The Best Travel Shaver for the daring man

Last Updated: Nov 8, 2021

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best travel shaver is, then we recommend the Panasonic ES3831K as the best one.

You don’t need to worry about your beard neatness on your travels. I always make business travel with the best travel shaver. It makes me look presentable while meeting my clients. Personal beauty is a success key in your travels. No distraction as you attend unknown barbershops on your trip.

In this article, we’re going to review the following Travel shavers:

How to Choose the Best Travel Shaver?

Best Travel Shaver

You have to understand that travel shavers are many in the market. They might provide a credible job on your beard, but the question is, which is the best?

Therefore, consider the following features;

Size and Weight of the Shaver

Travel shaver exists in different sizes and shapes that correspond to the weight. You need to purchase the lightest and smallest in size as possible. Going for large and heavy shaver will be too hard to carry it alongside your other items. Besides, some shavers have a carrying case, unlike others. Choose the one with a carrying case for convenience.

The power source of the machine

Shaver exists in two main categories; either corded or battery-powered. Choosing a corded shaver may require you to connect on an electric switch to shave. It may be inconvenient, especially where plugs are limited. Besides, electricity supply may be a problem, or power may go off while shaving your beard.

Therefore, go for a battery-powered shaver. I find it more reliable on my travels. Battery life differs from one to another, thus choose a sufficient one. Miserable battery life may disappoint when you need to use the machine, and the battery is empty.

Ergonomic design

A stylish shaver is easy to use and luxurious. Sometimes you may end up in unfavourable conditions on your journey. Being stressed-up by your visit, you don’t have to struggle too on a poor razor. Therefore, buy a good cutter that will soothe you while using it, leaving behind no cuts.

Blades with self-sharpening system

Travel razors differ in the type of blades. Five years ago, I had a journey and unknowing I came along with my cutter. After five days of travel, my beard had already grown and needed a quick shaving. To my disappointment, the blades were already blunt and can’t help. I had to visit a barbershop which was very expensive and gave out poor shaving with a lot of cuts. 

On any travel, choose self-sharpening blades if you don’t want to face disappointments. They are long-lasting and economical with excellent service.

Strength and durability of the motor

Choose a shaver with a strong motor that is durable. A weak drive will make your shaving process long and ineffective. Using a long-lasting shaver is reliable during travels since no doubt of malfunctioning on your journey.

Shaver accessories

Consider a razor that comes with its accessories. You desire a lubricating oil and cleaning brush for your blade. Another accessory is the razor travel bag. They are very crucial since lacking them may incur an extra cost to buy them.

Shaver plug type

The different shaver comes with different plugs. Consider the socket to use in your touring state. Some accept interchangeable outlet plug and another convectional plug-in. Buy a shaver that is a reliable plug on your journey.

Close up of rotary electric shaver on table

How to Use Electric Shaver?

Following these shaving steps while using electric shaver;

  • Hold your shaver in a way that will allow overlapping circular moves. Apply both anticlockwise and clockwise direction to ensure complete shaving.
  • Apply little or no pressure on the machine. Just let it slide gently.
  • After cutting your hair, wash the blades with water and apply oil.
  • Apply after shave cream on your skin.


  • Don’t press the machine hard while shaving to avoid cuts.
  • Keep your hands dry while cutting your hair.

How to Wash a shaver?

After using the machine, rinse it in warm, running water quickly to remove all hairs. Incorporate a brush to remove all attaching hairs on the blades.

Advantages of shaving with an electric shaver

  1. No Cuts and Abrasion

Electric shavers are very secure on your face and don’t leave abrasion and cuts. Usually, the reason to shave is to have an elegant look.

  1. It offers a smooth shave

Electric shavers have a dual-action feature. The front round blade usually uplifts the hair then the second blade cuts it off on its root. These give a clean face without any excessive hair.

  1. It’s easy to use

Electric shaver makes shaving more comfortable and quicker.

  1. No usage of foam or water

Electric shaver doesn’t require water or foam to perfect the act. It uses the circular movement of the blades to cut-off your hair.

  1. It’s portable, and you can carry it anywhere you wish.
Foil shaver head

The 5 Best Travel Shavers

Panasonic Travel Shaver – ES3831K

Panasonic shaver is affordable and delivers high shaving quality. Its blades are of hypoallergenic stainless steel, thus no skin irritations. The fantastic thing is that it has floating blades. They naturally adjust themselves on your face contours, therefore smooth shave. Besides, its motor is mighty, having a speed of 8,500 rpm. Let’s not forget that, it has a foil that catches loose shaving.

The device is multipurpose, thus compactable in both dry and wet shaving. Therefore, you can use a cream for a full shave or shave on bare skin. It has no cord, and you can clean it easily using running water and a brush. The motor is small, thus not suitable for dense and coarse hair. Besides, its blades are irreplaceable; therefore, once they become blunt, you might require a new one.

Key features

  • Its reliable and sturdy motor rpm of 8,500 with 78 degrees interior blade for speed.
  • Ergonomic design that comfortably fits on hard to offer smooth shave.
  • It’s portable and uses hypoallergenic stainless-steel blade that makes useful to all skin types.
  • It is applicable either on dry or wet skin.
  • It’s washable.
  • Use two AA alkaline batteries to power it during travels.
  • Its dimensions are 4×6.5×2 inches, and weight of 5.4 ouches.
  • Two years warranty.


