Achieve Smooth Perfection: The Best Shaver For Balls Exposed!

Last Updated: Jan 27, 2024

So, you’re on the hunt for the best shaver for balls, right? You’ve probably heard a horror story or two about grooming gone wrong. Fear not! We’re here to navigate this delicate topic together. No cuts, no nicks, just a smooth experience.

You’re in good hands here. I’ve spent hours researching, testing (carefully, I might add!), and curating the perfect list. Whether you’re a seasoned pro in manscaping or just dipping your toes (or should I say, something else?) into the world of below-the-belt grooming, I’ve got your back… or, well, other areas. Let’s dive into finding that perfect tool that’ll have you feeling confident and comfortable.

After all, it’s all about taking care of yourself, and that’s something to be proud of!

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What to Consider

The first question any would be ‘manscaper’ should be asking is what their end goal is. Are we looking for a soft, smooth grooming experience or are we taking a utility based approach and just looking for a basic, quick shave ‘down there’?

A lot of people will simply buy a pack of disposable one-off razors, put on some shaving foam or gel, and start to work on their balls. If you have a steady hand, you might just get away with it, but nine times out of ten there are going to be all kinds of small cuts, nicks in the skin, and uncut, stray hairs, meaning you have to go for a second round which is just going to be painful and leaves the skin and entire crotch feeling painful and raw.

Similarly, electric razors are another favorite as people think they are less harsh on the skin. This is true, but like with disposable razors, their electric counterparts are designed with being used mainly on the face. The ergonomics, blade length and general feel of the razor haven’t been designed with the intention of shaving the balls and crotch area. Plus, it’s also a nightmare to clean out an electric razor when it’s absolutely clogged with thicker, longer hair than what it is designed for. The other option is to simply let it grow out, but this is not a good look and for many people, is uncomfortable as well as unsightly.

This is where personal grooming devices come in particularly handy. Over the last few years, the stigma of personal grooming for men has thankfully started to taper off and people are acknowledging that wanting to look after what lies underneath our clothes is a legitimate consideration. They’ve also come down remarkably in price; a few years ago, a personal grooming device was generally only available as a ‘clip-on’ extension for an electric razor or set of hair clippers, and they were expensive and clunky. Now, it’s perfectly possible to get a major brand personal groomer relatively cheaply.

Why is Personal Grooming Important?

There are several reasons why personal grooming is important. There are legitimate health-related reasons why it’s a good idea. Firstly, pubic hair is long, thick and a bacteria bath if not looked after. Sweat, urine and bodily bacteria get caught in the natural crevices at the best of times, but with excessive pubic hair, the end result is potentially smelly and generally unpleasant. This is a particular problem for people who find themselves susceptible to yeast and bacterial issues.

This video explores the question “to shave or not to shave?”

There is also an aesthetic element to shaving your testicles. Many men who feel, rightly or wrongly that their penis isn’t big enough find that shaving downstairs actually does a great job of increasing the visual size of their package. And I’m not even talking about trying to impress other people; it can be a real confidence boost to look down and see everything looking bigger than before.

But it is also important , not just in terms of visibility but in utility, for anyone who is sexually active, to look appealing, and that is why a lot of people look to personal grooming. Any sexual partner is much more likely to appreciate a little care and attention than a wild, unkempt mess, and during intimacy, it’s actually a lot more comfortable to have skin on skin, or at least on trimmed, groomed hair. Others find that the pubic hair, particularly around the scrotum, can attract a few unwanted smells after intimacy that would otherwise not be lingering, so there really are a ton of reasons why grooming is perfectly acceptable.

Deciding on Maintenance

Finding the best shaver for balls may therefore sound like a daunting task. Do you go for one that comes with an array of extensions, or one that goes simply for an all over, ‘one for all’ approach? How much do you spend? Is it worth trusting user reviews, or do we steer clear bearing in mind that everyone’s end goal is as varied as everyone’s balls and general crotch area?

Whatever You Do, Go For a Brand Name…

Let’s get this out of the way. Generics and spuriously named personal groomers are going to be pointless. They rarely last more than a few minutes on a full charge, the ergonomics are terrible (if existent at all) and the blades are going to be cheap, coarse and prone to rust. Stick to the major brands, no matter what grooming option you go for.

Balck and orange trimmer next to two tubs of cream

Everyone asks themselves whether they should go for slight or aggressive pubic hair maintenance, and more importantly, how they go about it in terms of shaving, waxing or trimming. There is no hard and fast rule.

Thankfully, there are several tried and trusted names that we will review in this article.

The Best Shaver For Balls

Our Pick

This shaver features a bi-directional trimmer and a small comb, making it easy to cut hair from any angle.

