Experience the Closest Shave Ever with the Best Single Blade Razor

Last Updated: Jan 27, 2024

Did you know that the ancient Egyptians were so obsessed with cleanliness and grooming that they invented the first (flint) razors? Now, that’s a commitment to looking sharp! Fast forward to today, and we’re still on that quest, especially when it comes to finding the best single blade razor. You’ve stumbled upon the right spot if that’s your quest too!

First off, let me assure you, this isn’t just another article. I’m here to guide you through the maze of razors with a focus on quality, comfort, and, of course, style. Whether you’re a shaving connoisseur or just tired of disposables letting you down, you’re in the right place.

Here’s the deal: I believe in the power of a good shave. It’s not just about removing facial hair; it’s a ritual, a moment of self-care in our hectic lives. That’s why I’ve spent countless hours researching, testing (yes, my face has seen it all), and talking to grooming experts to bring you the real deal on the best single blade razor.

What does the best single blade razor look like?

Shaving is an art, so you need to learn how to use single blade razors before you can appreciate their good qualities. Most work well when you glide the razor gently along the grain, though some are quite flexible. However, when you master them, you will note that they navigate the contours of your face better than cartridge razors. They also tend to cause less irritation and cuts than multi-blades. And with time, you will have fewer ingrown hairs leaving you with smooth skin whenever you shave. Moreover, most of them are affordable and sturdy while the blades only cost a few cents.

Close shave

A good single blade razor should give you a close shave that leaves a smooth skin without bumps. It should maneuver around the contours of your face effortlessly without causing cuts and grumps. It should be sturdy and safe to use for a prolonged period without the risk of infection from rust or accumulated clutter.

Long and short handles

Single blade razors have a very simple design often comprising of a flexible handle also called a grip and a head. The two most common types of handles are short and long sizes. Short handles measure around 50mm while long handles are 80mm and above. Short handles are good for mild cuts while long handles allow for aggressive cuts. Short handles allow for delicate shaving and are suited to novice shavers. They are much easier to use while experimenting because of the low risk of slicing your skin.

On the other hand, long grip razors are most suited to experienced shavers. They are great for quick shaves because you can make long strokes while leaving behind a smooth skin. They are very effective on thick patches of coarse hair that is hard to cut. You can use them if your facial hair grows into thick stubble in a few days. However, they can easily slice the skin because you have to put much pressure on the head to ensure a uniform shave.

Overall, Short handles are suited to slow gentle shaving that most novices like. Long handles are suited to aggressive shavers who like to make long strokes down the cheeks. Long handles also work for men with coarse facial hair because they can leverage the extra length to put pressure while gliding through the thick stubble. Meanwhile, people with big hands love long handles because they give a better grip than short handles when wet shaving.

Weight of the razor

Razor heads have varying weights ranging from light to heavy. Heavy heads can make clean shaves with minimal pressure while light heads require a certain level of pressing to make the desired cut. Another important aspect of weight is balance. A good razor should have well-distributed weight rather than a heavy handle and a light head or vice versa. Balance allows you to vary the pressure without making irritating cuts on the skin.

The cutting edge

Heads also differ by the design of the cutting surface. They can have an open comb or a straight bar. The smooth bar counteracts the friction between the skin and the blade. It is most suited to novices and users with sensitive skin. The open comb pushes facial hair close to the blade and makes a close shave. It is prone to causing irritating cuts on the skin. It is suitable for shavers with heavy beards.

Should be adjustable

Adjustable razors allow you to set the blade at the position that gives the best shave. You can increase or decrease the blade gap to produce different types of haircuts. For instance, if you have sensitive skin, you can narrow the blade gap to avoid a close shave that will irritate the skin.


Razor blades have varying levels of sharpness. Some have average sharpness while others are as sharp as a surgeon’s scalpel. The type of blade you buy depends on several factors including your level of expertise, skin sensitivity and the type of shave you like to have. For instance, if you have sensitive skin, you can go for a coated blade to minimise skin irritation. But if you are an experienced shaver who can clear a beard very fast while making a clean shave, then the extra sharp blades may suit you.


