Shave Before or After Shower? What’s Best for You?

Last Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Should we shave before or after the shower? The answer is yes for both. However, this doesn’t mean that just because you can, that you should. Each option has its benefits but both also has its downsides. Here we are going to explore the best way for your shaving routine.

I used to hate the dry tender feeling of my razor burned skin after a shave. Like many other men, I used to shave before the shower, I thought this was the best way, and to be honest, I thought that everyone was doing it the same way. It’s not like I would ask the other guys at the office how they shaved. But once I started researching this and discovered that shaving before or after a shower can have a huge impact on your skin, I was on a mission to understand the best way to shave for my type of skin.

Shave Before or After Shower

Shave Before or After Shower? What’s Best for You?

I used to never really pay attention to how I shaved as long as I did, then it was what really matters, right? But if you are like me and hate those razor burns and start to care about your skin more (with age, believe that you will too), then hear me out because maybe I will be able to help you to have better shaving days ahead of you.

So, hold on to your razors or shavers and read what I’m about to share with you. It’s possible that this may change the way you shave. We are going to compare:

  1. What Happens to Your Skin & Hair When You Shower?
  2. Shaving Before a Shower
  3. Shaving After a Shower
  4. What about Shaving During the Shower?
  5. Best Shavers To Use In The Shower
  6. Common Questions About Shaving

What Happens to Your Skin & Hair When You Shower?

A good shower will do more than just keep the body odors away. Whether you like your shower warm or a little colder, your hair and skin will benefit from it massively. When you step into the shower here are some of the things that happen to your hair and skin:

Skin Becomes More Resilient

Our skin is our biggest organ, and it also holds an indispensable role in helping us to stay healthy. It shields us from illness and trauma and helps us monitor and balance our body temperature, so ensuring that our skin stays in great health is essential to sustaining overall good health. When we take a shower, we get rid of all the dirt that stays trapped in our skin throughout the day and night. Outside harmful particles that can cause inflammation, irritation, etc are eliminated in the shower.

Hair Becomes Swollen & Softer

One of the most obvious feelings, when we get into the shower, is how soft our hair gets once wet. Our hair is naturally dry and depending on the type of hair that you have, your hair might be too dry, which is why you should pay attention to the temperature of the water when you shower, or which products you should use. But apart from causing our hair to become softer and plumped because of the water, when we take a shower, we help to remove dead hair follicles.

Skin Pores Open and Close

Our pores are attached to our sebaceous glands, and those stay under the hair follicles. These glands help to create sebum, which is natural, with a texture like wax oil that aids to naturally keep your face hydrated. Sometimes a blend of dirt, bacteria, and oil can cling to dead skin cells in the pores and cause them to clog up. The fastest way to unclog your pores is to take a shower. This will help to eliminate exterior oils, as well as dirt that might be lounging on the top layer of your skin.

Dead Skin Cells washed away

Your skin experiences a natural turnover of skill cells cycle every thirty days or so. Once this happens, the top layer of your skin (known as the epidermis) sheds, exposing new skin from the central layer of your skin (also known as the dermis). Still, the skin cells turnover doesn’t always happen as planned, and some dead skin cells don’t completely shed, which can cause flaky skin, dry spots, and of course clogged pores.

Shaving Before a Shower

There are many reasons why shaving before a shower sounds more appealing. One of the main reasons is probably the mess that it makes, taking a shower after that, seems exactly right. But is the most practical option, the best? Let’s dive into the pros and cons of shaving before a shower.

