The Remington ShortCut HC4250 is a new electronic, lithium battery-powered razor for men. It has 40min battery-life and a compact design that allows for easy use with one hand. The razor is a 13 piece kit with cleaning brush, storage/travel pouch, oil, charging adaptor and 9 length-adjusting combs (allowing for trimming from 15 millimeters).

Compared to competitors, like the Wahl Aqua Blade, the HC4250 offers the following drawbacks:

  • 30mins less charge
  • Fewer charging options
  • Not waterproof (but it is wash proof).

However, it also offers the followings advantages:

  • A more affordable price tag
  • More options for shaving different areas
  • More choice on shaving length.

This razor is ideal for any man who wants to use it for a diverse range of uses and favours an ergonomic easy-to-use design over long battery charge. It is ideal for shaving your head, trimming your beard and removing body hair.

Quick Guide On How To Use Remington QuickCut – Remington Europe

The Features & Benefits of the Remington HC4250

■ It’s Washable

I always like to give my razor a scrub after each use both for hygiene reasons and because I find it stops the blades getting jammed with loose hair. The removable blades on this razor are designed with a washout port than means you can easily rinse out any hair and also add the oil that the razor comes with.

■ It’s Quiet

I find the razor is much quieter than my last one. I remember I would sometimes shave in the evening before bed if I had to wake up extra early because my girlfriend would tell me that the shaver woke her up. However, with this razor this no longer a problem and my bathroom is an en suite so it must be pretty quiet.

■ The Extra-Wide Curved Blade

Remington HC4250 Review

This razor comes with a nice, wide blade that makes it easy for me to shave my head and tidy up my chest hair. It is huge compared to the other razors I have seen and means I get my shaving done far quicker. In fact, I find that when I am shaving my head I only have to go over my head twice to get a smooth finish, rather than before with my other razors when I would go over it several times to get the finish I wanted. I also find that it works well with the contours of my body and head so it is a lot easier to get a close shave.

■ The Storage Pouch

I am a big fan of the pouch that comes with this razor. I have not had to use it for traveling yet but I am sure it will keep my razor secure and safe from turning on and slowing me up at airport security. I keep the whole kit in the bag when I am not using it as I have a small bathroom and find this the perfect way to keep it tidy and so far I haven’t lost any part of the set.

■ The Removable Blade

Blade removed from shaver

This razor also has the option to remove the blades from the top of the timmer. This can get a bit stiff but no more so than the other razors I have tired. Overall I find it one of the easiest razors to clean because you can dismantle the razor so quickly and ensure it is free from hair, soap and rust. One of my previous razors was a lot hard to dismantle in this way and I found the blade began to rust inside after only a few months of use. .

■ The Lithium-Powered Battery

The battery charges to 100% when I leave it overnight, but it says on the box that it will be fully charged in as little as 4hrs but I have not tested that yet. I find that if I charge it fully once then the 40mins shaving time it gives me is more than enough for one week’s worth of use. Mostly, I only use it to shave my head and trim my beard every 2 or 3 days depending on how busy I am.

■ The Corded/Cordless Use

For me it is important that the razor can be used with and without the chord. When I forget to charge it is good to have the safety net of using it as soon as I plug it in. However, it is obviously favourable to use it cordless most of the time.

■ The Ergonomic Design

This razor is designed to be very user-friendly and I think it does a good job of fitting securely in your hand, even when your hands are wet. I broke a previous razor when I dropped it in the shower because my hands were wet but I find this one a lot easier to hang on to. It allows me to easily reach difficult areas like the back of my head and neck and trim my beard in the slightly dangerous area around my ears.

Man using a head shaver

■ The Blades

The razor’s blades are described as precision ground, stainless steel blades that will easily cut through even the thickest hair and I have to say this seems to be the case. I have been using the razor now for around 2 months and have noticed a lot less pulling on my hair than with my old razor.

■ The Length Adjusting Combs

I have only used 2 of the combes on my beard so far and don’t really think I will need to use any of the other 9 unless I decide to drastically change my look. I find the combs work well and fit securely to the top of the razor.

■ What do others say?

I spent a long time researching different razors and in the end, after reading countless reviews, I felt that this was easily the best razor for my needs (mainly shaving my head and trimming my beard). I was keen to save some money and found that this was the best razor available in the midrange price bracket. I was particularly persuaded by the reviews I saw on Amazon that mentioned how easy it was to shave the back of your head with this razor, something that has always been more difficult with my previous razors.


The Alternatives to the Remington HC4250

Remington PG6025

This Remington PG6025 is another shaver from the same brand. It is about a quarter of the price of Remington hc4250 and looks like a good bargain. It even has the same battery life and I was impressed to see that it comes with a nasal hair trimmer and that the blades are advertised as ‘self-sharpening’. I may have opted for this razor, but I can see from the user reviews that it is not designed with head-shaving in mind so I went for the more expensive option.

Philips Do-It-Yourself

For me, the Philips Do-It-Yourself Hair Clipper was the biggest rival to the Remington hc4250 I liked the look of the product, and I read that it works well for shaving your head, but I couldn’t find it for any cheaper price than the Remington. Plus, I found some of the reviews mentioned it did not shave head hair very well despite the fact it was specifically designed with a rotating head to do just that.


Overall I am a big fan of the Remington QuickCut For short-haired guys like me (or close enough) you will be hard pressed to find a better shaver designed specifically to be used for shaving your head within the same price range.

If you want a shaver that can handle your head and then also be used to do detailed work on your beard, I think this has to be one of the best options. So far, I have had no issues shaving, even when I let my beard grow out when I went traveling for a couple of weeks the trimmer handled it smoothly and easily.

But don’t take my word for it, you might favor an entirely different shaver. So make sure you do your own research as I have done.

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