Should I shave My head? The Checklist for balding men

Last Updated: Jan 8, 2024

If you have had bald patches, receding hairline or thinning hair, the million-dollar question you might be asking yourself is should I shave my head? The simple answer is yes, but deciding to shave your head does not come easy. 

My hair is slowly thinning as the days go by and soon I will have to deal with this problem too. This is why I decided to go into more detail about this topic to help not only myself but also you.

This guide explains everything you need to know about should I shave my head. These include:

  1. Benefits of shaving your head
  2. Side effects of shaving your head
  3. How to safely shave your head
  4. Instructions on how to shave your head
should i shave my head

Benefits of Shaving Your Head

Gain Confidence 

Hair loss can take its toll on an individual’s self-esteem and confidence level. Shaving your head results in being more confident, bolder and less stressed. Though it might feel strange at first, after you get used to your new look you will bolster with confidence

Fashionable Baldness

To answer “why should I shave my head bald” is simply because it looks cool. Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson are among the celebrities who have flaunted bald heads and look super cool. The feel and look of being bald is part of the allure that comes with shaving your head and the icing on the cake is when it is complemented by a well-styled beard.

Become a new you

There is no better way to reinvent yourself than by getting yourself a new look. The idea of reinventing yourself comes from changing a major part of your look that includes shaving your head. It makes us feel better and it positively impacts our lives by giving us a clean slate.

Less Work

Hair maintenance is not only time-consuming and costly but requires an enormous amount of effort. After giving your head a good bald haircut, hair care products and spending lots of time styling your hair will be things of the past. By getting a buzz you will free yourself of these inconveniences and your head will require minimal maintenance such as keeping it smooth and clean.

Hide Your Hair Loss

Hair loss presents itself as thinning hair, receding hairline or even irregular hair pattern that affects around 85% of men over their lifespan. Alopecia areata can cause hair loss in both males and females. Though other treatments might help with this condition, the easiest and best solution is shaving your head.

The Drawbacks of Shaving Your Head

Head Shaving Stigmas. 

The actual shape of your head is what might draw in stigma especially if you have an odd-shaped head. It may raise concern amongst your close friends as they may think you have not disclosed any health conditions. Until you make rounds, shaving stigmas will be a part of your life until you get used to it.

Dry Skin. 

The scalp is an extension of the skin and it is prone to dryness and itchiness after frequent shaving. To avoid escalating dry skin you are required to moisturize often and avoid touching your head at all costs.

Scalp Irritation. 

Shaving your head bald increases the chances of ending up with nicks and cuts. It can also result in redness and inflammation of the skin, which is commonly known as razor burn. A shaved head is more exposed to the sun which might result in scalp irritation. If you experience razor burns or bumps, you can read more about them here.

Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hair most likely occurs in people with tightly curled hair whereby hair grows backs into their skin resulting in inflammation. This might cause skin issues such as acne when you regularly shave and to prevent this you should use an electric razor.

Exposed Skin 

By shaving your head you will expose it more to other elements such as cold weather, the sun and infections. To avoid these what you need is a good head routine such as wearing sunscreen and constantly covering your head. It will take some getting used to but after a while it’ll become a part of your life.

Unsolicited Commentary

Becoming bald is a bold move (pun intended) and it may lead to seeking unwanted attention. Who cares anyway what the naysayers have to say. Remember it is your body and you can do whatever you want with it.

The Checklist

Here’s what you will need to shave your head:

Shaver or Razor

Depending on your preference and your current shaving habits you will be able to choose either the electric method or the old school manual method. If you are a beginner to shaving your head or have never used a manual razor, I strongly recommend opting in for an electric razor. There is nothing worse than a head full of nicks and cuts.

Skull Shaver Pitbull Silver

Skull Shaver, as the name may suggest, is a dedicated head-shaving brand and they know what they’re doing. Their Pitbull silver is a great beginner shaver which will take care of your hair in minutes. Just ensure you have short enough hair and the razor will do the rest

If you’d like to find out more about electric head shavers, read my review here.

HeadBlade ATX 

This razor’s only purpose is to shave your head, it is designed for it! the funk but ergonomic design gives you the greatest control of the razor, ensuring your shave runs smoothly throughout. The razor turns and hugs your scalp making sure you don’t miss a spot.

I have reviewed this razor and many others in more detail here.

Shaving cream

Bee Bald Shave

This is a dedicated shaving cream specially made for shaving bald heads. Using natural ingredients such as pollen extract to soften your skin, it will leave your scalp slick and smooth. This is exactly what you need after your first shave. Even tho its mainly designed to be used on your head, you can double it as a shaving cream for your face and get both done at the same time!

Moisturiser (Optional)

Mountaineer Brand Head Balm

Although this step is not necessary, I strongly recommend it. There is nothing worse than an itchy and irritated head. This Mountineer Brand balm is one of a line of products designed to give you a smooth head shave. Its natural composition will soothe and hydrate your scalp, leaving a greaseless finish. They pride themselves on using all natural ingredients and I am all for that.

Other useful items for head shaving:

  • Portable Mirror – For seeing the back of your head
  • Scissors or clippers – For trimming long hair which your razor cannot handle
  • Towel – To keep it all clean and contained.

How to shave your head

Read these instructions carefully so that you can successfully shave your head without any hiccups. Remember to be prepared before you start and save yourself some embarrassment.

1.Trim the excess off with scissors or clippers.

Before shaving, cut the bulk of your long hair and ensure you are as close to the scalp as you can. The Clippers come in handy in trimming your hair down to stubble.

2. Apply shaving cream

Gently apply shaving cream, oil or butter on your scalp to soften the hair.

3. Use a shaver or razor to cut your hair

To avoid nicks and cuts, use a sharp razor that has at least three blades. Do it gently and slowly to avoid cutting your sensitive scalp and often rinse your blade with running water.

4. Start in the middle and move out towards the sides.

This helps to hit every angle and spot.

5. Don’t forget to shave the back of your head.

Tighten the skin at the back of your head by tilting your head forward and working your way down towards the neck.

6. Wash the blade after every stroke.

This removes the trimmed hair from the blade and makes it easier for the next stroke.

7. Check to see if you missed any spots.

Make sure you have not missed any spots using a handheld mirror.

8. Use cold water to wash your head

Cold water soothes the skin after a buzz and closes all pores.

9. Dry your head.

Using a soft towel pat dry your skin.

10. Apply moisturizer.

It will reduce irritation and make your skin healthier

I’m Not Ready to Shave my Head: What Now?

It is completely OK if you don’t want to give your head a good bald. There is always something for everyone and to help you deal with hair loss are the following recommendations.

Wear Hats

Hats are not only easy and comfortable but they stylishly hide hair loss. You can choose from a variety of available options.

Use a Hair Loss Treatment 

Hair treatment products can promote new hair growth, a healthier scalp and result in a thick and full hair experience. Hair treatments are effective and very affordable.

Wear a Wig

Wigs have undergone a sea of change and today they are as natural as they can get.

Final thoughts

Shaving your head can be daunting and whichever reason you have for buzzing is justifiable. The side effects and risks are minimal thus it raises no concern whatsoever. The benefits of a shaved head are numerous including liberating. Deciding to shave your head or not boils down to personal preference and at least knowing you tried and it didn’t work is way better.

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