Pros of Shaving Before a Shower

  • Clean-up is much easier
  • It is better for your skin health as it gives you a longer recovery time just before your pores close
  • Electric shavers work best for dry hair
  • Showering after you shave will eliminate any dirt, which will support against infections, especially if you have cut yourself while shaving
  • It’s better for trimming

Cons of Shaving Before a Shower

  • Might increase the tendency to dry shave
  • Shaving dry skin can enhance the risk of skin irritability
  • Hair follicles aren’t soft, so there is a higher risk of ingrown hair
  • You have a greater chance of cuts

Shaving After a Shower

While this might not be the first choice when you think about shaving, mainly because after a shower you are clean, so why would you want to make a mess after? Well, there are some benefits in shaving after a shower, and those include:

Pros of Shaving After a Shower

  • Hot water helps to soften your hair
  • It can be considered safer for your skin, as after your shower your pores are unclogged, meaning that you get rid of dirt and bacteria.
  • Shave after a shower is the best option for those with sensitive skin

Cons of Shaving After a Shower

  • After your shower, your pores begin to close again
  • You will most likely need another shower, due to the mess afterward

What about Shaving During the Shower?

We all must have considered this option, right? Shave while you shower not only seems to be faster but it combines the perfect environment for your skin, right? But is it the better option?

Pros Shaving During the Shower

  • While in the shower your pores open your hair softens
  • Less risk of cuts and razor burns
  • It’s less messy as everything goes down the drain

Cons Shaving During the Shower

  • Can be slightly more dangerous and more prone to cuts
  • Visibility is not so good, as you are more likely to slip
  • Chances to clog your drain
  • Not suitable for trimming

Best Shavers To Use In The Shower

If you are looking to start your shower shave, I have hand picked the best razors which are suitable for the use in the shower. You can choose from a manual double edge razor or a waterproof shaver, both of which perform really well in wet conditions.

The Merkur Futur

Get It Here

You can read my in-depth review of this razor here

The Braun Series 9 9370cc

Get It Here

If you are looking for other shaver options that won’t disappoint, you can have a look at this list.

Common Questions About Shaving

Even though shaving might seem very straightforward, there might be doubts that you don’t necessarily ask but would like to know the answer to. I gathered the most frequent questions about shaving that might help clear up some of your doubts.

Can I use my electric razor safely in the shower?

The quick answer is yes. Yes, you can use your electric razor in the shower. However, you have to be sure that your electric shaver is waterproof. There are electric razors or even trimmers that can perform a wet shave, yet they aren’t completely waterproof.

Can you shave in the bath?

Yes, you can shave in the bath. But should you? Shaving in the bath can become messy really fast. So you might have to consider taking a shower after. However, when it comes to your skin, the warm steam of the water will promote your pores to open and your skin to become less irritated.

Should I Shave with Warm Or Cold water?

Believe it or not, the temperature of the water can change completely how your skin reacts to shaving. There are many pros and cons linked to warm or cold water when shaving. And by learning what your skin needs, you will be able to adjust the temperature of the water to decrease irritation, cuts, etc.

Shaving with Warm Water


  • Softens your hair follicles
  • Speeds up healing


  • Worsen acne
  • Can make your facial skin slightly puffy

Shaving with Cold Water


  • Friendly for blades
  • Contracts and closes your pores
  • Least risk of burns, cuts, irritation, and ingrown hair
  • Shaving with cold water is better for sensitive skin.
  • Cold water causes your hair to become thicker, helping with a better, shave
  • Cold water is rejuvenating and refreshing to the skin


  • Shave can be a little more uncomfortable

Does Showering Prevent Razor Bumps and Burns?

It’s easier for a razor to cut through hydrated hairs when compared to dry ones. Our skin becomes softer at the end of the shower, which allows the shaving to be easier as well as decreasing the chances of further irritation.


Shavers and razors might come with a little manual, but our skin does not really come with instructions. You, better than anyone, will learn to notice the little hints that your skin gives you. But when the question arises if you better shave before or after the shower, the answer is; whichever order works best for you and your skin

Shaving is part of our life whether we like it or not. Unless you are one of those courageous guys that stand your ground and just leave your hair alone, then I salute you. I admire your courage, but for most men, hair is just something that we want to get rid of, no matter what.

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