What Is The Best Vacuum Beard Trimmer in 2021?

Last Updated: Nov 10, 2021

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best vacuum beard trimmer is, then we recommend the Philips Norelco 7200 as the best one.

Whether you’re looking to trim your beard, shave your goatee or perfect your side buns, having the right beard clipper matters a lot. Fortunately, the best vacuum beard trimmer can get the job done – quickly and neatly. In this post, we discuss factors to consider before settling for any blade clipper as well as some of the best vacuum trimmers on the market.

In this article, we’re going to review the following vacuum trimmers:

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Things to Consider When Purchasing a Beard Trimmer

I know that choosing the best trimmer can be a bit of a headache, especially with a range of features and brands available on the market. So how do you find a beard clipper that’s right for you?


Are you looking for a trimmer that will keep your scruff in check or do you need a clipper that can do it all? While maintaining your facial fuzz may only require a standard blade, body grooming demands certain blades for the head and different parts of the body. Depending on the purpose of the clipper, you may need a personal trimmer with a reciprocating head for removing ear and nose hair or a multi groomer featuring interchangeable heads for shaving the head, face, and body.

The type of beard

The type of facial hair your grow – a long beard, light beard, moustache, stubble, goatee – is an important factor to consider when choosing a beard clipper. Be sure to go for a trimmer that has multiple length settings and several attachment guide combs. For instance, rocking a longer beard will require a bigger guidecomb while a 5 ‘o’ clock shadow will need close trim attachments.

Build quality

Every beard clipper is different, and so is the quality. Here are a few things to think about when looking for a quality trimmer:

What the case of the clipper is made from. Is it made from cheap plastic, aluminium or valox? (a toughened hard-wearing polyester resin)
Are the grips good enough to avoid accidental slips?
Does the trimmer have any reliability problems?
Do the blades maintain their strength and sharpness after continued use?
Will you use the clipper on a daily or every other day basis?

Best Vacuum Beard Trimmer


The quality and sharpness of the blades is essential to achieving a great trim. Blades made from stainless steel, carbon steel, titanium, and chromium stay sharper for longer and are precision ground for the best shaving performance.

Dry or wet trimming

Many of the best beard clippers are good for both dry and wet use, meaning, you can use it in the shower and/or with lotions, shave gels and foams. You can also consider waterproof trimmers. They are easy to clean – you only need to wash them with water from your faucet after use.


The accessories of a beard clipper are usually what separates the low-quality models from the high-quality ones. Most trimmers come with additional features that make them compact, easy to carry and efficient. For example, some trimmers are laser-guided to help you achieve real precision, are corded or cordless, and have attachments that turn them into nose and ear trimmers.

Battery life

Today’s busy lifestyle requires that men be able to trim their stubbles whenever and wherever they want. Therefore, you’ll need a clipper that can stand up to the challenge. The life of the battery is an important factor to consider when buying a beard trimmer since the last thing you want is running out of power half-way through trimming your facial hair.

A nice trimmer should range from 40 minutes to 200 minutes from a 30- to 60-minute charge.

The list goes on and on but these seven factors will help you find the perfect trimmer for your facial foliage.

The Top 5 Vacuum Beard Trimmers & Hair Clippers

Philips Norelco 7200

Trimming your beard can be messy. You get clippings in your sink, in your beard, and your hand. This new Philips vacuum trimmer features a strong airflow and captures up to 95% of cut hair, or so Philips claims. The clipper is easy to clean afterward. Once you’re done shaving, pull the blades up to remove them. Rinse the blades and comb with running water, empty the hair chamber and remove any loose hairs with the cleaning brush.

The trimmer features 20 lock-in length settings and it adjusts to lengths as short as 0.5mm if you want to shear your facial hair all off and it goes all the way to 10mm if you want to maintain a longer beard. You can also swap in the 0.5-mm precision trimmer for sideburns or A+ facial-hair shaping.

The metal blades of the Philips Norelco 7200 are double sharpened to cut the thickest hair precisely. The nice thing about the blades is that they self-sharpen by brushing against each other. This way, you won’t need to oil or replace them throughout the clipper’s lifetime.

The trimmer is ideal for both corded and cordless use. It takes one hour to charge and in exchange provides you with 75 minutes of uninterrupted use. The clipper also comes with a quick charge function which gives you a full trim in just five minutes of charging. The battery indicator at the bottom shows when the trimmer’s battery is full, empty or charging.


  • Collects a lot of beard trimmings
  • It gives an even shave (no bald patches for people like me who trim their beard to a short length)
  • The adjustable depth setting works well on different types of beards
  • It charges quickly and the battery lasts long
  • It comes with enough options/settings that are handy in shaping a beard


  • The beard trimmer is expensive
  • It is not versatile enough for shaping or detailing
  • It is nigh on impossible to clean
  • The trimmer is not as ergonomic as its predecessor
  • The two prongs that hold the guard are fragile and poorly designed
  • The trimmer is difficult to open to empty the shavings

Remington MB6850

Remington MB6850 is a definite upgrade from its predecessors in terms of design, build and function.

Aesthetically, it looks like any other Remington trimmer – it comes in a signature black and green exterior. However, the clipper features an extra-large collection chamber (the chamber is a clear green case at the front of the device).

