The Best Safety Razor Kit Made For A killer look?

Last Updated: May 27, 2021

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best safety razor kit is, then we recommend the Maison Lambert Shaving Kit as the best one.

A safety razor is one of the best ways to shave your beard. There are many benefits to using the safety razor including a smoother shave, less skin irritation and it is much cheaper.

You need to know what you are getting into to choose the best safety razor kit.

In this article, we’re going to review the following safety razor kits:

Considerations to Make Before Buying Razor Kits

Safety razors are made in different shapes and sizes. They are made to serve individual shaving needs and preferences.

There are numerous types of safety razors including electric razors, disposable razors and multi-razor blades. Each of them is meant to shave a particular type of beard. They have unique characteristics and designs.

You are probably switching to a safety razor because your current razor has left you with negative consequences after shaving such as skin irritation, bumps or patches. Getting a disposable blade from your neighborhood chemist will not help in any meaningful way.

Best Safety Razor Kit

Choosing the best safety razor kit is the only option. However, there are certain considerations that you need to seriously make before you purchase a safety razor kit. Some of the considerations include:


Just as the name suggests, the foremost consideration you should make when choosing a safety razor is the amount of safety it provides. It is not really a safety razor if it does not offer a safe shaving experience.

It is quite difficult to choose a razor that is safe and that also meets your shaving needs and preferences. You will have to find a razor that carefully balances meeting the two areas. To find one, you will need to know what to look for and where to search.

A razor that offers safety is bound to be more expensive than one that does not. On the other hand, being free from cuts, bumps and an improperly shaven face is worth the price.


The size of the safety razor will also matter significantly. The weight and size of a razor are crucial for you to get the right type of shave.

A safety razor that is too small will prove very cumbersome when shaving and will probably result in a bad shave. A razor that is too big will also probably be too difficult to get a proper shave and may be dangerous to use around the neck area.

You need a safety razor whose size and weight makes it easier to shave and is also suitable for your face. The right razor size will not only improve your shaving experience but also make it safer.

Double edge razor next to a shaving brush and shaving cream

Your Face

You will have to measure your face before you can go out and buy a safety razor to shave it. Each face has a unique hair growth pattern, contours and skin type which make it necessary to buy a razor suited for your face.

One example of facial differences is oily skin and dry skin on the face. The two different facial types will necessitate different types of safety razors to shave them.

Therefore, consider and evaluate your face conclusively before you go out and buy a safety razor. If you do not, the effects will be clearly displayed on your face.

The Blade Gap

Safety razors essentially have two designs: the fixed gap and adjustable gap razor. The blade gap which is the distance between the top of the blade and the bottom of the razor determine which type of blade it is.

Generally speaking, the wider the gap, the more aggressive the shave by the razor. The blade gap is particularly vital when evaluating fixed razors.

Adjustable razors on the other hand can have their blade gap adjusted which reduces the importance of the blade gap. However, you need to know by how much can the blade be adjusted?

Blade Quality

Your safety razor’s blade quality will determine the type of shave that you can get from it. Each blade is different and of a different quality.

The better the blade, the better the shave and vice versa. A quality blade should be easily sharpened and maintain its sharpness after repeated use.

If a blade gets blunt easily then the razor will not give you a poor shave as it may be blunt when you use it. A poor quality blade also requires more maintenance which is why some men prefer to buy disposable razors that they can discard when they get blunt.

As far as blade quality goes, you get what you pay for. So if you want a quality razor, you will have to fork over more than with a lower quality blade. However, your face will thank you and it will be worth it in the long run.

Double edge razor with cream and new razor blade

The 5 Best Safety Razor Kits

Gentleman Jon Shave Kit

The Gentleman Jon shave kit is a classic safety razor kit that is meant to deliver a pleasurable shaving experience just like in the old days. The kit is not only great as a gift but is also highly portable and can fit in most travel bags.

Gentleman Jon‘s shave kit includes a well-designed safety razor which allows for outstanding and precise shaving. The kit also comes with extra razors in case the main blade is destroyed, lost or stolen.

The kit also includes a shaving brush made from badger hair which is soft and makes it easy to apply the shaving soap also included in the shave kit. The brush does not have a badger smell that is typical of other badger hair brushes.

Other constituent materials in the shave kit include a stainless steel shaving bowl and an alum block. The alum black is meant to provide relief for after shaving.

The quality control of the shave kit seems to be inconsistent as there are some kits of excellent quality while there are others with poor quality. The price of the Gentleman Jon shave kit is also quite high.