  • It’s cheap and durable.
  • It’s light thus portable.
  • Its foil design is elegant.
  • Powerful motor with adequate speed.


  • It lacks replaceable blades.
  • Short-lasting blades
  • Very small to cut the course and dense hair.

Braun M90

The portable shaver has a trimmer designed for a beard. Besides, it comes with a secure swivel cap that protects you and the machine while trimming your hair. It mechanically locks itself, thus preventing any accident that may occur during the exercise. Also, on using, it swivels on the lower side, providing a handle to hold the machine.

Its design is ergonomic having being powered by 2 AA batteries. The batteries are durable and can go up to 3 weeks. It’s washable if only it comes with foils. However, these foils vary from one to another, where the wide one is active on thinner hair. The Braun shaver foils shave carefully and ensure comfortable shaving.

Key Features

  • A smart foil that is unique and takes all your beard hair.
  • It has a travel lock.
  • Trist cap offering protection to foil and extension to handle.
  • Washable on running water.
  • Cordless thus uses replaceable batteries.
  • Has precision trimmer for long beard thus maintains it right contour.
  • Dimension; 3x5x12 inches, weight 6.9 ouches.
  • 2 Years warranty.


  • Washable
  • 60 minutes runtime.
  • Built-in hair trimmer for beard
  • Shaver protectors that are the cap.


  • Lacks replacement blades
  • Think beard personnel won’t get an exceptional shave.

Wahl Bump-free

Wahl shaver is designed in a stylish way to provide a close and clean trimming. Using this tool usually leaves my skin free from irritation and very smooth. Its blades are replaceable thus guarantee of efficient. Once a blade becomes dull, buy another one and replace. They are very cheap and affordable.

Moreover, it has a travel pouch that might make your travel convenient. No worry on how to pack it on your travel suitcase since it package is proper fitting. Besides, its very light and uses a battery as a power source. The battery is rechargeable; thus, no fear of failing to trim your hairs following battery error.

However, if you lack power switch, you may end up facing disappointments if you relay this shaver. It is cleanable on running water with a combination of cleaning brush. Besides, it has a protective cap that ensures the blade is safe with the foil shaver. It comes in black and silver colours.

Key Features

  • Has led charging indicator which has a secure plug system.
  • Wahl shaver has a convenient travel bag for its accessories.
  • Blades are replaceable and come with foil.
  • 60 minutes runtime.


  • Light and portable.
  • It has replaceable blades.


  • It has a cord thus may inconvenient you on your journey, especially when you miss a power switch.

Remington R95 Travel Shaver

It’s affordable with two shaving heads that move closer to your skin for effective trimming. The Remington shave is cordless, although it uses AA batteries. The batteries are rechargeable and come with a universal voltage converter that ensures reliability. Besides, the battery is also led-charging with ON/OFF button. However, it lacks a travel lock and automatic trimmer.

The battery is robust and provides enough power to during trimming. Unfortunately, the battery may drain off during trimming and cause inconveniences. Regular charging is crucial. The razor is made of plastic and appears black with silver sparkles on front. It has ergonomic quality thus very excellent and light with a compact shape. The shaver grip is safe and fits well on your hand.

The machine is easy to clean by using a cleaning brush since its not waterproof. Cleaning it under the water will result in rusting. Its motor operates slowly, thus poor close shaving quality, therefore not suitable for a dense beard. Besides, it comes with a protective cap and charging cord. The blades are irreplaceable; thus if they turn bland, the remaining option is to order another.

Key Features

  • Poor motor strength.
  • It is lighter thus portable.
  • Washable using spray cleaners
  • It has a protective cap.
  • Uses batteries as a power source, and they are rechargeable.


  • Very cheap.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Easy to clean


  • Not waterproof thus may rust on exposure to water.
  • Lacks a travel bag to keep it during traveling.

Philips Norelco Travel Shaver

Philips men’s travel shaver offers excellent shaving. Its design comes with close-cut shaving system which has separate fluctuating heads. It is so light with its two-headed shaver making thus portable and unique travelling machine. The shaver comfortably takes your face shape, therefore close cutting of the hair.

The battery is cordless with long durability of about two years! Its blades are self-sharpening and valid on dry trimming. However, this machine may irritate your skin for the first time of use. Therefore, if this happens, don’t lose hope your skin will adapt as you continue using it regularly. Try it and if irritation preserve chooses another one on the above list.

Key Features

  • It is cordless with a powerful battery. 
  • Travel pouch.
  • Self-sharpening blades.
  • Durable with floating heads.
  • Offer a close cut, thus high-quality trimming.


  • Durable.
  • It comes with a travel bag.
  • It has self-sharpening blades.



Our Choice

According to my experience in different electric shavers, I prefer the Panasonic Travel Shaver. It’s one topmost on my shopping list on my grooming tools due to its feature and effectiveness. I have received many compliments every time I use it on my beard.

Firstly it’s affordable with stainless steel blades that leave my skin in decent condition. They naturally don’t irritate skin and have a mechanism to take the shape of your beard, thus giving a close shave. It’s cordless and has a powerful motor that makes me spend less of my time on my hair. Above all, it’s easy to clean, and you can do both dry and wet trimming safely.

Therefore, try and use several of the highlighted best electric sahvers and select the one that suits you the most. Re-read the editorial in the top section, and it will guide you since choosing the best electric shaver is a necessity. Ensure you shave smart.

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