how to start shaving without shaving cream in 5 simple steps

Last Updated: Jan 9, 2024

Is the traditional wet shaving taking up most of your time? Consider dry shaving. It is a method of shaving without shaving cream or any lubrication. This should be a last resort so don’t do it too often as you can risk damaging your skin.

Shaving used to take me a while and it would inconvenience me sometimes. I used to shave in a hurry and get cuts from the rush. This is why i decided to come up with a guide so that you don’t have to go through the same problem.

Here is a preview of what we will discuss in this article.

  1. Risks and side effects of shaving without lubrication
  2. How to shave without shaving cream – Electric Razor
  3. How to shave without shaving cream – Manual (Cartridge/DE) Razor
  4. Alternatives to shaving cream
  5. How to dry shave – tips and tricks
shaving without shaving cream

Risks and side effects of shaving without lubrication

It is possible to use a hand or safety razor for shaving and achieve a neat shave. Dragging a sharp razor over your soft and delicate skin may be done safely but there are risks associated with a dry shave.

Nicks and cuts

When you shave without shaving cream, you increase your chances of injury to your soft and sensitive skin. That is because your skin has less protection against cuts and nicks when you dry shave.

Razor burn

Shaving with no lubrication may remove some of your skin cells even without obvious cuts on your skin. That may cause a razor burn, which is usually a red rash experienced after shaving. Razor burns cause itchiness, tiny bumps and tenderness.

Razor bumps

You may get shaving bumps and ingrown hair if you do not utilize a shaving cream. These bumps may be irritating and may even contain pus. They may also get infected and lead to more skin issues.

Skin damage

Your skin may get damaged and you may experience dry, chipping skin. There may be redness and skin irritation after the dry shave. Your shave may also be uneven and untidy.

Shaving without shaving cream instructions

Below you will find the instructions to the best and safest method when it comes to dry shaving. Depending on the tool you are using the methods are slightly different and you should follow the one that applies to you.

Electric Razor

Most electric shavers are designed and made to accommodate dry and wet shaving. They are designed for a faster shave with fewer irritations to the skin than the manual razor. I personally recommend the electric shaver below otherwise you can have a look at this list for other options.

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1. Pre-trim

If you have long hair, trim it with a cuticle scissor or a vacuum trimmer. That will make the shaving process easier.

2. Dry your skin

Electric razors move smoothly and work effectively over dry skin. Make sure you dry your skin properly before you start shaving. If you are from the shower or washing your face, wait for a little while for your skin to totally dry.

3. Begin shaving

Choose the fast option if your electric razor has different settings. Press lightly and use small circular motions because applying more pressure will cause more friction, which may cause your skin to itch. Also, take it slow and be very careful when shaving sensitive spots.

4. Shave with or against the grain of the hair

If you want to get a closer shave, consider shaving against the grain but if you have delicate skin and aim to reduce the irritation, shave with the grain.

You should keep your skin taut. Stretch or tighten your skin with one hand when shaving to reduce the risk of getting cuts and itchy skin while maintaining a close cut.

5. Wash razor after use

Rinse your razor thoroughly with a lot of water, preferably warm. Shake off the water, then leave the shaver in the open to dry. Frequently using the electric shaver will make your skin adapted to it and produce better results with time.

6. Apply Aftershave

Use a non-alcoholic moisturizer or aftershave to get that fresh newly-shaved feeling on your skin.

Manual Razor

When you use a manual blade razor to shave without shaving cream, you will have to take precautions to ensure your skin does not get irritated. A good razor paired with a sharp blade will ensure you have a safe dry shave. I strongly recommend the razor below which I have reviewed in depth.

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1. Pre-trim

Get rid of long hair that may make it difficult for you to shave. If you have not shaved for a long time, you may use a trimmer before using a razor blade. If you want to keep it old school get yourself a pair of barber scissors.

2. Wet face with warm water or shower steam

Clean your face to get rid of dirt and excess oil that may make your shaving process slower and tedious. Making your face wet also softens your hair and prevents irritation. Take a shower right before the shave to get some steam in your face.

3. Apply a shaving cream alternative (optional)

It is strongly recommended to use the alternatives like baby oil, Aloe Vera, coconut oil and even peanut butter! (read on for more detail) Skipping this step will increase your risk of getting itches, razor burns and bumps.

4. Begin shaving

Gently glide the razor blade over the area you want to shave and shave with the hair grain. Take it slow and do not push the blade hard against your skin

Keep your skin taut to reduce the risk of irritation. Also, rinse the blade after every stroke to maintain its effectiveness.

5. Apply Aftershave or moisturizer

Use an aftershave or a different moisturizer with no alcohol content. You may also use the oils or gels you used to shave.

Alternatives to shaving cream

There are many products easily available that may be used as substitutes for shaving cream. The aim is to hydrate your skin and simplify the ability of the razor to glide over your skin.

Baby oil

It is essential for the household even if you don’t have babies and you are the manliest man. It acts as a moisturizer and prevents water loss by making a protective layer.

Aloe Vera

It creates a cooling sensation on the skin and also helps to treat sunburns. It is common for its medicinal values and helps hydrate the skin. Aloe gel moisturizes and soothes the skin, making it suitable for shaving.

Coconut oil

It is very effective for hydrating the skin and has many properties that make it suitable for treating and preventing skin irritations. It may be used for shaving but not in areas like the face because it may clog oily and delicate skin.

Peanut butter

It may seem odd to have it on this list but it is smooth and good for moisturizing. You may have never considered this an option but it is good to know that you have an alternative when you have nothing left.

Body lotion

Most of us use lotions and they are made to hydrate our skin. They are slick and make a good lubricant for shaving. Avoid rubbing it excessively on your skin to leave a protective layer when shaving.

How to dry shave – tips and tricks

There are multiple tips you may use to protect your skin against irritation and achieve an effective dry shave.

  • Invest in high quality equipment
  • Use fresh blades – applies to both manual and electric razors
  • Clean your skin and ensure it is dry
  • Go slow, be gentle and shave with the grain of the hair if you do not want to risk it.


Shaving without shaving cream may be scary and an option many have never considered. There are numerous tips and better alternatives that will be effective for a convenient shave.

Make your shaving experience smooth and easy by using high-quality shavers and shaving cream substitutes like baby oil and peanut butter.

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