What Is The Best Shaver For Balls In 2021?

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best shaver for balls is, then we recommend the Philips Series 7000 Body Groomer as the best one.

Hair maintenance is an integral part of any man’s life, and that includes shaving and grooming in the areas we don’t routinely have out on show. So it’s no surprise that one of the main questions many stores and online retailers receive is “what is the best shaver for balls?”

In this article, we’re going to review the following shavers for balls:

What to Consider

The first question any would be ‘manscaper’ should be asking is what their end goal is. Are we looking for a soft, smooth grooming experience or are we taking a utility based approach and just looking for a basic, quick shave ‘down there’?

A lot of people will simply buy a pack of disposable one-off razors, put on some shaving foam or gel and start to work on their balls. If you have a steady hand, you might just get away with it, but nine times out of ten there are going to be all kinds of small cuts, nicks in the skin, and uncut, stray hairs, meaning you have to go for a second round which is just going to be painful and leaves the skin and entire crotch feeling painful and raw.

Best Shaver For Balls

Similarly, electric razors are another favourite as people think they are less harsh on the skin. This is true, but like with disposable razors, their electric counterparts are designed with being used mainly on the face. The ergonomics, blade length and general feel of the razor haven’t been designed with the intention of shaving the balls and crotch area. Plus, it’s also a nightmare to clean out an electric razor when it’s absolutely clogged with thicker, longer hair than what it is designed for. The other option is to simply let it grow out, but this is not a good look and for many people, is uncomfortable as well as unsightly.

This is where personal grooming devices come in particularly handy. Over the last few years, the stigma of personal grooming for men has thankfully started to taper off and people are acknowledging that wanting to look after what lies underneath our clothes is a legitimate consideration. They’ve also come down remarkably in price; a few years ago, a personal grooming device was generally only available as a ‘clip-on’ extension for an electric razor or set of hair clippers, and they were expensive and clunky. Now, it’s perfectly possible to get a major brand personal groomer relatively cheaply.

Why is Personal Grooming Important?

There are several reasons why personal grooming is important. There are legitimate health related reasons why it’s a good idea. Firstly, pubic hair is long, thick and a bacteria bath if not looked after. Sweat, urine and bodily bacteria get caught in the natural crevices at the best of times, but with excessive pubic hair, the end result is potentially smelly and generally unpleasant. This is a particular problem for people who find themselves susceptible to yeast and bacterial issues.

There is also an aesthetic element to shaving your testicles. Many men who feel, rightly or wrongly that their penis isn’t big enough find that shaving downstairs actually does a great job of increasing the visual size of their package. And I’m not even talking about trying to impress other people; it can be a real confidence boost to look down and see everything looking bigger than before.

Balck and orange trimmer next to two tubs of cream

But it is also important , not just in terms of visibility but in utility, for anyone who is sexually active, to look appealing, and that is why a lot of people look to personal grooming. Any sexual partner is much more likely to appreciate a little care and attention than a wild, unkempt mess, and during intimacy, it’s actually a lot more comfortable to have skin on skin, or at least on trimmed, groomed hair. Others find that the pubic hair, particularly around the scrotum, can attract a few unwanted smells after intimacy that would otherwise not be lingering, so there really are a ton of reasons why grooming is perfectly acceptable.

Deciding on Maintenance

Finding the best shaver for balls may therefore sound like a daunting task. Do you go for one that comes with an array of extensions, or one that goes simply for an all over, ‘one for all’ approach? How much do you spend? Is it worth trusting user reviews, or do we steer clear bearing in mind that everyone’s end goal is as varied as everyone’s balls and general crotch area?

Whatever You Do, Go For a Brand Name…

Let’s get this out of the way. Generics and spuriously named personal groomers are going to be pointless. They rarely last more than a few minutes on a full charge, the ergonomics are terrible (if existent at all) and the blades are going to be cheap, coarse and prone to rust. Stick to the major brands, no matter what grooming option you go for.

As this Youtube video shows, the issue is one which plagues men and women everywhere. Everyone asks themselves whether they should go for slight or aggressive pubic hair maintenance, and more importantly, how they go about it in terms of shaving, waxing or trimming. There is no hard and fast rule.

Thankfully, there are several tried and trusted names which we will review in this article.

The 5 best shavers For Balls

Philips Norelco Bodygroom

With over 2000 ratings giving this above a four out of five overall score, this piece of kit appears to pack a punch.