Most single blade razors are double-edged (DE), meaning that they have a cutting edge on each side of the head. Double-edged razors give a smoother shave than single-edged razors.

The 5 Best Single Blade Razors

Merkur – 34C

Our Pick

The Merkur 34C is renowned for its solid construction and substantial weight, enhancing its performance in delivering a smooth, comfortable shave.

Featuring a brass handle and a diecast zinc razor head with a bright chrome-plated finish, it combines durability with a sleek design.

Its knurled grip is designed for non-slip handling, adding to its user-friendly attributes. The razor's design includes a generous blade gap, allowing for efficient soap flow and preventing clogging, making it a reliable choice for both beginners and experienced users.

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Merkur – 34C is a heavy razor with a long handle that has a fantastic grip. The long handle allows shavers to vary pressure depending on the part of the body they are shaving. The razor gives a close shave without aggravating the skin. It does a smooth shave without the need to apply extra pressure. Its lengthy handle allows you to make long strokes along the grain. The long handle allows for a tight grip when wet shaving. It is a mild razor that is suitable for cutting medium stubble. However, it is most suited to experienced shavers because it can irritate sensitive skin.

Wilkinson Sword – Classic

This razor from Wilkinson Sword, with a history dating back to 1898, offers a classic shaving experience.

It features triple-coated stainless steel blades designed for a close and comfortable shave.

The razor includes a long, weighted metal handle for stable and natural handling.

Its butterfly opening allows for effortless blade removal, and the double edge design echoes the traditional barbershop style, suitable for home use.

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Wilkinson Sword Classic Double Edge is a sleek double-edge razor that has a butterfly locking mechanism. It is probably the lightest razor in the safety razor category. The PTE coating on the blades reduces friction facilitating a smooth shave. It’s quite heavy, meaning that you can shave without applying much pressure. Maybe I am being harsh but it lacks balance due to the heavy handle and a light head.

Wilkinson Sword Classic Double Edge is a nimble razor for nipping light facial hair. It gives a smooth shave without irritating the skin. The long handle is excellent for making long strokes while the secure grip reduces the risk of slicing the skin.
This safety razor falls in the mild category in that it requires gentle gliding to avoid cuts. You must follow the grain while shaving otherwise it will cause grumps. It requires great skill when shaving sensitive areas such as the neck. Overall, it is a budget safety razor that offers good value for money.


The Plow 2.0 is a single blade safety razor designed for a comfortable and close shaving experience.

Its construction features a precision-engineered brass handle and a zinc alloy head with a custom gun metal coating, ensuring durability and aesthetic appeal.

Unlike lower-quality razors, The Plow 2.0 aims to minimize skin irritation and razor burn, offering a smoother shave.

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A razor that’s been on my bathroom shelf for a little while now. This isn’t just any old razor; it’s like the Swiss Army knife in the world of single blade safety razors. First off, the weight and balance are spot on.

You know how some razors feel like you’re dragging a feather or a brick across your face? Not this one. The Plow 2.0 has a heft to it that feels substantial without being overbearing, and that longer handle? A godsend for those of us with hands that aren’t pixie-sized.

Now, let’s talk about the shave itself. This thing glides like it’s on ice, giving a close shave that leaves your skin feeling smoother than a jazz saxophonist on a Saturday night.

After a few months of use, the handle started playing hard to get, not screwing on properly. It felt like the threads gave up on me, which is a bummer for something at this price point.

Reminded me of my old budget safety razor that lasted longer than some TV shows. Overall, The Plow 2.0 is a great choice if you’re after a premium shaving experience, but keep an eye on that handle – it might just decide to take an unscheduled sabbatical.

VIKINGS BLADE – The Chieftain 

The Chieftain safety razor features a fat and short handle, designed to enhance control and grip during use.

This environmentally friendly razor, aimed at reducing razor burn and making shaving less tedious, has been serving customers for over a decade.