  • Multiple razors
  • Great gift
  • Optimal for travel
  • All in one kit


  • Inadequate quality control
  • High price

Maison Lambert Shaving Kit

The Maison Lambert Ultimate Shaving Kit takes you back to the basics. It is one of the best shaving kits for a traditional wet shave.

It is a complete shaving kit and comes with a safety razor alongside 10 Astra shaving blades. There is also a badger hair brush, shaving soap, body soap, aftershave, wooden shaving bowl and brush stand.

The soaps and aftershave are made from organic materials. In fact, all of Maison Lambert products are made from hypoallergenic and organic materials such as jojoba oil, aloe vera and cocoa butter.

The Maison Lambert shave kit is a high-quality kit that comes in a luxurious cigar like wooden box. The packaging makes it an ideal idea for a gift.

The shaving kit is also on the expensive side and will cost you a tidy sum. Another drawback of the kit is that there have been allergic reactions to the soap so you should scrutinize the ingredients list before buying the kit.


  • Beautiful wooden box packaging.
  • Organic, hypoallergenic ingredients.
  • Safety razor with 10 replacement blades.
  • Ideal gift.


  • Expensive.
  • Some people are allergic to the soap.

Gillette Heritage Razor kit

The Gillette Heritage Razor Kit has a stainless-steel single razor blade that is rust-resistant. It offers a smooth and clean shave for a great shaving experience. The razor comes with 5 replacement blades if the blades become too damaged.

Gillette Heritage razor is the first safety razor produced by Gillette in three decades and much thought was put into it. It is suitable for both sexes and you can use it to shave either your face or your body.

The razor has a twist-off design at the top which releases the plate and allows you to load another blade. The razor also has a chrome-plated handle which is a classic design from Gillette and significantly improves your shave.

The Gillette Heritage razors modern closed comb design offers a less aggressive and more controlled shave for better effect.

The razor comes in beautiful packaging and is cheap as well. There are not many negative comments about the Gillette Heritage other than it is not a great razor for experienced wet shavers and is recommended for beginners.


  • Less aggressive shape due to closed comb design.
  • Chrome-plated handle for a better shave.
  • Rust-resistant stainless-steel blade.
  • 5 replacement blades.


  • Not a great razor for experienced wet shavers.

Miusco Shaving Kit

Gillette Heritage comes with a brush and shaving stand as well as a soap bowl set and a compatible manual safety razor. It is one of the most basic safety razor shaving kits you will find and is great for those new to wet shaving.

The brush is made from pure badger hair and has a wooden handle. The brush comes alongside a stainless-steel shaving stand on which to hand the brush. The stand is what sets the brush apart from other entry level brushes.

The brush and shaving stand are not only affordable but also highly durable. The main reason is that the stand allows the brush to dry properly and hence maintain its integrity over time.

The stand also includes a soap bowl which encourages perfect circular motion when lathering the soap which leads to the production of richer foam.

The main drawback to the Miusco Shaving Kit is that you have to buy razor blades separately which is very inconvenient when compared to other all in one kit.


  • Real badger hairbrush.
  • Ergonomic wooden handle.
  • Soap bowl allows for richer foam generation
  • Affordable.
  • Durable.


  • Does not come with included blades

Bevel Shave Kit

The Bevel Shave Kit includes a Priming oil used to moisturize the skin, a shaving brush, shaving cream, restoring balm and single blade razor. The single razor offers a different shaving experience from modern multiple blade razors.

There is a reason why men in the old days did not have bumps on their faces. The reason is that they used single blade razors.

The angle at which a single blade razor shaves the face is much gentler than a multiple blade razor hence less skin irritation. The razor is great for those with sensitive skin or tough hair.

The razor has a very sturdy design. The razor is made of strong stainless steel which makes it firm when shaving.

The design is also very ergonomic which makes it easier to handle. Better handling means a better shave especially when shaping or trimming your beard.

It requires great deal patience to use the Bevel Shave Kit. It is not a razor you use every day before going to work but on the weekends or on special occasions.

Though it offers a smoother shave, you may have to go over your face several times to get the shave you want. Shaving slowly also means less chance of skin irritation.

The razor also takes some time for your face to get used to. In fact, Bevel recommend using the razor every day when you get it so that you can get used to it.


  • Smooth Shave
  • Better Handling


  • Time Consuming

Our choice

There are great safety razor kits on this list. As we have seen, there is much to take into consideration before you can buy a safety razor.

Each safety razor kit has its advantages and drawbacks but there is one that stands taller than the rest which is the Maison Lambert Shaving Kit.

The Maison Lambert Shaving Kit is complete and offers a very traditional shave that wet shavers enjoy. It has a stainless-steel resistant blade with a chrome-plated handle. The only disadvantage is that it can be quite expensive.

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