It's designed with a non-slip handle and a lanyard, which is really useful for using in the shower. It runs on a single AA battery and works well, plus it's waterproof.

There's also a comb attachment for different hair lengths. Its simplicity makes it an effective and valuable grooming tool.

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02/18/2024 08:35 am GMT

Let me tell you, this little gadget is quite the game-changer. What really stands out is its bi-directional trimmer combined with a 3-mm comb. This nifty feature means it can tackle hair growing in any direction, making those awkward angles a bit less daunting. Trust me, it’s a relief not having to perform gymnastics just to get a smooth trim.

best shavers For Balls - Philips Norelco Bodygroom

Now, let’s talk about its design. The lanyard and rubber handle are genius additions, especially for someone like me who prefers to do the deed in the shower. It’s reassuring to know that it won’t slip out of my hand mid-trim.

Yes, it’s powered by a single AA battery, so you might not expect a powerhouse, but it does the job pretty well. Plus, it being waterproof and a sealed unit adds to the convenience.

And if you’re not into the completely hairless look, the included trimming comb lets you even things out nicely. What I’ve noticed—and it seems a lot of others have too—is that its simplicity is its biggest charm. No fuss, no frills, just a straightforward, effective groomer. For its price, it’s a steal. Honestly, it’s like the Swiss Army knife for body hair.

Read my full review of the Philips Norelco Bodygroom here

$109.99 ($109.99 / Count)

The Lawn Mower 5.0 Ultra is a versatile grooming tool featuring two interchangeable SkinSafe blade heads (Trimmer and Foil) for a close shave.

It includes multiple comb options for varied hair lengths, a power adapter, USB-C cable, and a travel pouch.

Its dual-temp LEDs aid in grooming precision, especially in hard-to-see areas, and the 700mA Li-ion battery provides up to 60 minutes of use.

The device is waterproof (IPX7 rated), suitable for both wet and dry use. Designed for full-body grooming, it's effective on various body parts including the groin, back, chest, and more.

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Ah, the Lawn Mower 5.0 – where do I start? First off, let’s talk about the look and feel of this thing. It’s got a sleek design that doesn’t just sit pretty in your bathroom; it feels great in your hand too.

The two interchangeable SkinSafe Blade Heads are a game changer. I found the Trimmer Blade perfect for a quick tidy-up, while the Foil Blade gave me that smooth, baby’s-butt finish. And yes, it’s as gentle on the skin as they say – no nicks or tugs in sight.

Now, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. I did experience a bit of hair-pulling, especially when tackling thicker patches. It’s a minor hiccup, but worth mentioning.

The waterproof feature is a big plus, making it a breeze to use in the shower and clean up afterward. The LEDs? Handy for those shadowy areas, though I can’t say I’ve tried the full range of artistic grooming the Lawn Mower 5.0 Ultra seemingly encourages. Battery life is decent, and the travel lock is a thoughtful touch.

In terms of value, it’s a bit of a mixed bag. Some might find it a tad pricey for a trimmer, but if you’re after a combo of style, safety, and versatility, this little gadget might just be worth the splurge.


The Philips Norelco Multigroom 7000 offers versatile grooming with 19 tools, specializing in precision beard, hair, and body trimming.

It features adjustable length settings from 1 to 3mm in 0.2mm increments and a 3-7mm comb for tailored grooming.

Innovative BeardSense technology adjusts power for different beard densities, enhancing performance.

Durable self-sharpening blades, a robust steel frame, and rubber grips provide control, while a long-lasting Lithium-ion battery ensures 5 hours of use.

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02/18/2024 09:20 am GMT

First things first, when it comes to grooming those sensitive areas, you really can’t afford to mess around. And let me tell you, this shaver has been a game-changer for me. The precision trimming guard is a standout feature – it’s like having a GPS for your grooming journey. You can dial in the exact length you want, from a close 1mm up to a more relaxed 3mm, in tiny 0.2mm steps. This is perfect for navigating the treacherous terrain down south without any fear of nicks or pulls.

What really sets the Multigroom 7000 apart, though, is its Smart BeardSense technology. Now, you might be thinking, “What do I need beard tech for on a ball shaver?” But hear me out. This tech isn’t just for beards; it’s for any hair that’s playing hard to get. It scans the density of your hair and adjusts the power accordingly.

Translation? It slices through the thickest of thick without breaking a sweat. And the self-sharpening blades? They stay as sharp as your wit, no oil necessary. Plus, the battery life is nothing to scoff at – a solid 5 hours. That’s enough to keep you groomed for a good while, even if you’re the hairiest of humans. In a nutshell, the Multigroom 7000 isn’t just a great shaver for your face or head; it’s a trusty sidekick for those delicate missions below the belt.