The MB6850 vacuum beard trimmer has an extensive range of attachments with each part giving you more control over your grooming experience. There is an adjustable comb that has a lock mechanism to prevent mishaps when trimming down your stubble. With the comb, you can choose from 11 length settings (2-18mm) to ensure you get the look that you want.

The trimmer features two blades – the main blade for trimming your facial hair and a detail blade for styling and edging. These trimmer blades are coated with titanium to help you get an effortless trim quickly. What’s more, they are removable and can easily be rinsed under the tap.

One feature that makes the Remington MB6850 a great vacuum trimmer is the powerful vacuum system. This system has high-velocity fan blades and motor to create maximum suction for mess-free shaving. Another feature worth mentioning is the long-lasting battery which has a 60 minute run time from a two-hour charge.

Just like the Philips Norelco 7200, the Remington MB6850 allows for cord and cordless use. It also has a precision detail attachment for easy maintenance of neckline and sideburns and precise detailing and edging to craft the look you want.


  • Very powerful
  • Looks good
  • The vacuum system works well to catch most of the trimmings
  • Blades are effective and work with ease
  • Comes with a handy storage bag
  • The battery lasts between charges
  • No need for oiling


  • It is a bit bulky
  • Is noisy
  • Very fiddly adjustment for comb length setting
  • The blades constantly jam and snag on the beard hair making for an uncomfortable experience

Wahl Model 9870-100 

Wahl claims that their trimmer is the “most powerful vacuum trimmer”. Their vacuum intake is adjustable so you can find the perfect balance between noise and suction. The integrated suction system which comes with a powerful motor is designed to collect a supposed 99% of cut hair.

It is worth noting that these clippers are mostly angle towards hair trimming rather than beard trimming.

The trimmer is very efficient at cutting all beard sizes thanks to its ultra-sharp blades, high power motor, and long-lasting cutting performance. The blades are self-sharpening and are easy to clean under faucet.

It has 10 position adjustable cutting heights to help you customize your grooming. There are also 12 combs to ensure you get the cut you want.

A great plus for these clippers is the storage pouch and a nose trimmer set. The former allows for easy transport and storage while the latter allows you to clear your nose and keep the growth under control.


  • Is efficient
  • Is easy to clean
  • Does a good job at cutting facial hair and capturing it
  • It is quite silent and produces a small vacuum-like pitch when in use.
  • The metal blades cut very fine lines


  • It is cumbersome
  • It is very uncomfortable over a long period of use
  • The adjustable combs do not produce nice cuts
  • The measurements shown on the adjustable combs seem incorrect

Philips BT7201

A true-all-in-one device, Philip’s low-cost, high-quality clipper can do more than trim your beard. You can use it as a nose and ear trimmer using the precision head or longer guards for normal grooming. It is light enough to maneuver around your beard easily by hand. Its lightweight property also allows you to just tote in your gym bag or travel dopp.

Designed with a powerful integrated vacuum, this clipper can collect up to 90% of your trimmings, giving you a tidy and efficient trim. The trimmer’s advanced lift-and-trim system raises facial hair while directing them to the double-sharpened stainless steel blades. These blades are long-lasting and are designed to trim thick hair and make shaving up to twice as fast.

The 20 lock-in length settings allow you to select the length you want to perfect your trim. The ‘locked-in’ mechanism provides an even trim every time and you can achieve precision with lengths from 0.5 – 10mm. If you want, you can go an extra step with the precision clipper that allows you to define details and edges and finish your style to perfection.

You can plug the device to power it up and continue trimming or charge it for one hour to get 60 minutes of cordless use. Like all trimmers in this review, the Philips BT7201 is easy to clean. Simply run the comb and blades under the faucet and use the brush to remove loose trimmings.


  • It trims smoothly
  • Does a great job of collecting hairs
  • Gives you more control over your facial hair in terms of a uniform length
  • The adjuster allows differing lengths to be achieved without the need of finding and switching combs.
  • The battery retains its power reasonably well


  • Is bulky
  • It is difficult to clean than the older models
  • The comb is made of poor quality making it prone to breakage

Remington Hc6550

The vacuum head of this vacuum trimmer sucks up to 90% of the hairs that fall from your face. The vacuuming system is designed to produce power and suction to ensure cut hair lands in the removable chamber.

Complete with a precision trimmer, adjustable comb, and self-sharpening blades, this clipper enables you to shave, trim and style your hair as you wish. Thanks to the lithium battery, you can use the trimmer up to 60 minutes cordless.


  • The battery lasts long
  • Decent selection of cutting tools
  • Vacuum function reduces mess significantly


  • Foil shaver very small, not particularly effective
  • Adjustable beard comb attachment is far too large
  • Body hair trimmer not shaped to fit any particular body part

Our Choice

There are tons of beard trimmers in the market and it can be challenging to wrap your head around all the hype. So I hope that this review has provided a glimpse of what to consider. Just be sure to purchase a trimmer that caters to your grooming needs and will provide a comfortable cut every time.

As someone who has sported a beard for several years now, I can pretty much say that the Philips Norelco 7200 is the best vacuum beard trimmer on the market. It has all the essential features you need for a clean and crisp shave.

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