Engineered with a patented design, it promises a smooth, close, and clean shave, suitable for all genders.

Its unique construction, with a 20% heavier head, ensures an effortless glide over the skin.

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The Chieftain is a sturdy and elegant razor made of brass with a chrome finish. It has a heavy long handle razor suited for aggressive cuts on coarse hair. Use it to shave stubborn stubble because it cuts well even with minimal pressure. Shavers with sensitive skin will love it because it gives a close shave without causing irritating cuts. It does not cut close enough and leaves behind some stubble after the first cut so you have run it several times.

You can use it for wet shaving because it has a sleek handle that gives you a good grip while shaving. Meanwhile, the heavy head gives a close shave without the need to apply extra pressure. It has a short handle and a heavy head which are ideal for gentle gliding strokes along the grain. It is double-edged which makes it easier to shave at different angles. The simple head design makes it easy to clean. However, It is most suited to experienced shavers who know how to glide the razor gently on the skin.

Edwin Jagger DE89

The Edwin Jagger DE89LBLAMZ is a double-edge safety razor, designed for a professional shaving experience with fewer cuts and less irritation.

It features a single blade system and a razor head engineered for smooth results. This eco-friendly razor allows for easy recycling and replacement of its stainless-steel blade, offering a cost-effective and comfortable shave.

Crafted from solid brass with a chrome finish, it ensures durability, precision control, and an improved wet grip.

Presented in smart packaging, this luxury razor by Edwin Jagger of Sheffield, England, combines classic design with premium quality, making it a suitable gift for both men and women.

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The Edwin Jagger Razor is a medium-weight balanced safety razor that allows for a neat and close shave. It has a sleek chrome finish with Edwin Jagger embossed on the collar. The tight grip facilitates wet shaving while the machine-textured short handle allows for dexterity while shaving at difficult angles.

It is suitable for head shaving because it is not aggressive and does not cut the skin.
Edwin Jagger Razor is a quality blade that remains strong and sharp after years of use. Its medium weight allows for smooth shaving without applying much pressure. It is most suited to users with light facial hair. It has a short handle with a knurled pattern that has a good grip allows users to make quick short strokes.

I would recommend it for novices trying DE shaving for the first time.

Frequently Asked Question

Is Using a Single Blade Razor Better?

Absolutely, a single blade razor can be a great choice, especially for those with sensitive skin. Its design helps minimize ingrown hairs and razor bumps, which are common issues with multi-blade razors. However, be cautious with the angle and pressure you apply. A wrong angle can lead to nicks and cuts. So, it’s all about finding that sweet spot for a safe and effective shave.

How Do You Get the Closest Shave with One Blade?

To achieve the closest shave with a single blade razor, start by placing the blade flat against your skin. Apply gentle, firm pressure and use long, smooth strokes. Remember, hair growth direction varies, so adjust your strokes accordingly to catch all hairs. The key is consistent pressure and stroke direction, varying as needed to follow the hair growth. This technique, as of 22nd June 2023, is considered most effective for a close shave.

Is a One Blade Razor Good for Pubic Hair?

Shaving pubic hair is a delicate matter. While a single blade razor can be used, it’s crucial to proceed with caution. The skin in this area is particularly sensitive and prone to irritation, rashes, and ingrown hairs. Always use a new, clean razor to avoid infections. Shave in the direction of hair growth, although it can be challenging to determine this. If you decide to shave, prioritize safety and hygiene to reduce potential skin issues.

Our Choice

02/18/2024 03:21 am GMT

After considering all the factors, the Merkur – 34C emerges as the best single blade razor. Not only does it have a sleek design, but it is also very functional with a long grooved handle that holds well during wet shaves.

Meanwhile, the grooved handle allows for fancy intricate cuts because you can hold it near the head while making designer cuts. What’s more, its handle and sharp blade work for aggressive shavers because you can make long strokes on coarse hair. Finally, the chic design is perfect for a cheeky present to give your doting partner.

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