$39.94 ($39.94 / Count)

The Meridian trimmer is designed to offer a close cut just above the skin, effectively preventing razor burn and cuts.

Its waterproof feature allows for convenient use in the shower, enhancing its versatility. Suitable for both men and women, this trimmer is adaptable for use on various body areas.

Additionally, it boasts a rapid charging capability and long-lasting battery life, backed by a one-year manufacturer's warranty and a no-nick guarantee.

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02/18/2024 11:11 am GMT

The Meridian Manscape Trimmer, from my experience, certainly brings something interesting to the table. It’s advertised as a solution to common shaving woes like razor burn and cuts, and I must say, it does a decent job at living up to these claims. The trimmer is adept at providing a close trim without the discomfort typically associated with razors. This is particularly noticeable when you’re tackling sensitive areas, where the skin usually retaliates with irritation or redness after shaving.

What I also appreciate is its waterproof design, making it a convenient companion for in-shower grooming. This feature, coupled with its impressive battery life, adds to its practicality.

However, it’s not without its limitations. While it maneuvers quite well in most scenarios, it sometimes struggles with uniform coverage in areas with thicker hair. The question of its value for money also pops up now and then. Some users might feel the quality and performance don’t quite align with the price. In summary, the Meridian Manscape Trimmer is a solid choice for those seeking a comfortable and easy-to-use personal trimmer, but it’s worth considering your specific needs and preferences before making a decision.


The 5-in-1 style kit offers versatility for grooming, including beard and hair trimming, detailing, and ear/nose care.

It features a precision wheel with 20 length settings in 0.02” increments, along with an adjustable beard comb, for ultimate precision.

The trimmer is designed for efficient grooming with ultra-sharp blades and a 50-minute cordless runtime.

It also ensures easy maintenance with a washable head and combs.

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02/18/2024 04:05 pm GMT

I’ve given the Braun All-in-One Series 3 a whirl, and I’ve got to say, it’s a pretty solid choice for anyone looking to keep things tidy down there. First off, the versatility of this kit is a real game-changer. Whether it’s a quick beard trim, a little detail work, or taking care of those pesky ear and nose hairs, this kit has got you covered.

The Precision Wheel, with its 20 length settings, is a standout feature. You know how sometimes you’re trying to get that perfect length, and it’s either just too short or too long? Well, this trimmer lets you fine-tune to just the right setting, which is a huge plus.

Now, let’s talk about the real deal – using it for your balls.

The trimmer is super easy to handle, and its sharp blade means you’re not going over the same spot a million times.

We’ve all been there, right? A quick zip and you’re done, no fuss. The battery life is decent enough for a couple of grooming sessions, but I did notice it’s not the Energizer Bunny – it doesn’t keep going and going.

And cleaning? A breeze. Just rinse the head and combs under the tap, and you’re good to go.

While some might have gripes about the battery or the overall look of the trimmer, in my book, it’s a solid choice for keeping things neat and tidy without any drama. Definitely worth considering if you’re in the market for a reliable, no-nonsense trimmer for the more delicate areas.

Frequently Asked Question

Do shaved balls look better?

Absolutely, many find that a smooth, well-groomed scrotal area enhances visual appeal and boosts self-confidence. It’s not just about looking good for others, but also feeling good about oneself. Shaving can give the illusion of increased size and a cleaner, more put-together appearance.

Is it better to shave your balls with a razor or trimmer?

This depends on your personal preference and comfort level. A razor can provide a closer, smoother shave, but there’s a higher risk of cuts and irritation, especially if you’re not careful. Trimmers, on the other hand, are safer and easier to use, though they might not get as close as a razor. Many opt for trimmers for a pain-free, hassle-free experience.

What are the health benefits of manscaping?

Maintaining a groomed pubic region isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s also about hygiene. Excess pubic hair can trap sweat, bacteria, and bodily fluids, leading to unpleasant odors and an increased risk of bacterial or yeast infections. Trimming or shaving can help keep the area clean, reduce odor, and potentially improve overall genital health.

Our Choice

Philips Series 7000 appears to be a clear winner. Users have found it to tick all of the boxes essential to bodily (and in particular scrotal) grooming; it doesn’t run out of power halfway through, appears to be ergonomically designed so that it can get in all the crevices between the legs and balls, and doesn’t suffer from clogged blades.

In fact, the blades themselves are perpetually self-sharpening so this will always be primed and ready for shaving the balls effectively and painlessly. In addition, it allows for grooming in the shower and can cover pretty much all body hair grooming needs. At a much lower price point than some of the competitors, there appear to be no other grooming kits that come close to this.

With a manufacturers’ 90 days ‘no quibble’ warranty, there’s also the chance to see why this one appears to be a firm favorite.

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