  • It boasts a bi-directional trimmer and a 3-mm comb, so this means that if hair is growing in different directions, this thing will be able to trim no matter what, and without having to try to hard to manoeuvre the groomer into hard to reach spots
  • It comes with a lanyard and rubber handle, meaning that it can be used in the shower with no issues. It runs off a single AA battery, so may not be the ‘juiciest’ in terms of power, but it’s nevertheless a sealed unit and waterproof. A battery is supplied.
  • A trimming comb is supplied, meaning hair can be cut to an even length all over if you don’t want to be completely hairless.
  • The general consensus on this one is overwhelmingly good; users have bought it on the strength of its low price tag and versatility with all kinds of body hair. The main selling point of this one is its simplicity; no need for tons of fancy add ons.

Manscaped Lawn Mower 3.0

A more heavy duty grooming tool, this is esepcailly built with manscaping in mind

  • A fully rechargeable unit that provides 90 minutes of uninterrupted use.
  • Skin-friendly, washable blades mean that this will last longer and cause less sore skin
  • The dedicated guide comb has gained favorable reviews, with improved and safer cutting
  • Comes with a USB charger and a specially made charging dock
  • Reviews seem to be torn on the effectiveness of this as a ‘whole body’ kit, with many saying it does an average job of all of them, rather than one specific job very well.
  • Other users have complained about the ‘fiddly’ way of placing the groomer into the base unit.
  • The general, overall feel from users is that this is a very reliable and well-desinged machine
  • Possesses a soft and ergonomically curved grip for better use when wet or dry. This is of a great benefit as you don’t want the razor slipping and causing painful cuts

Philips Norelco Multigrooming

Another ‘multi tool’ implement, this has received more favourable reviews than others in the same category.

  • Skin friendly, self sharpening blades mean this is less likely to dull over time.
  • The kit comes with a precision shaver, a metal precision trimmer, 2 stubble combs (1 and 2 mm), 1 adjustable beard comb (3-7 mm), 3 hair combs (9, 12 and 16 mm), and 1 body comb (3 mm) as well as an ear and nose trimmer and pouch, meaning this can be used for just about any hair grooming.
  • One continuous charge allows for around 80 minutes of use, and recharging is a simple process.
  • The unit is 100% waterproof, so shaving the crotch area can be done in the shower.
  • Over 1500 reviews gave this an average rating of 4.5/5.
  • Complaints appear to be around the absence of USB charging and an unflattering, basic bag. In terms of functionality, however, the reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

Philips Series 7000 Body Groomer

At a much higher price point than the competition, this grooming kit appears to be geared more towards people looking for a luxurious experience rather than a functional one.

  • A dual sided design means that this can be used anywhere on the body without changing attachments; users can go straight from the armpits to the balls in one grooming session.
  • Five in built length settings mean there is the option to go from completely hairless to stylishly trimmed depending on preference.
  • 80 minutes of cordless use is possible without the need to install batteries.
  • The unit is a sealed, 100% waterproof grooming kit. This can be used in the shower or damp bathrooms with no issues.
  • User reviews complain that the heads often pull and tug at hair, making for an uncomfortable experience.
  • There is no USB charging facility, so a cord needs to be taken if travelling.
  • The general opinion is that this is somewhat overpriced considering other groomers can do the same or more, but for less money.

Braun All-in-One

Again, a higher price tag on this unit would suggest that it comes packed with features, but there is little to suggest that this is more than a ‘run of the mill’ ball grooming experience.

  • Four combs and 13 length settings mean that there is a great deal of choice when deciding how much hair comes off.
  • A ‘9 in 1’ kit also includes extensions for facial, ear and body hair grooming.
  • An auto sensor detects resistance from hair, so the manufacturer claims there is a more even, smooth cutting and trimming experience.
  • A Li-ion+ battery allows for 150% longer use off of on charge.
  • Users have complained that groomer is terrible for scrotal use; it has been reported to pull hairs and cut the skin, making for a messy and uncomfortable shave.
  • Reviews have stated that the head unit gets very easily clogged; especially problematic as pubic hair is longer and thicker.

Our Choice

Philips Series 7000 appears to be a clear winner. Users have found it to tick all of the boxes essential to bodily (and in particular scrotal) grooming; it doesn’t run out of power halfway through, appears to be ergonomically designed so that it can get in all the crevices between the legs and balls, and doesn’t suffer from clogged blades.

In fact, the blades themselves are perpetually self-sharpening so this will always be primed and ready for shaving the balls effectively and painlessly. In addition, it allows for grooming in the shower and can cover pretty much all body hair grooming needs. At a much lower price point than some of the competitors, there appear to be no other grooming kits that come close to this. With a manufacturers’ 90 days ‘no quibble’ warranty, there’s also the chance to see why this one appears to be a firm favorite.

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